Thursday, 28 February 2013

Outfit Post #3

Another long time since my last outfit post, but i thought I'd introduce you all to my new bowler hat! My sister bought it from Topshop, but she decided she didn't want it. Lucky me, seeing as I've been trying to find one for ages that does cost £20+. So it was free!

Today I wore my alphabet shirt, from Primark £12, which I love, as the baggy fit looks nice tucked into my skirt, which is also from Primark for a measly £6. I threw my really old grey Topshop blazer on top as it was chilly today, and then also wore my River Island coat! I wore some New Look tights, and River Island boots, with silver studs (£65). Then I was ready to roll. 
I went into uni for a few hours for a visual merchandising lecture/seminar and back home to do uni work all evening! 
I've decided I want some dotty tights, I think they're really cute. Has anyone seen any cheap ones in Primark or anywhere? 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Just another week #2

Hi everyone, I know I'm being terrible with blogging at the moment, there's a lot of things going on at the moment, and it's taking my mind of everything including my uni work -which isn't ideal but it's the way it is. 
I have done some work today though which I'm happy about - yay, finally! I've also been looking at jobs on the web, about magazine page layouts, but not sure what ones are the right ones..need to talk to my lecturers when I have time. 
So this week, has been another busy one, with a trip to London to see an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum and general scan of all the shop windows, for my VM unit at uni, on Tuesday. 
The exhibition was about the designers that made a lot of the Royal outfits in the 29th Century, which were mainly couture pieces. It was a good exhibition with two main rooms and was only £5 to get in with a student card, so that was good. 

Here is one of the wedding dresses from the exhibition, a gorgeous silk and organza wedding gown, with a silver corded lace bodice and appliqu├ęs. Designed by Norman Hartnell.

After the exhabition we were hungry, so we decided to find a resturant, on our way to Covent Garden we found a Zizzi's. I'd never been there before, and it was so good! 

We even managed to get a free glass of Prosecco! 

When the food came, I was starving. We had garlic bread to start which had cheese and caramelised onion on top, it was delicious. I also ordered a calzone, with chicken, meatballs and spices in, which was so good. 

We then went down oxford street, where I went into Selfridges for the first time! I know I couldn't believe I'd never been in there. I also managed to come out with something, from the MAC counter. I've never bought anything from MAC but I've always wanted to, so I bought my first ever eyebrow pencil, in Fling. It was only £12.50 and apparently lasts for ages, which is always a good sign. I'll do a review sometime next week, promise!

One of my cats, what a cutie!

My dog; Millie, then got jealous. 

I bought myself a desk from Argos (£39.99), on Wednesday because I was getting my Macbook delivered the next day. Eeeek!

My Macbook arrived! I love it, I finally have my own laptop and don't have to use my mum's to do my uni work! I can use it whenever I want which is brilliant. This gives me an extra incentive to get my uni work done! 
What have you been up to this week? 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Just another week #1 - text/photo heavy

Hi guys, I'm sorry I've been a bit absent in the last week, I've just fallen out of my blogging habit, but I'll be back! :) This week has been really quite busy as well, first off I went out for one of my best friends 21st birthday, we went out to Southampton town, which was weird, as we never really go anymore - but I wish we did. But none the less it was really fun and needless to say we got rather 'merry' and had to get a subway on the way home! 

Before going out however we went for a curry which was really nice. At the end of the meal the waiters bought over the birthday cake I had made for the birthday girl. I am so proud of it, I decided to ice it in black icing and make a sugar skull out of icing and then decorate it. I also covered it in glitter, as it was a birthday cake after all!
I didn't go for a standard bright birthday cake as Jemma's favourite things are the colour black and skulls, so I think it worked pretty well..if I say so myself. 

I really loved my outfit that evening, as I had recently bought a new top from Miss Selfridge, which I was surprised with as I usually can't find anything in there. However I went in and found a body with a high laced neckline and a sort of sweetheart part of the neckline too (if that makes sense). 
It's difficult to explain so here is the best photo I have of my outfit...

Two of my best friends and I, all wearing black. Which is pretty standard for us.
Birthday girl in the middle. 

The body was £26, which was quite expensive, but with 10% off student discount it made it a tiny bit better for my bank balance, and I know I can wear it a lot (I'm still trying to justify it). I wore this body with a high waisted skater skirt I bought from Primark for £6! It is perfect, with a slight dipped hem at the back, which means when you put it on it sits nicely on your bum, without being shorter than expected! 
It is really thin which is nice as it means it hangs nicely. 

