Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just another week #11

Hi everyone! Sorry for the terrible photo above, I'm super tired, because I went to see Pink last night at the O2 Arena, London! (You probably guessed by my ticket in the photo) 
It was the single most greatest gig I've ever been to. It feels wrong calling it a 'gig' it was more of a theatrical show. Pink really knows how to put on a performance, and you definitely get your money's worth. 
I had the best time, and I can't wait until I'm able to go again, hopefully on her next tour. 

So my week has to be pink themed of course, here it is...

1. Brownies! I realise now that that was in my last weeks, weekly post...woops. They are just so good. 

2. My tattoo being sore, for some reason. 

3. A super cute navy blue and white hearted pinafor from River Island. I was so tempted to buy this, but I'm going to wait till it gets put onto Asos, so I can get student discount on skate I know! 

4. Good things, body butter. Yum yum, it smells so good - review coming soon. 

5. Went to the pub with my boyfriend, one of my best friends and her boyfriend. We had some lunch and sat out in the sunshine, it was lovely. 

6. Saturday was spent sitting outside the O2 for 8 hours! But it was worth it, as me and my friends got to go into the golden circle in the arena! Eeeeeek. 

7. Pink candy floss at Pink! Who knew? (shameless Pink song ref) 

8. My friends and I at The Truth About Love tour - Pink. Best day of my life! I've loved her since I can remember and I was inches away from her, at one point I touched her arm, when she reached into the crowd. The show was amazing, like I said at the start of this post, I can't wait to go to one of her shows again. 
 Have any of you been to a show at the O2, how was your experience?

Here's a short video of Pink singing/swinging from the rafters...
(it's not the best quality it's from my Iphone)


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Just another week #10

Good evening everyone, how are you? 
I'm sorry for my lack of blogging this week, I've been to London, I've had uni work to do and I've helped my parents clear out our loft, as we have now sold our house. 

My boyfriend and I went up to London on Tuesday to see the Bowie exhibition. It was a brilliant two days, and the exhibition at the V&A was amazing! If you've managed to get tickets, you're very lucky, because it has now sold out. I'm hoping they can extend it for a few more weeks, as I would definitely go again. 

But here's my Instagram updates for this week-

1. Found this in the loft, amazing, it works out that we actually have two copies, I still remember when we got them! Definitely need to watch this one more time.

2. A vintage handbag and tapestry storage thing, both my mums, which were found in the loft. I twisted my mums arm and she let me have them both. I love the tapestry storage, I will probably use it for magazines and bits and bobs. I love the bag, it's blue suede - needs a clean, but it is charming. 

3. The 'Sold' sign that turned up at my house on Tuesday morning. 

4. Our hotel room for London, we stayed in the Umi hotel in Bayswater. I really recommend this hotel, it's a three star and only a ten minute walk from the tube station. The room was gorgeous, with a really comfy bed. Unfortunately there was building work going on in the morning so we were woken quite early, but it was probably a blessing, so we actually left the room on time! 

5. My boyfriend and I <3

6. My boyfriend in TGI Friday's, drinking a bahama mumma

7. Me drinking a raspberry Daiquiri. Yum. 

8. We went to The Gourmet Burger Kitchen on Frith Street in Soho, it was so yummy. Really gutted their isn't one in Southampton! They do a 4oz size, which is the perfect size for me, as I usually struggle with a normal size burger. So bravo GBK!

9. My boyfriend and I again, top image: kisses, bottom image: afterwards, there are no words except typical! 

10. Craig on the train back home, he's reading some sort of magazine about Play Stations.  

11. Budvar - posh Budwiser

12. BROWNIES! I made these yesterday, and they have nearly all gone! 
I might do a 'how to' post on how I made these brownies later in the week. 

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, my user name is megan_91

I do still have some things to sell on my 'Blog Sale' page, if you would like anything, either email me or comment on the page and I'll get back to you. 

Hope you've all had good weeks? 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I should be over all the butterflies but it's...Just another week #9

Hi everyone! 
Hope your Sunday's are going well and you are all super relaxed ready for the week ahead. 
My week has been a nice one, I went back to uni and now it's a race to get work finished for 'summer'. I am hoping to get mine done before the hand in date, but let's see how that fairs. 

