Friday, 10 February 2012

Jewelry must haves from Topshop

I love this new necklace from Topshop, I suppose that's obvious because of my other post about my love for everything moustache. 
But whilst scrolling through there 'new in this week' section I stumbled across this beaut. It's very similar to another necklace I have however this one has a top hat! What more could you want!?
I need this in my life, to carry on my collection, so this is definitely going on my wish list. 

I also found another piece of jewelry, this amazing ring for only £6.50. It's a really interesting ring as it's actually in the shape of lips with the gap in the middle. I haven't ever seen anything like this, it reminds me of Jessie J a lot, as she wears lip transfers. Where this ring in in gold, it looks similar to a lip transfer, so overall I love this piece of jewelry.

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