Monday, 13 February 2012

The Grammy's 2012

A lot of great things came out of yesterdays Grammy Awards, from Jenifer Hudson's tribute to the late Whitney Houston, who was supposed to be performing at the prestigious awards. To Adele who won six Grammy's including 'record of the year' and 'best pop solo performance'. Which is amazing, since having her throat surgery earlier in the year, she was unable to complete her american tour, so the awards must have meant so much to her.
Among the music and the bright lights there were some fashion faux pars...

First off there was Fergie, who wore a Jean Paul Gauter disaster. Which was unflattering, bright orange and see through! I can not understand why she's on the best dressed lists, I don't see it. If someone would like to kindly explain to be that would be great. This dress had the potential of being gorgeous, but Fergie must have forgotten to put a slip on before putting this outrageous thing on.

Sklar Grey's outfit was a little bit better than Fergie's however it was again unflattering, and too broad for her small frame. The stark contrast between her black hair and the white dress was too much in my opinion, she would have looked a lot more elegant in either a longer gown or a cute prom dress. 

I'm not sure what kind of look Sasha Gradiva was going for but to me it looks as if she was auditioning to be in a new terminator movie! I love her dress I think it's gorgeous but the Russian singer took juxtaposition too far! She would have been on the best dressed list, if she had not stuck that metal armour on to her arm!

Last and definitely least is Nadeea Volianova, and I can imagine most of you thinking 'Who is this woman!?' I can't help you with that, all I know is she is an american singer and she can not dress to save her life, please someone sack her stylist...if she has one. 

This dress is vile, it looks as if shes just come over form a street corner. It is so short, I hope she was wearing knickers to give her a little bit of dignity. She has been known to wear a few daring outfits, mainly the piece of fabric she wore to the 2010 Grammy's (see picture below). Let's just hope one year she finally realises how bad she looks and puts some clothes on!

But enough of the bad outfits; trust me there was a lot more than I've shown you, so on to a few of the best dressed. 

Carrie Underwood looked amazing in this Gomez-Gracia dress, the beautiful white sparkly fabric made it look like she had just fallen from the clouds above. It fitted her beautifully and with her back on show it gave it a sexy edge.

Katy Perry was also wearing a gorgeous ball gown. I love how she has used her blue hair to influence the colour of the dress, least there is no clashing here. Again the dress fitted amazingly, showing off her voluptuous figure. This dress was so simple and elegant where could she have gone wrong?
I loved it.
Now onto Rihanna, in this little sexy number, which still showed her seductive side we see in her videos however this dress gave her more of a classy edge. I love the deep V and that her whole back was exposed, but there was enough fabric to cover the vital areas. She gets a big tick from me on this choice. 

Finally Kelly Osbourne was wearing this gorgeous one shouldered gown. It looked so elegant on her and the  shape suited her down to the ground. I loved the eradecent fabric which went really well with her hair. 
There were of course some other amazing gowns, however I thought these four were the best. 

All in all I thought the mens dressed so much better than the women this time around, which isn't too difficult when you look through the worst dressed lists. However the awards were a success and a special congratulations to the Foo Fighters who won six awards and of course Adele for her six wins also. 


  1. I just do not understand what Fergie was thinking when she chose that dress :|! Great post xx

    1. I was going to say she must have got dressed in the dark but it's probably glow in the dark! Thank you :) xxx