Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Matte Top Coat by OPI

Last week I decided to buy some Topshop Matte Nail varnish, I bought two shades; Dress Up and Double Denim. However after wearing them for a day I found that they chipped really easily, so I needed a top coat that wasn't shiny. Whilst at work (John Lewis) I discovered OPI Matte Top Coat - perfect. It's quite pricey at £11.50, however I read a few reviews and it looked good. So I decided to try it. 

It is an interesting formula, which dries incredibly quickly and will also turn 'usual' nail varnishes into matte nail varnishes. Which is great so it gives you more versatility with your nail varnishes, so you don't have to repurchase the same shades in a matte effect.
It also protects the nail varnish so you know it will stay on, just like other top coats.

I first tried it with a 'usual' nail varnish (a shiny one), I decided to use a standard black nail varnish, from Barry M. I am not a huge fan of Barry M nail varnishes, but for the purpose of this I used it. The right side of the image is with the matte top coat, which I prefer compared with the left side.

(Sorry for the horrible state of my nails, I just really wanted to show you the effects of the varnish)

I then decided to try it out with the Topshop matte nail varnish, which I was surprised at, as it turned the varnish even more matte! The Topshop nail varnish is on a verge of being a true matte, however OPI just push it over the edge slightly, into a true matte shade. 
I love it, it was easy to apply and also as it dries so quickly you have the end result near on straight away. 

Again sorry for the state of my finger nails! 

I'm a huge fan of a matte effect on nails, as I don't think the high shine look suits my style.
What do you think about matte nail varnish, do you prefer a shiny finish or matte?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bad Blogger

Hi everyone,

I have yet again been on a what seems like long hiatus, I have recently moved house and everything is still up in the air. My life seems to be going at 100mph and I can't get my head straight and I don't get to find the time to actually sit down and blog. At the moment it's 11.48pm and I've decided to tell you all why I'm not blogging at the moment.
I really do appreciate everyone who has stuck by me whilst I haven't been posting and I promise that when I get my head screwed back on and get a proper routine going again, I will start getting back to my regular posting self!

So what's actually been happening with me?

Well I moved house around about three weeks ago, and it has been a complete change of lifestyle for me. My new house, is completely different from my old one, I have moved to a place which has a 40 minute drive to work, uni and my friends houses.
So...everything is a bit of a mess, I don't seem to have time to just sit and blog or pop into town to see the latest bits hitting the stores. Window shopping basically. I am working full time for the summer, until I get back to uni in October, which is nice, but I can't wait to jump into my third and final (SCARY) year. I have so many ideas floating around in my head which I can't wait to tell you all about, all I'm going to say now is it's very exciting. Well I think it is anyway.

Please bare with me as I try and find my feet in my new area and things will hopefully get back to business as soon as possible. Oh and as soon as I buy myself a computer chair.
Thank you all again!