Here's the photo's from my week:

1. Outfit of the day, I'm wearing my new Primark midi tube skirt along with spotty tights, also from Primark. I did an outfit post on Tuesday, if you want to see the whole outfit, click here

2. On Tuesday I also got my hair cut at Rush Salon in Southampton, this is the before and after photo. I have tried to keep the curl in it, however I'm hopeless when it comes to blow drying, so I might have to invest in some curlers. (I also look super grumpy in the first photo, I was trying to be inconspicuous) 

3. My first listen of Paramore's new album, love it. I have always been a huge fan of Paramore and I'm glad their come back album is as good as their last one (2009).

4. My new boots! I LOVE THESE BABIES! Sorry for the caps, but I saw these a few months back and knew I had to have them, but they were £85! Now I love tapestry (I've always wanted one of those 'old lady' bags), but I wasn't going to pay so much for some boots. However I walked in there by chance on Wednesday, and saw these beauties, for £47! I tried them on and they fit so well, I then charmed my way to 10% off, so thanks to the man in Office, I got these for £42.30! 
(I am now on a clothes and accessories spending ban; let's see how long that lasts)

5. Which brings me nicely to this photo, I'm selling things! There is still stuff left, so let me know if you want anything :)

6. Prezzo on Wednesday night, for my boyfriend's brother's birthday. Really gorgeous food and of course I had a desert! Yum.

7. Talking of desserts, I made an apple crumble today. The first ever attempt at it and it was successful! 
I was pretty impressed at how easy it is to make and of course how yummy it is! 

8. I bought Paramore's album this morning and it's on repeat on my CD player. Hence the name of this post. 

You can follow me on Instagram, my username is megan_91

How has your week been? 

Friday, 12 April 2013

What's in my bag - Zara Office Bag

The Zara City Office Bag

So what's in my bag?

Seeing as I reviewed this bag a few days ago, I wanted to do a 'what's in my bag' post. Also to show you how much stuff you can fit in it, I also sometimes keep my note pad in there, if I have a lecture that day at uni. 

Macbook Pro
Elle May 2013
Paperchase Diary
Paperchase Pen
Urban Outfitters Purse
Urban Outfitters Phone Case (containing my Iphone)
A really old Ipod Nano
An inhaler (I need it to breathe sometimes)
Umbrella from Primark

First things first, I keep my laptop in there, as that's why I bought the bag in the first place. It fits like a glove; but it does weigh the bag down a lot! I have a cover on it, which I bought from Amazon from a company called Gmyle, it was £13.98 for a 15inch macbook cover. It was really easy to attach, and keeps my laptop looking cool and also keeps it from getting scratched or dirty. It also comes in a range of different colours and sizes for all the different MacBooks, including MacBook Air. 

I also have this months Elle, with Kate Hudson gracing the cover, I always keep a magazine handy in my bag, just incase I'm sat somewhere on my own and want something to read or I'm at my boyfriends house and he's doing his uni work, which leads me to have nothing to do. I love the feel of a magazine too, I would never read Elle on my Iphone, or a tablet (even if I had one) because you don't get the sense of owning it, or the feeling of the pages. 

I have an umbrella in my bag at all times, you can never be too sure with the English weather, this one is from Primark, I think it was £3. It has lasted pretty well so far, it's travelled all the way to New York with me too. 
My keys are another necessity of my handbag, with my moustache key ring, which Craig's mum bought me as part of my birthday present last year along with the 'M' that my Auntie bought back from Ireland, it's a good set. 

I can't believe how old my Ipod is but it is still going - just about. It doesn't have a hold button anymore or any of the other bits at the top of it. It doesn't charge properly, so I have to hope that it wants to work when I want to listen to it. But I think it's done very well, I don't need another one yet, I'll wait till this one completely gives up before I buy a new one! Along with that I of course have my Ipod earphones. 

Another really old item is my purse, which I bought for $9 in Urban Outfitters when I was in Florida in September 2010! I love the grey rose print, however it has started to show wear and tear which is a shame, as I can't find another one anywhere that I love as much as this purse! 
Any suggestions? 

I have to take my diary wherever I go, even if I'm not using it, I take it with me because you never know when you might need to use it. I was bought this diary and pen set as part of a Christmas present from my sister, I love it. I always love having a diary but that fact it has a matching pen - a bit of OCD kicking in there. 

Another thing I have to take everywhere I go is of course my phone, I would be lost with out it! Thankfully now I have a compartment for my phone in my new bag, it makes it so much easier not to lose it! I was bought the glittery cover by Craig for one of my Christmas presents, it was from Urban Outfitters. I almost collapsed when I saw the glitter and how pretty is was, and haven't taken it off my phone since! 