The next day I went home to find that my Kings of Leon tickets had arrived! Amazing, it is a while away however it's always exciting when the tickets come through (sorry for the terrible photo, I had to quickly upload it to Facebook to show my friend!)

Then Valentines day arrived, I woke up got myself ready and left my house to go to uni at 3pm, after uni I went to Asda and bought some fruit, chocolate and some mini donuts for mine and Craig's evening - of a chocolate fondue - Yum! 
When I got home I went into my garden and noticed a massive box outside my door, from Interflora!
I checked to see the name on the box and it was definitely for me, so when I got in I opened it up to find a bunch of red roses! 

It was so cute, the roses looked stunning! I then found the note that Craig had written, it was my favourite lyrics from a song by Dry the River. 

What a cutey :)
After a quick Facetime with Craig to thank him for the flowers I got ready for our evening out at Bella Italia (our favourite restaurant). It was lovely, unfortunately I don't have a photo of the outfit I wore. It wasn't anything new but I really liked it, minus my really uncomfortable heels! Which have now given me a blister! Worst thing about heels; they may look good but they don't half hurt sometimes!
Lame photo of Craig and I when we got home from the meal...

Excuse my face!

The final surprise when we got back home was my Valentines card, which Craig bought from the internet - his favourite illustrator - Chris (Simpsons artist) . I should have known! 
So that was it for my week really, I didn't do very much Friday night and today I've been at work, which was ok as I was able to leave at 3.30!
How has everyone's week been? 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's Simple

I think Simple is one of my favourite skin care brands, I have used their products for a good few years now, especially the cleansing wipes. Which are a staple in my skin care routine, they leave my skin soft and not in pain unlike some other facial wipes from different brands that aren't for sensitive skin. 
They have recently changed the wipes themselves, to make them 'super soft'. I must say I was pretty happy with the old type of wipes, however this new fabric they've used is very soft and nicer on my skin than the old ones. Which I never thought I would say (the old ones were pretty darn soft!). They also now have two different types of vitamins in them, which make sure your skin doesn't dry out after using them.  

I think this brand is really great for any skin type but particularly good for people with sensitive skin. I have recently bought the foaming cleanser as I would usually go for the Moisturising face wash but I couldn't find it on the shelves of Boots. So I picked up the foaming cleanser (£4.49) instead, I've used it and it leaves my skin nice and fresh feeling and it doesn't leave any residue, which causes irritation. 
As they are 3 for 2 at the moment in Boots I also bought the smoothing facial scrub (£3.99) which meant I got the hydrating light moisturiser (£3.49) for free! 

The smoothing facial scrub, feels great with tiny beads mixed in with the thick creamy solution. I can't comment on the fragrance, all I can say is that it's great because it doesn't have one so doesn't irritate my skin. (stating the obvious really I know). 
After washing my face with it my skin feels instantly clean and even though it's thick it doesn't take long to take off it also doesn't leave any residue. I like this product as you only have to use it once a week (as it states on the bottle) which means even though it's a small bottle it will last a good few months. 

Finally I must confess, I hardly ever use moisturiser. I know, it's really bad, but I have now got some so that's good right? I realised the other day that my skin was looking very dry and dull, which made me realise that I need to start moisturising regularly! So I've started using this, it has helped my skin already after only using it for two days, but I can feel the difference. It skin looks so much healthier! It's brilliant. 

What is your favourite skin care brand?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

E-tail Urban Outfitters competition

You may have noticed that I am part of the Etail PR blogging network ----> the badge is around here somewhere.

So who are E-tail?
E-tail is a blogger network that connects bloggers through fashion and accessory brands.

What do I get out of it?
You get to recieve samples from them, as well as hosting competitions and exclusive discounts. I haven't been given any yet, however it all depends how much traffic you get to your site. (It's still worth signing up though)

Why are you telling me this?
At the moment, E-tail are hosting a series of competitions to those who are connected to their website. Which you can do by clicking the link here.
At the moment they are hosting a competition to win a £250 spend at Urban Outfitters! All you have to do is sign up to the site (link above), host one of their banners on your page, blog about this give away -here. Then email them with your blog address, so you can be entered into the competition.

