Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I may be crazy, little frayed around the ends

I love band T-shirts, but I'm not a huge fan of the ones that show the tour dates and places on the back. But each to their own. Whilst at Reading, the Foo Fighters had their own merch stand, on it was a really nice T-shirt. I found it on the official Foo Fighters website, which you can view: here.

It only comes in mens sizes, but I always like a larger fit anyway so when I've got enough money I think I'm going to have to purchase it. It's only £20 but my finances are all over the place, so I will have to wait to get this beauty on my hands. 
I may just roll up the sleeves or I could cute the sleeves off to make it into a long tank top. Who knows.
Either way I can't wait to get it, it will go with most of my wardrobe and it will be great for any weather.
What do you think about band T-shirts? 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Reading, Reading Festival!

So, I'm back from Reading festival, well I got back yesterday but I've only just got back to reality, with a lot of sleep, a really long hot bath and home cooked food. So glad to be home, however I loved the festival it was amazing. I was a bit apprehensive at first seeing as it was my first ever festival and wasn't sure if I would enjoy it, as I was going to be camping in a cold field with strangers all around. 
However once I got my tent up and had all my friends around me a fire going a drink in hand, I felt a bit better, and the weekend became the best weekend ever! 
As you can tell by my sun burnt excited face here...

I worked out I saw 23 bands over the three days, which works out at about £9 for each band, which is pretty amazing, seeing as I saw massive bands such as the mighty Foo Fighters, the completely insane Florence and the Machine, the amazing Black Keys, among so many more that I just love. I may have to make a pay list of all the music I saw over the weekend and I have already re watched the Foo Fighters set with my Dad. 

Here's a photo of the happy campers and I plus a random pink haired photo bomber on the left. This was just before the Foo Fighters on Sunday night! Best night of the whole weekend, I couldn't believe how great it was, seeing as a dream of mine for so long was to see them live. 

When they finished their set, the canons went off and thousands of what we thought were confetti fell to the ground, just where we were all standing. As soon as they came a bit closer and we were all jumping to catch whatever it was, we realised it wasn't any old confetti and was custom made dollar bills. I grabbed a couple and after looking at them we found that they were marked with the days date and loads of little messages all over it. Amazing! They then played their encore which ended in Everlong, it was the best gig of my life.

If you wanted to know my camouflage jacket by the way, it served me well, so glad I bought it before going. (from a friend, for a fiver!) There were a lot of people also wearing camo jackets, I would see at least 30 people a day! There were also vintage stalls selling them all around the site, so we can now say that most people will or already have grabbed onto the grunge trend. 
All in all I had an amazing weekend, full of laughter, jumping, singing, dancing and friends. I would love to think I will go next year but I'll have to see the line up before buying a ticket. 
Now off to watch highlights on bbc Iplayer.

Did anyone else go to a festival this summer, what were your highlights and would you recommend the festival?
Also did you notice many people wearing a certain thing, adhering to a certain trend whilst at the festivals?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Can you see it?

This is one of my soon to be outfits for Reading Festival, which I will be leaving for in a few hours time..eeeek! 
 I decided I wanted a camouflage jacket in general a few weeks ago, I tried to find a cheap one in every charity shop I could think off and all the auction and free ad sites, but to no avail. After posting on Facebook that I really wanted one, a guy I knew from school commented and said, he had just found one at the back of his wardrobe, which I was welcome to have for a fiver!
Seriously five English pounds! When at the moment in shops such as Topshop they are going for up to £75! It is a bit big on me but with the sleeves rolled up and it not done up it doesn't look too big.

I decided it would look great with my Levi shorts, which were also really cheap off of eBay, about £25 if I remember correctly. I also thought what the heck lets go for a crop top, I had bought this in New Look a while ago, for £9.99. It is black lace which is really pretty, I think works really nicely against the masculine camouflage and the Doc Marten boots. Talking of these boots, I can't believe how cheap they were...even now a few weeks on!

I've only really planned this outfit for Reading as I have just bundled a load of T shirts, tops and my trusty Levi shorts, which go with everything, so I'm sure I won't be spending too much time choosing outfits, especially when they're bands to see!
So off I go to Reading festival! It's come around so quickly I can't quite believe it, can't wait to go to my first ever festival, with a bunch of friends (minus my boyfriend, because he didn't fancy going to a festival so massive, which is understandable).
I will be back on Monday to tell you all about my adventures, hope you all have great weekends?
Is anyone else going to Reading festival, let me know about your stories? 
(sorry about the lighting of these photographs by the way, I had to take these images at night, with my bedroom lights on)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The festival bag

I managed to find a really practical and cheap bag for Reading festival; which is in T minus 3 days by the way! So exicted! 
From my earlier posts you may have seen that I've been looking for a bag I can take to Reading, that will be safe, store all my things such as; tissues, eye liner, money, among other things.  I decided on a bum bag, which I was going to customise with push studs, which I thought would be a great idea. However I couldn't believe how much studs cost in the shops in Southampton! Plus I wouldn't have time to actually buy and customise an old bumbag off of eBay, which is a shame but maybe next time. 