Finally the not so glamorous inhaler! I always take this with me, as I have mild asthma but you never know when it might crop up.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Blog Sale

I'm having a blog sale! I'm getting annoyed with Ebay and having to pay the fees, so here we go, my first blog sale.

Only open to people in the UK, with £3 postage cost, if you want more than one item you only have to pay postage once. Payment through paypal only. 
Let me know if you want anything by commenting below :) 

Spotty green velvet shorts - size 10 - worn a handful of times - £5 o.n.o

Urban Outfitters cut out dress - Black with sheer panels on the shoulders, elasticated at the waist - size Medium - £10 o.n.o - worn a few times
Bought for £30ish

Topshop grey American Outlaw printed top - size medium - £4 o.n.o

New Look long sleeved olive green top  -size 10 - £4 o.n.o

Lion tank top from New Look size small to medium - £4 o.n.o

Bright blue blazer from Zara - small (8 to 10) - £10 o.n.o (bought for £40) 

New Look skull tank top - size 10 - £3 o.n.o

Topshop raglan style short sleeved tank - size medium - £4 o.n.o

High waisted River Island shorts - size 10  - £5 o.n.o

Topshop bag - bought for £45, has slight damage to the sides (as pictured) main bag with one small zipped pocket and one pocket for a phone. Metal studs on the bottom to stop bag from wear- £13 o.n.o
(bag will be £4 postage)

If you would like anything, comment below and we can sort something out :) 
Thanks for looking
(more selection added to the 'Blog Sale' button at the top of the page)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Loose lips sink ships

Happy Tuesday! 
I've been on a Fall Out Boy and Paramore music fest, hence the F.O.B lyrics as a title, I forgot how good they were! Anyway whilst buying some pj's in Primark yesterday I stumbled across a gorgeous midi skirt. Now I'm not great with midi's as I'm only 5'2'' tall, so I feel that they can sometimes swamp me a little bit, however this one from Primark seems to fit quite nicely. 

It cost £8 which is pretty reasonable, I love the acid wash tie dye effect with the electric blue - gorgeous. I'm really surprised with Primark at the moment, I've managed to find quite a few good pieces in the last few weeks, so well done Primark. - Haul video coming soon, hopefully, once my mac stops being a pain!

I also bought some dotted tights - at long last! I've wanted them for ages and haven't been able to find any, anywhere - until now! They were £2.50 which isn't too bad, but I think I'm gonna have to buy a few pairs, seeing as they will most probably ladder. 

I wore the outfit with my Topshop boots - which is pretty standard for me at the moment. I think I will always have to wear this skirt with some sort of heel, otherwise I will look tiny and even more weirdly proportioned.

I also wore my trusty Primark gold necklace, which I bought years ago and is still looking great. I have decided to stick to a few bits of jewellery instead of buying loads of different pieces, I'm going to go for more statement pieces. It will hopefully save me money in the long run! 

You may also have seen that I've had my hair cut! Yay. I got it done in Rush Southampton, a hairdressers that I have only been to twice, but it is the best place I've ever had my hair cut. I wasn't sure on what I wanted, so my hairdresser; Katie, said to keep the length (just take off what was needed) and maybe cut in a side fringe. I am so chuffed with it, she even curled it for me and told me where to buy velcro rollers so I can achieve this look myself! I highly recommend Rush salons, they are so professional and friendly (and they offer 25% off for students, and if you're not a student they're different deals)


Monday, 8 April 2013

THE perfect bag! Zara City Office Bag Review

You may have seen me talking about this bag last week, well I only went and bought it! 
So I am now a proud owner of the City Office Bag by Zara, it is a reasonable £49.99, seeing as it has about a zillion compartments! Also I've wanted this bag forever, seems a small price to pay for such an excellent bag. (facts and figures may not be exact)

I purchased this bag after running around town and trawling through the internet trying to find a bag big enough and sturdy enough to hold my laptop, as I have been using my other Zara bag which isn't exactly ideal - I have to force my mac into it! 

After finding out about this bag, I went into my local Zara store, and found the camel version of it, unfortunatly they did not have the black one in stock, but I thought, if I buy the brown one at least I have a bag I can fit my laptop into. Then if the black one comes into stock I can exchange it. Low and behold the next day on Zara's website, this one came into stock! 
I ordered it straight away as it has been rather sort after as it is very similar to the Prada bag, which has also sold out. However at a fraction of the price I personally love the Zara version more than the Prada one, for one it has more compartments than the Prada original as well as that you have less chance of getting this one stolen (yes I touched wood then). 

