Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beautiful Reiss Coats

I have wanted a winter coat from Reiss ever since I started working at John Lewis (2 and a half years ago) and fell in love with the brand. I could never ever afford one but I love trying them on and feeling the warmth wash over me. 
I have a few favourites this season - like usual. Here they are:

Fenella in Aubergine - £295
I tried this coat on today and I love it even more now, oops! It is a rich purple, and you have to be rich to buy it! But I still think it is absolutely amazing, the shape is gorgeous, the double collar adds volume to this simple design. 
I love the button fastening on the side of the waist, making this design very simplistic.

Selina fitted coat - £375
I found this coat on the Reiss website and oh my gosh, it's beautiful. I love how Reiss make amazing clothes that are just so simplistic. This one is another really expensive one, so it is out of my reach. Sometimes it is worth buying a more expensive coat though, as it will last few a lot of seasons and always be a classic. The only thing I worry about with these longer coats is the fact I'm only 5'2'', don't want them dragging on the floor!

Leo Dark Green Fit and Flare coat - £295
I think this is my favourite coat from Reiss. I love love love everything about it! 
The racing green colour, the fit and flare style and the medium collar, it's just the right size. I would love to try this on, I hope they get it in at work, because every time I go in I will hug it until some kind person buys it for never know what might happen!
It's doubtful but there could be a really nice person passing by who happens to like buying coats for random people. 
Has anyone else bought their winter coat yet? 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pleathery. Furry. Goodness.

Three words to describe my new coat. 
I've been looking for a coat for a while now, seeing as in December I'm lucky enough to be going to New York with my uni course. So I need a really good warm coat, seeing as it will probably be freeeeeeezing!
I already have my faux fur coat, but it's not actually as warm as you would think it is, it lets in all the cold wind, which is already too cold in England winter let alone New York.
I looked in so many shops, from New Look to Zara and Topshop, to find only one coat which was nice but wasn't very 'me'. Even though it was about £20 less I know I wouldn't love to wear it. 
When Thursday came around I knew it had to be the day I purchased a coat, seeing as West Quay Southampton, had a student shop in, where you could get up to 30% off of brands and shops! 
This included River Island, thankfully the 20% was on all day so I wouldn't need to que in the evening! I found a coat which was really nice, but I wasn't 100% sure. I bought it anyway, so I knew I had a coat. 

£85 River Island
It was the tartan version of this one, which I wasn't too sure on, but when I returned home I found they did a similar version in grey, for the same price, which was right up my street! 
I then found they had it in the right size in the Winchester branch which is only a short car journey away, I knew I had to have it so I jumped in my car and bumbled off to Winchester. After seeing it in real life, not on a website I knew it was the perfect coat. So I quickly ran over to the counter and swapped it over! 

I love this coat, it has a thick lining, which will be great in the winter, it has pleather sleeves so it is bang on trend and makes this coat look very smart. The low V on the front covered in faux fur looks so glamorous, and I can wear a nice scarf with it if my chest gets cold. 

Here's me in the coat, I think it fits me well seeing as I am on the short side. It stops just under my bum making my legs look like a usual size, not stumpy! 

Has anyone else been trying to look for their winter coat? 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cat Tee

I saw this in Topshop on Thursday and ran straight over to it, to get a closer look. I had to try it on, I've wanted a t-shirt with a cat on it for a while, not sure why but they are great. Topshop also had 20% off the other day for students, where I got this top for only £12.60! 

I wore it yesterday, with a pair of thick HM leggings, and my vans (standard combination for me). 
It looks great, and the cats eyes are a beautiful green, which would look great with a pair of dark green jeans. If I can find a pair that actually fit me!

Any suggestions on some dark green high waisted jeans available in petite would be welcomed! 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Smart casual?

Yesterday was a busy sort of day, Uni in the morning for my new favourite lesson; fashion styling. It was the first seminar for it and I can't wait to get started! Our first assignment is to restyle a friend, a kind of personal shopping task, which should be fun. 
After that uni was over for the week, so we went into town, where I bought THE BEST top, and a gorgeous brand new coat but I'll tell you about that later. When I got home I had a few bits and pieces to sort out, as well as taking these outfit photos, before I changed because it was colder than I thought it would be! 

This was my outfit for the day time yesterday, I wore my purple/burgundy tank top on that was £3.99 in New Look, along with my New Look maxi skirt and my really old cardigan from the same shop...
This is awkward I just realised 90% of my outfit was from one shop. 

I also wore my necklace from Mint Velvet, I love this necklace it makes any outfit stand out straight away. To contrast this I wore my black authentic vans to give a more casual look, also because I had to throw a lot of my flats out, due to over wear! 

I had bought some shoes yesterday from River Island, however after wearing them last night I realised they were too small for me. As they cut up my ankles, so back to River Island to find the right size soon, in the meantime I'll be sticking to my good old Vans! 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Denim shirts

I know I know everyone and their mum has probably got a denim shirt by now, but I couldn't resist! I had previously bought one in New Look, which had gold collar tips on it, however it was £24.99, and it felt thin and like it wasn't going to keep me very warm in the colder months. 
So after taking it back I thought it would be a good idea to find a men's denim shirt. We all know that men's clothes are thicker and so much more comfortable; shirts and jackets especially  So without further a do, we went over to HM, where we headed for the men's section straight away. 
I found this great shirt, it's the perfect tone of denim, the buttons don't look horrendously cheap, the denim is thicker and longer, also it was only £19.99! 
So I snapped it up, today I'm wearing it with a pair of thick leggings also from HM (7.99), my black authentic vans, my dip dye DIY top; which I think works really well, as the colours compliment each other nicely. I also wore a few necklaces that are really old, just to accesorise my outfit.  

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First day of second year!

I had a horrible rude awakening this morning, when my alarm screamed at me at 9.30AM, yes it was time for the first day of second year at uni! My brain was not ready to be bombarded with information about the assignments that were being set for this semester. I started to get ready and from looking outside my window I could tell it wasn't going to be the nicest of days, however I have a lack of jeans at the moment! So I settled for a pair of brand new velvet shorts from New Look, that I bought about a week and a half ago for £19.99.
I love love love them, they are a gorgeous green colour with black spots all over them, I think they are so cute, especially as they are high waisted. 

Because it was cold out, I did wear tights, but I could have done with a thicker pair as I didn't realise it was going to rain! So my legs were a tiny bit cold but least next time I will know to wear a thicker pair of tights! I wore them with a simple black vest top also from New Look - £3.99 and they are available in loads of different colours, which is always handy to have! 

I also wore my Topshop blazer I bought a few years ago, but they have a similar one in stock on the Topshop website, it is the same price that I paid but is a tiny bit more structured. Can't go wrong with a grey blazer, I think it brings my whole outfit together, and adds another layer seeing as it's getting chilly out! I also wore my topshop boots, which cost me £75 and my necklace is also from Topshop.

So with my outfit all sorted I drove off to uni, it was alright, weird to be back but nice all at the same time. I had forgotten how cold the lecture rooms were, and how good the hash browns were in the cafeteria. So there was pros and cons, including getting our assignments, eeek. Gonna be a busy bee! 
Anyone else gone back to uni lately or going off to uni for their first year?