Friday, 31 May 2013

Peel off Nails? - Review

When I saw this nail polish in John Lewis Oxford Street, I knew I had to get it, mainly for the colour. It is gorgeous, just the right kind of blue, it's called 'on the blink' and cost £6. The basic principle of this nail varnish is that you can change your nail varnish as quickly and as often as you change your underwear! 

The main reason I bought this was the colour, but I also wanted to know how well it peels off, sounds silly right? Well as I'm working full time I like to paint my nails often, however I also like them to stay on all day. So this nail polish has it's positives and also it's negatives, like most nail polishes.

The positives is that the colour is gorgeous, it dries relatively quickly and is nice and shiny. Another thing that could be considered a positive and/or a negative is that is comes off within hours of wearing it. This nail polish isn't great if you want to wear it all day without it starting to peel off, however it's great if you like to change your nail colour a lot but don't always have nail polish remover left/around. 
It would be great on holiday, as I don't know if it's just me but I don't like to take nail varnish remover as it may leak in my luggage. So this would be brilliant, as you could paint your nails on the plane, but take it off again later if you wanted to use a different colour. 
I found that 20 minutes into starting work it had already started to come away from my nail, which was very annoying as I didn't have the polish with me! (Rookie error)
I wouldn't recommend this nail polish if you like having the same nail colour for a few days, but other wise the colour is gorgeous and it is really easy to apply. So definitely go for it, the colours are amazing! I wish they did the colours in their usual range of Topshop nails (please Topshop, please!)

Has anyone else tried this range from Topshop, what did you think?


Monday, 27 May 2013

Summer Breeze - Outfit

I had a day off, so I thought I would enjoy this sunny bank holiday, unfortunately I don't have many summer clothes. I went instead with a simple white tee (Neppy Tee - Topshop), my Jamie jeans (Topshop - £46), a Primark tweed blazer (£14) and my cute black wedge/flatform sandals. 

I went into town to get my hair cut at Rush in Southampton, a hairdressers I really recommend! They added a treatment to my hair, which has made it super soft and it feels so light, along with taking some length off. I really love it. 

I took these photos outside in my garden because it was such a lovely day. 
The necklace I'm wearing is an old purchase from Topshop, one of my favourite. 

The wedges were £19.99 in New Look, and I love them, they are so cute and go with a lot of outfits. I have painted my nails with a Topshop 'Peel off nails' range, in On The Blink. Review coming by the end of the week. 
Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Just another (two) week(s) #13

Hi everyone, long time no speak. Just to say sorry for the lack of posts these last few weeks, but thank you all for baring with me, I really appreciate it.
These last two weeks I've been throw into full time work at my current job, it's been a bit of a shock to my system, and finding a balance between work and play has proved to be difficult. Along with this we've been looking at houses to rent, and packing things away. Which is a pain when you've packed something that you need, but you can't remember which box it's in. But there you go, least I'm getting the packing done and not leaving it to the last minute. 

1. The boyfriend and I waiting at Thorpe Park for friends that went on Stealth. (we were too scared too)
2. The Swarm at Thorpe Park. 

3. Craig (my boyfriend) on the train to London on Monday to see The postal service at Brixton Academy.

4. Crazy floating man in covent garden, blew my mind!!

5, A Canadian pub in Covent Garden, with a nice cider to start the day (it was 3pm, we didn't start drinking in the morning)

6. Inside Brixton Academy, the blue lights are always awkward on Instagram. The gig was great though, we were sat in the circle, even though we thought we had standing tickets.

7. BEST DAD ALERT - he had made me sandwiches for Tuesday as I was getting home so late from London, he had also ironed my work clothes! 

8. My mini haul from London, including two Topshop nail varnish, Ciaté nail kit and some lipstick which doesn't suit me! I thought it did in the shop, but unfortunately not.

9. Another new purchase, which are from the eBay shop Zerouv, they were about £15 which I think is a great price for such awesome sunglasses! Unfortunately when I got them through three of the small flowers had come off, but I'm going to superglue them back on. It must have been the huge journey that had to be on to get to me!

10. Craig at Carlos ices and tea rooms, which is the place to go if you want to eat the best ice cream you have ever tasted! It's in hampshire, in East Wellow...look it up if you want to go to it, highly recommended.

11. A photo of the sunburst from my phone looking upwards, I think it looks quite arty. 

12. My ice cream waffle cone on the left, with Vanilla, mint choc chip and strawberry ice cream, then Craig's 1/2 a litre tub(!) on the right. (he ate it all!)