So whilst wondering around town yesterday I found this bumbag, in New Look for a wonderful price of £9.99! I then received student discount off of it as well, so it came to about £8 ish! Amazing seeing as the one in Urban outfitters is £28. I would have loved that one however I'm living on a tight budget and thought this was the best I was going to get for such a great price.
Has anyone else been able to find a great practical bag for festivals?


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Live Salon Style - Intense Red review

I dye my hair quite a lot, however I have been looking for a new shade also a new brand. I have used Loreal Feria- Plum Power twice before now and I loved the colour, however after EVERY time I washed it some of the dye came out, which isn't great when you have light blue towels and white bed sheets! So I thought I would go for another brand completely, I had never used LIVE colourants before, so when this one was £4 in Boots I thought I'd try it out. 
The colour was a bit darker than I would usually go for but I thought I may as well give it a go see what the results would be. Hoping it would be better than the Loreal colourant I used to use. 
It started off well, the colourant went on nicely and didn't drip at all, which is always nice. It washed out, which took a while but still it washed out. I dried it...then the problem started. Unfortunately my hair was left in horrible condition! I couldn't believe it, never before has my hair been left in such bad condition. 
I washed my hair two days later and lathered on some Andrew Barton - Gloss Boss- Shine Attack Treatment. I left it on for a few minutes like it said and as soon as I washed it out, my hair felt so much better! I love deep conditioners. 
All in all I am a bit unimpressed with this hair colourant, seeing as it left my hair in terrible condition and the colour has just kept coming out. It definitely didn't have the 'Salon style' I was looking for. Has anyone got any suggestions on good hair dye brands?  

Friday, 10 August 2012

A fashionable bumbag?!

"Fashionable" and "bumbags" are two words that are never seen in the same sentence, however Urban Outfitters seem to have come up trumps with this one. With the studs, fringing and leather, what more could you want?!
I like how there is two pockets, one in the back where you can hide your money and the main big pocket in the front for all your other bits and pieces. 
This would be perfect for Reading festival, I have been looking for a bag that is safe and I know I can keep all of my things on me without losing things out of it. I came across this beauty on the Urban Outfitters website and naturally I fell in love. 

It is however really expensive, at £28, which is fair enough because it is real leather and really beautiful. But on my budget I really can't afford it, however I might look into making my own version, but I'll keep you updated if I do! Love a good old bit of D.I.Y!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Doc Martens

I managed to nab myself a pair of Doc Martens for £20 on a great site I stumbled upon, called preloved. I was trying to find a good pair of Doc's for Reading festival, which is in 13 days time by the way! Eeeeep. I chose these boots, as they last for ages, they are comfortable and they go with everything. They also fit perfectly with the grudge style. 

I know these boots are not brand new, and they have a few scuffs on the front, however they fit well, they are comfortable and they will still keep the mud out, whilst walking around Reading Festival (that's if it rains). I am so pleased with these, seeing as for brand new ones you are looking over £80, these are still in great condition. 
I would love to get a camouflage jacket, to go with these boots, I think it would look amazing together, but I shall wait until I have some money to find myself a jacket of this sort. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Living on a budget

Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment, I have a severe money situation and it's kind of taking hold of my life right now! I didn't realise how difficult it is to live on such a tight budget. I have started to sell more clothes on eBay, along with trying my hardest to not spend any money, it is so difficult. I am really terrible with money. 
I have some words of advice for you all...never ever apply for a credit card/store card or both for that matter. It really is the worst idea you could ever have. I can understand why people do, seeing as I am one of those credit card holders, buying essentials when you haven't got any money at the end of the month, or paying for items over the internet. However it is an incredibly slippery slope. 

I started off by applying for a credit card, when I went on holiday to Florida two years ago, it was just a friend and myself, so we needed some security with our funds, just in case we ran out. This did help a lot, however when I came home I found a £300 bill to pay...this was not a fun end to a holiday. 
I managed to pay it off as I thankfully secured myself a full time job, then I applied for another credit card with a better interest rate and 6 months interest free. 
The credit card fever had hit me, the fact I could buy anything, whenever I wanted to, just took hold of me. I never had to think about my finances, because at the end of the month I could just pay it I thought. 
I started to get into debt, not paying off my credit card, along with paying rent, driving lessons (at the time) and a phone bill. I then became a student, therefore working part time, and not receiving a good amount of money every month.

I then was enticed by the Topshop card, it was a very silly idea however they offered my 15% off my purchase, which was over £100 so I went for it, saying to myself I will have to pay this off every month and try not to use it too often. 
I haven't been able to pay it all off this month, as I have had a holiday and a lot of car expenses. I've had to get a second job and I really hope they start giving me more hours so I can start to properly pay off all this money I owe, which is over £800. 
I only have myself to blame. 
Never ever ever apply for a credit card, only spend the money you know you can! 
That's all my wisdom folks.