The competition ends on Thursday (7th February) and the winner will be chosen at random this Friday (8th). So what are you waiting for?

This is my entry, I have also put together a little montage of what I would buy if I was lucky enough to win...

What would you buy if you won this prize?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Outfit post #2 - ABC as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Happy Monday everyone! Hope it wasn't too much of a pain getting out of bed this morning and going about your daily life, but hey it's now Monday evening so well done, you've done it! Monday is basically over for another week. 
I thought I would show you what I wore to Uni today, I saw this shirt on Lily's blog, and just had to have it! It's so different from anything I've seen before and I love the slouchy fit, the other thing about this shirt is it was only £12 in Primark! I don't often shop in there because I feel that things are just going to fall apart, but I'm trying to limit my spending at the moment, so Primark is now going to be my go-to shop I think. 

I wore this shirt with a white camisole underneath which I bought from New Look for £3.99, which is always handy to have, especially with sheer shirts like this one. I don't often wear loads of white, however I think it freshens up my look and I can wear it with so many different colours if I want to. 
I wore this shirt with my burgundy Jamie jeans from Topshop and my River Island boots, which feature in my first vlog, if you haven't seen it, watch it here

I also wore my grey Topshop blazer with the ensemble, as it is still chilly outside, and it gives me that little added warmth, along with my coat of course. I really like the blazer with the outfit, as it makes it look more formal and sophisticated. As it is a light grey it still keeps this outfit light and fresh but blends in with the burgundy jeans nicely. 

I decided to wear a necklace over the shirt but under the collar, I think it looks pretty effective, it's from Primark a very long time ago, and has tarnished a lot but it still looks nice - from a distance. I also wore my trusty watch (Michael Kors) as I now wear it near enough every day, my wrist feels naked without it! I didn't wear any other jewelry today as I basically couldn't be asked. It is Monday after all - can you blame me? 

Then I got bored and made this face....

I hope you've all had a good start to the week, if not things can only get better! :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

My ring collection

Just a simple quick post about how many rings I have in my jewelry collection. 
 I noticed the other day whilst looking for some different rings to wear that I have a huge collection, I counted and I have 25! I can't believe it, I knew I love buying them but I have no idea I had nearly a months supply of rings. 
I have everything from plastic to metal, from coloured to cream and from new to old. Probably a different ring for every outfit in my wardrobe. I think my favourite one is the one in the from with the owl on it, it is really old, seeing as it was once my Nan's. It is a mood ring, however as it is so old it doesn't change colour very well anymore, but I still love it because whenever I wear it I think of my Nan.  
I think I should wear rings more often, as I have so many in my jewelry box. 
Have you got any accessories that you wish you wore more? 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Aussie Hair Products

When I bought my hair dye I decided also to purchase some deep hair conditioner as the Pantene one ran out and I wanted to go for another brand to see which one worked for me the best. It was also on a deal at the time in boots; any three Aussie hair products for £10. Seeing as these two basically add up to £10 I couldn't think of a reason not to buy it. I also purchased a heat protecting leave in cream as my third product in the deal. 

First of all the Miracle Moist shampoo (£4,49), smells gorgeous, with the macadamia oil which is infused within the shampoo. The macadamia oil also contains moisturising properties. This shampoo is great as you do not have to use much for it to lather up in your hair. The only problem with this shampoo is it left my hair tangled, which is frustrating when applying the conditioner afterwards.

When I first started applying the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner (£4.99), after noticing the amazing smell, I only added a smallish amount to my hair, and leaving it in for around 4 minutes, which resulted in my hair not being as conditioned as I hoped it would. Which has led me to realise the amount needed to achieve the same results as I did with the Pantene two minute colour damage rescue treatment is a lot more. So I've started applying a lot more to my hair, and brushing it through with my fingers. This also helped with the tangled state that the shampoo left my hair in. It is called 'reconstructor' and I believe it has helped my hair be in better condition however I don't think you could 'reconstruct' my hair, which hasn't be cut in about 7 months. Maybe if you had just had your hair cut and obviously wanted to keep the split ends to a minimum it would work best for you. 
I would recommend this if you wanted a shampoo and conditioner that smells gorgeous, which lasts a while. If I was to buy this again I would probably go for the 'colour mate' range instead, as it might leave my hair in even better condition.

Have you ever tried the Aussie shampoos and conditioners? What did you think?