13. Craig and I on a bench outside after we had finished our ice creams.

14. My new mirror, which Craig bought me after we broke my mirror, whilst trying to paint it. We got it from Argos for £24.99 which isn't bad considering it is HUGE and goes well with the rest of my white furniture. 

I will be trying to post some reviews on some products this week, I only have Monday and Saturday off so we shall see how that goes, might have to start using the schedule button. 
Hope you're all ok! 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Just another week #12

Hi everyone, a massive update for you all this week, seeing as I didn't manage to get a weekly post done last week! I've finished my second year of uni this week, which means I start full time work tomorrow. Yay I'll have some money! :)

Instagram Updates

From top left to the right 

1. Black light at a party and I wear white, it looked pretty cool though.

2. The morning after, this was my hangover cure.

3.Sunglasses ...inside. I had my essay to do so I was stuck inside. 

4. My view whilst doing my uni work

5. My Cornetto had a sombrero on! Simple things.

6. Went out to TGI's with the girls from uni, for our end of term meal.

7. Alabama Slammer at TGI's - YUM

8. New pinafore from New Look, haven't worn it yet though, as the day after I bought it, the weather went rainy again. 

9. New shoes, from New Look, along with dotty Primark tights and a new look skater dress. 

10. New shoes for work - shiny

11. Couldn't decide on what to wear, it was rainy, and windy and I was going for a Chinese. I settled on jeans in the end.

12. My car broke down again today! So I sat in the van whilst the AA man tried to fix my car, he didn't manage to, so my car is still broken. (Story of my life) 

If you want to follow my on Instagram my username is @megan_91 


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Good Things come to those who wait

Good Things Soothing Body Butter Superfruit Extracts Coconut and Goji Berries

I recently got this from Boots, I say 'got' because I used my Boots points to buy it, so it was free! (Usually £5.99 for 300ml). I've never used the 'Good Things' range, however I had run out of a Sanctuary body lotion I got for Christmas, so I thought I would give it a go.

Firstly the packaging is really simple which is nice, I like the colours used and the doodles of flowers across the name etc. With the simple design it feels they may have put more thought into the actual product instead of the packaging, which is great. The next thing I realised is the smell, it smells AMAZING, it makes me want to eat it it, every time I apply it - it smells that good!
I was really impressed with the strength of the scent; in a good way of course, it stays on your skin for so long, the next day you can still smell it. Which personally I think is great.

The texture is very thick, which I wasn't too sure on, as I wasn't sure how it would apply or dry, but I was pleasantly surprised. It applies really smoothly and a little goes a long way, it also dries very quickly, which is good when you're in a rush to get out of the door in the morning.

Finally the most important thing to know with a moisturiser is how well it does it's job, and I would say it does it's job very nicely, with the added benefits of the amazing smell and quick drying time!

I would highly recommend this product, and will definitely be buying it when this one runs out, I may even try out the other products in the 'Good Things' range.

Has anyone else tried the Good Things range? 

Watch out Boots, I'm coming for you! 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Outfit post - I'm on top of the world

Hi everyone! 
Currently listening to Imagine Dragons album, hence the title :) 
I'm so sorry for not posting in the last two weeks, bad blogger. Deadlines for uni came up and my blog took a bit of a back seat, but I have no submitted everything so that's it till October! 
How has everyone been? I will be doing a weekly post at the end of the week like usual, seeing as I missed this Sunday.
Just thought I would show you two of the three new additions to my wardrobe, which I bought yesterday in a mild panic that I had no summer clothes. 

Ok so I know I'm wearing a completely black outfit in 'summer', but to be fair it isn't sunny at all today, unlike the past week. I have bought something of colour for my wardrobe but it seemed silly to wear it today. 
The new aditions are the simple black skater dress from New Look, which I bought for £9.99. Just an easy thing to wear, when inspiration doesn't hit. 
I did however jazz it up a bit, by wearing my dotty tights from Primark, and my brand new amazingly cute shoes! 

These beauties are from New Look, they were £19.99 but I love them! They are flat forms with a slight wedge to them as well, which I found aren't as bad to walk in as I expected. I love the cute buckles on the side, they are also really comfy. 
I've needed 'summer shoes' for a while now, I always buy cheap ones every year and spend all my money on expensive boots for winter. Which is great when winter comes around, but the next summer I'm screwed because all my ones from last year are destroyed. 
Has anyone got any tips on good summery shoes around at the moment, I'm really struggling to find any that I like!