Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thank god for eBay!

After a very long day at uni yesterday, I was glad to be home with my boyfriend. When I walked through the door to find that my new jean shorts had come through, my day had got 10000% better. I now have a pair of 501 vintage shorts!

I've wanted them for ages but didn't want to pay the ridiculous prices they are in the shops. Magically all the charity shops in my local area had all sold out of 501 levi's After asking around no one had any old jeans, so making my own was out of the question. 
So I went to eBay for help and boy did it. 

After getting caught in a bidding war, I managed to get the highest bid right at the end of the bidding, it was fated. 
They make me look more proportioned it's great, just what I need. Usually shorts make me look dumpy with big hips, however these high wasted ones just look perfect. 
They are making me want to actually go to a festival this year though, also as the Foo Fighters have been heavily rumored to be playing Reading festival this year. 
Which gives another reason to no longer be a festival virgin!

I love wearing these shorts with a top tucked in and a skinny belt, I think it's the best way to wear the high wasted design. As you can show them off to the best of your ability, without taking them off and parading around the streets holding them on a pole.
I can't wait to wear these out, I might wait until the super cold weather has stopped though! 

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