The City Office Bag is great it has five compartments, three zipped and two held closed my magnetic buttons. I've seen other peoples reviews on this bag and the zip seems to have been a problem, luckily for me the zips on the bag work fine and don't get caught at all when opening. Must be luck of the draw I suppose. Out of the three large (17inch) zipped compartments, the one in the middle is nicely padded, which means you can fit your laptop in there knowing it is protected from whatever else you have in your handbag as well as it being completely safe if you were to drop your bag. (I reckon, however I'm not going to test this out just incase I break my mac!)

The other two zipped compartments are simple, with just the deep red lining, which is gorgeous! The two buttoned compartments are both brilliant, one with a small zipped compartment that is also padded, this can be used to keep your Ipad/Kindle or any other device. 
The other side there is more little compartments, to fit your mobile, cards and also a tiny zipped compartment for change or other little bits you don't want to be sifting around your bag for. 
The bag also comes with an attachable shoulder strap, which comes in handy when you just want to chuck it over your shoulder when you have other things to carry - for me it's Uni books and Vanilla Latte's 

All in all I think this bag is worth the £49.99, it is gorgeous, simple, and so many compartments, so if you're like me and enjoy putting things in certain places then this is the perfect bag for you. 


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Just another week #8

It's Sunday and I have to go back to uni on Wednesday! Not that I actually have to go anywhere, or travel, it's only a 15 minute drive every morning but, it will be nice to get back into a proper routine again! Instead of waking up at 12pm and mooching around all day, not doing much. 

So onto what's been happening this week:

1. This week has had it's ups and downs, first of all, I was sick on Tuesday, which wasn't great as I was going to book my tattoo on Tuesday. However I couldn't get out of bed - girl problems. Let's leave it at that. 

2. Just an image from my blog, I entered the Passion for Fashion competition in association with money super market, you can read my entry here, and there is still time if you want to enter! Competition closes tomorrow at 12pm! 

3. Me wearing my new Fedora! So glad I finally have one, read my outfit post on it here

4. A set of images from my Zara city office bag! Finally got my hands on it, I will be doing a 'what's in my bag' post later on this week, as well as a review of the bag itself. 

5. Another image including my new bag, new hat and new Elle magazine. I thought it looked really cute. 

6. Thatchers cider at the pub yesterday, with my parents. We had to get out of my house because we had a house viewing (we're selling our house), seeing as it was an actual spring day yesterday we decided to sit outside, and I had a pint of cider :) 

7. When we got home I turned the TV on to see the Mannequin was being shown, Ok, it's not the best film, but to see Kim Cattrall not in Sex in the City is a novelty, and the fact it optimises the 80's I couldn't resist.

8. My Elle May edition, I was quite disappointed that they have not included their 'Elle Inspire' section this month, as I think it is a really nice feature to have in a magazine, which people buy to be inspired. 
But you know maybe it will come back in next months issue. 

 I'm off to my boyfriends house tonight, to go out for the evening with his friends. Which will be a nice way to end the week. 
How has everyone's weeks been?
On another note, I'm getting my hair cut on Tuesday and could do with some advice. I have no idea what I should do with my hair, what do you reckon? 
It would be really helpful :) 

Friday, 5 April 2013

The forest of talking trees, they used to sing about the birds and the bees

I finally gave in and bought a black fedora, yay! I've wanted one for ages, since I saw Of Monsters and Men at Reading festival! (hence the title of the post) The lead girl singer Nanna, was wearing one whilst playing their set, and I just fell in love with the look. 
However I couldn't find one anywhere, until I had a look on Topshop's website in early March to find one! It made my March Topshop wish list, and I finally bought it on Wednesday! 
I held off buying it for a while because of the price, it's £25 which I think is a bit expensive for a hat, however I couldn't find one anywhere else that was cheaper, so after my boyfriend saying to me 'buy it, buy it' I did and I love it! 

Black Fedora - Topshop - £25
Wine Coloured Jumper - New Look -£14.99
Black skater skirt - Primark - £6
City Office Bag - Zara - £49.99
Boots - Topshop - £75 similar here

I decided to wear it today, with a simple outfit, of a wine coloured jumper I bought from New Look a little while ago, I still love it, as it is great to wear with jeans or tucked into a skirt. It is also keeping me warm in current weather situation! I do love dressing for winter/cold weather, as you can probably tell by now, but I do want to change my tights for a lighter denier and even wear some of my maxi skirts, that would be lovely. But I think I would freeze at the moment! 

