Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Isn't Gelato Just a Posh Word for Ice Cream?

Even though I feel that most people are over the gelato hype, I still love ice cream and it's been so bloody hot my friends and I decided to go to a local gelato bar - Tooti's in Southampton (Bedford Place)
A lovely bright parlour, with 4 booths where you can play retro games from Sonic to Tekken 3 along with sofa's and other places to sit and enjoy a sweet treat. 

mmmmm Ice Cream - Tooti's Gelato Bar Southampton
The usual suspects are on the menu - pancakes, waffles, ice cream sundaes and milkshakes, so it was a hard choice! In the end I decided on the Raspberry and White Chocolate Waffle - Y.U.M. 

Raspberry and white chocolate waffle at Tooti's Gelato
When I've been to other Gelato parlours I have felt sick half way through, however I demolished this! The waffle was so light and fluffy, along with fresh raspberries scattered across the plate, vanilla gelato with chocolate pieces and white chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

If you live in Southampton or you're ever here for a day trip, you should definitely visit Tooti's Gelato Bar, as it is just the best - that I've tried!

What have you been doing this summer to keep cool?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Kimono Lovin'

Last Saturday me and the boy went to Bournemouth for the day, it was baking hot, the beach was packed so we went around Bournemouth town for most of the day. We stopped for lunch in 60 Million Postcards, which is such a nice pub, with board games available behind the bar and nicely priced food/drink. 

60 Million Postcards - Pub in Bourmeouth

I had the beef burger with Chorizo and Halloumi and it was lush, along with an Aspall cider - Yum!

This is what I wore...

Dress: Boohoo
Kimono and Bag : Primark
Necklace: BornPrettyStore
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Vans

Now I absolutely love Kimono's I think I have a serious problem! Whenever I see one I want it so bad! I have stopped myself recently from buying anymore as my wardrobe is packed. 
I decided to wear this long kimono which is from Primark, as it brightened up a dull grey dress. Don't get my wrong I love the dress but it definitely needs brightening up. 

I find it really difficult to dress for hot weather as I don't like wearing shorts (even though I own a few pairs and wish I wore them!) so this dress was an easy one, it is long enough to cover my thighs, and because it's plain I can put it with all of my kimono's! 

What have you been wearing to keep cool this summer? 

Friday, 18 July 2014

The RIGHTeous Body Butter by Soap and Glory

This body butter is da bomb!

I picked this up in Boots whilst looking around for a body scrub when I came across the Soap and Glory section. For you who don't know Soap and Glory are a UK based company who specialise in skin care and make up and I love them. The scent of each product is so different from the next and they all smell incredible! 

The Righteous Body Butter 500ml by Soap and Glory - Boots -  £10 (3 for 2 offer)

The Righteous Body Butter doesn't disappoint on smell, with Shea butter almond oil, aloe vera and pose hip seeds - basically it smells sweet but not sickly sweet. The lotion itself is so easy to apply, with the pump making sure you don't use too much at one time.

The Righteous Body Butter 500ml by Soap and Glory - Boots -  £10 (3 for 2 offer)
The lotion sinks nicely onto the skin, without having too use too much to feel the benefit. The scent also hangs around your skin for a long time, which is always nice. I love the feeling I have after using this product, it just makes me feel so fresh and relaxed, so thanks for making a great product Soap and Glory! 

Seeing as it was any 3 for 2 products in Boots, I also bought Sit Tight 4D as well as the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, which I will review soon!  Grab your Soap and Glory products now whilst they are still on any 3 for 2 at Boots! 


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Where have I been?!


Right I'm going to actually have another go at my blog,  I fell out of the habit whilst the end months of uni were a foot. However now that I'm back at work - earning money, having a few days off in the week etc I want to get back into posting on here! 

So where have I been?

After uni finished (mid may) I started my new position in Womanswear at John Lewis, as a merchandiser! So that happened, it is a good job, which allows me to style and express my creativity which I love! I was very apprehensive when starting my new role, as to if I could thrive in the job and if I would miss my selling assistant life (I had been doing it for 4 years!). But I don't think I ever want to go back to the selling assistant role to be honest! I have so much freedom within this job role and I am loving it! 

I went to Glastonbury festival at the end of June which was incredible, I loved every second of it (even the mud!) I really want to go again next year because the atmosphere is just amazing, you walk around and see the weirdest of things and meet the nicest people! 

Just a few of the photos I took at Glastonbury Festival 2014.
After Glastonbury it was a nervous wait for my University results, thankfully Monday evening arrived, where I found that I will be graduating with a 2:1 which is exactly what I wanted! Yay. I am so chuffed with myself and can't wait till November to graduate (I know it's bloody ages away!)
Then to add to the stress of full time work I am also in the middle of planning a two week trip around Europe with my best friend, which is going to be amazing.

My excited snap chat on Monday night! Don't judge on that 'hat and cape'
Another thing that I have been doing is starting up my own Etsy UK shop, called 'Hairbands and Things'. This is where I am selling hair scrunchies and customised sunglasses, as well as that I will be doing more customisations, but I need to get the materials first to be able to get that sorted. To get started I am offering 15% off anything in my shop with discount code HAIRBANDSANDTHINGS15, so go go go!

Discount code for my easy shop hairbands and things

As I haven't blogged for a while I would like to know what kind of things you would like to see from my blog? I already want to make wish lists and show you my outfits, as well as a bit of lifestyle stuff. Is there anything else? I've also tweaked my page a bit, what do you think?

Hope you're all ok and thanks for sticking with me! 
Megan x