The skirt I love, it is my little bargain from Primark, it was £6 which is a perfect price for a simple black skater skirt which goes with everything in my wardrobe! As well as this it hides my 'un-gymed' body, I haven't been in a few months now, I really need to start going again! 

I am also wearing my new necklace from Urban Outfitters, which I bought in the sale for £6.40 (20% student discount), it was previously £18, and I personally wouldn't spend £18 on it so glad I got it for a lot cheaper! I love it, it goes with so much in my wardrobe, I'm really loving the 'dirty gold' tone of jewellery at the moment. 

I'm also showing off my brand new bag from Zara! I love this bag, but I feel terrible at the same time, because of the recent news about Zara's factories and the alleged slave labour, that has been circling the news the last few days. 
It's a very grey area at the moment, but I still love the bag, because it's exactly what I need seeing as I have to fit my laptop in there as well as all my usual handbag things. (Que people shouting at me for liking this bag, it doesn't mean I agree with the companies way of doing things!)

Hope you're all having good Friday's? So close to the weekend! 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring Inspired Bridesmaid Outfit Competition entry

Louise Tie Low V-back dress - £25 -
Tube Dangle Stone Earrings - £15 - Topshop
Gold Polka Dot Metal Trim Clutch - £12.99 - New Look
Jaxine 2 Court Shoe Nude Patent Leather - £100 - Ted Baker via Office
Total: £152.99

After the lovely ladies from Fearlessbrides got in touch with me to create my own bridesmaid outfit I jumped at the chance! I love putting these sort of 'wish lists' together, as it gives me a chance to window shop for a while, without feeling guilty! As well as asking me to create this outfit they also mentioned I would be in with the chance of winning a £50 voucher from ASOS.

I started thinking about what I would chose, and seeing as I'm 21, I've never been a bridesmaid and not thinking about getting married anytime soon I found it difficult at first, but then inspiration struck and the 5 year old girl with a pillow case on her head came back into memory. (I can't be the only one that did that right?) The first thing I thought about is what kind of colours would I like to see if I had a spring wedding (as this is one of the guidelines), obviously bright colours are the first thing that comes to mind. This Boohoo dress fits in perfectly, with the V back which gives it a bit of sexiness but not too much so it doesn't become too risqué for a bridesmaid. I love the bow detail on the back as well as the high neckline at the front which gives it a vintage feel. 
It also is an amazing price at only £25, which is great if you're on a tight budget, this dress also comes in bright pink and white, which could also be used for bridesmaids if you wanted a larger selection of colour. 
The dress started my colour scheme, I decided on gold, pink and turquoise. I decided on a gold clutch bag with gold chain as it would work well against the turquoise, and it could be worn on the shoulder whilst carrying the small bouquets. 
The shoes are by far the most expensive thing about this outfit, they are from Ted Baker, in a gorgeous nude/gold tone. I think they will work perfectly with this dress as they won't distract away from the dress. With the simple gold bottoms you would see a flash of gold every time the bridesmaids took a step down the isle. 
I decided to add some earrings into the ensemble, from Topshop, as I think this outfit would need a bit of 'bling' (hate that word but couldn't think of anything else). They contain a beautiful turquoise strands as well as tiny hints of pink and gold. 
I of course added in a bouquet of roses in pale pink and cream, which would look absolutely gorgeous against the turquoise dress.

Fearlessbrides contains everything wedding related - from wedding fashion to photography for your big day. They have created this competition with the chance of winning a £50 voucher for All you have to do is create a bridesmaid outfit for under £200, and you have until 2nd May at noon to enter! 


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Georgia over at Granny Gee who has nominated me for this award! 

Here are the rules: 
1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Include a link to their blog

3. Select 15 bloggers you follow regularly

4. Nominate these bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they have been nominated

5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

7 things about me: 

1. I have worn glasses since I can remember - I was probably 4 or 5 years old when I started wearing them 

2. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years 

Us on holiday last summer

3. I have the five best friends a girl could ask for, wouldn't know where I'd be without them.

4. When I was younger I used to run around my garden in goggles. I coincidentally unfortunately don't know where that photo is.

5. The house I've lived in since I was born is on the market, so soon I will have a new house, which is exciting but scary.

6. I went to Florida in 2010 with one of my best friends; it will always be the best holiday ever. TAKE ME BACK!

7. When I leave uni/get a real job etc, I would like to be the person who designs and makes magazines (art director I think they're called) 

My nominations: