Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I have finally got myself some vans!

I used to have purple ones but I never wore them as they didn't go with my  personal style. However I bought these black and white authentic ones yesterday and I couldn't be happier.

I bought them for the amazing price of £34.99, a whole £9 cheaper than usual because the boyfriend and I attended 'West Quays, student lock in', which basically meant you get discounts on quite a few of the shops in the complex. It wasn't really busy which I was pleased about, I wasn't up for queing outside shops, as you had to the first time they hosted this event.

We went into office, where I picked these up straight away, asked a lady for a size 3 and 4 as my feet are an odd size, and finally went for the 4's even though they slip a tiny bit, it's better than my foot being incredibly uncomfortable in the size 3's.
I mainly bought these shoes because I love that you can put them with everything and they are really comfortable, but also because I have joined a gym, as of this Friday. I needed some trainers and thought seeing as I wanted some anyway I could also use them for a gym! 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sneak preview

I had my photo shoot today, and it went so well! I am really happy with the here's one of the many many photographs...


Sunday, 15 April 2012

My week...

1. My boyfriend making one of his crazy faces at me whilst trying to take a nice photo. 2. Food we ate at a cute little american diner. 3. My moustache nail transfers. 4. the only sunny-ish day this week. 4. Tiny bottle of wine. 5. Easter egg Craig (my boyfriend) bought me. 6. Banoffee cake thingy at the pub. 7. Rainy sunday afternoon in Lymington. 
So my week hasn't been to crazy, but I've been a bit busy with sorting out things for my photo shoot; which is tomorrow by the way! Eeeeek exciting. 
So at the beginning of the week I received my nail transfers and jeez they are amazing, I love them, so easy to put on and super cute. I really want to buy more and more of them, and wear them all the time. I also got given my Easter chocolate from my boyfriend, which was this amazing Hotel Chocolat chocolate, however pretty sickly so I haven't got very far with it!  
We went to the local pub at the weekend and had an amazing dinner, of Nachos, steak and finally an amazing banoffee cake thing, with vanilla ice cream. Uh-may-zing. 
Apart from all this eating and drinking wine, I have been buying clothes and researching 1950's model poses and makeup/hair styles. So busy busy busy! 
I'll let you know how the shoot goes tomorrow :) 

Everyone loves a freebie

So I walked into my bedroom after work, to find a 'Kate Moss' branded bag, on my bed. After being a tad confused, I opened up the bag and found these beauties inside...

There was also a 'Playboy' branded body/hair wash for men inside, which I have given to a friend of mine who will hopefully like it.
Anyway whilst trying to work out why these were in my room, my dad shows up and explains how he got them from a TV job he did earlier in the day. The man he was working for owns a cosmetics company/supplier so after chatting for a while, he found out my dad has two daughters, so decided to make up this little pack for me. Which was very nice of him.

I tried the 'scandaleyes' mascara first of all, as I wanted to know how good it actually is! The brush is about 10 times bigger and thicker than I usually use, however after a few strokes I got used to it, and thankfully didn't poke myself in the eye!

(left) Eye before. (right) eye after.

The brush seemed to be a bit too big, as it has clumped my lashes together a bit, however it has 
lengthened them, which is pretty good. 
Not bad for free mascara. 
I'll try out the 'Perfect Match' soon and let you all know how good/bad it is. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Two days people, two frickin' days!

Until my photo shoot, I'm super excited, so excited that I bought this dress today. It is so nice that I'm going to keep it, as well as using it in my photo here it is

 Excuse the black bra, I was so excited I forgot to change my bra colour. Also apologies for the grumpy face, I had a very hectic and long day at work. Got to love working in retail. 

I bought this beautiful 1950's style dress from the 'last chance to buy' section in Topshop earlier today, it was £45. It is quite expensive, however I think it's gorgeous! The orange colour made me a bit uncertain however my parents said it looked awesome, so I'll go with that! 

This dress combines the two things I love; pleated skirts and sleeveless shirts. Then I added the belt, to show off my waist, and paired it with my black New Look shoes, I bought the other day. 
I love this look and with summer coming I can't wait to wear it! 

Hope you've all had really good days.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Moustache nails?!

Today has been another quiet day, as I woke up late, watched 'This Morning' on ITV+1 and didn't actually get dressed until about 1pm...woops. 
However I have done something productive, as I signed up to the gym starting next Friday with my induction. I'm pretty nervous about it, as I'm the most unfit person however I need to get rid of my excess weight I have acquired over the last few months. 
This came to a head yesterday when I couldn't fit into my favourite Topshop jeans. Low point. 
But yeah that's happening, I'll keep you informed. 
Whilst watching 'This Morning' I heard the post drop through the door, to where I found my recent eBay purchase, which were these amazing nail transfers! They are of course moustaches, how could I resist!  They are from a great eBayer frazerd123. Who has so many of these nail transfers but all different designs at cheap prices!
I'll be trying these out soon.

I also went to see my boyfriend, who gave me my Easter chocolate, as I haven't seen him since he popped into work on Saturday. It's the best chocolate aswell because it's from Hotel Chocolat. Yummy.

Along with it was chocolate egg and soldiers, which taste amazing, along with tidily chicks, a small slab of caramel chocolate and also a chocolate bunny on a stick. My boyfriend is the best! 

Last but not least is today's photo from the outfits for my photo shoot...can you guess what it is?
5 days to go!

Hope you've has a great day 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Two hours, two Norris's and a Topshop credit card...

Today has been so productive it's unreal. My sister and I went shopping, to buy things for the photo shoot I am doing for my uni work on Monday! Which is a 50's style photo shoot with a classic car, I am beyond excited. Anyway whilst in town I managed to get all my outfits together, in just under two hours, which was really quick. Whilst in New Look my sister and I stumbled across the shoe section; well how could you miss it! 
We were like two kids in a sweet shop, running around finding shoes to try on. I spotted these black ones, I know they are boring and black, however when it comes to black shoes I only have some really old wedges, which have got a bit boring. So I decided to buy them, they are really comfy and will go with everything. Yay! 

Also here's a sneak peak of the things I bought for my photo shoot...6 Days to go! 


Sunday, 8 April 2012

My week....

1. Sorting out my shoe collection. 2. ELLE magazine came through, reading a great little article. 3.  Night out for my friends 20th. 4. Easter eggs! 5. The best advert thingy, it's so cute! 6. Cows in the field behind my house. 7. Chocolate Philadelphia. 8. Easter Sunday roast. 9. Home made BBQ chicken with home made wedges. 10. The birthday girl and myself. 11. Fondant fancies in Lemon flavour <3 12. All of my friends before going to town. 

I've decided to start this 'my week in photo's' thing, seeing as I use Instagram a lot I may as well put them to good use (Username: megan_91). 
So this week it's been quiet in the Norris household, so I have filled my time up with going to Asda, watching TV and seeing friends and the boyfriend. All of which you can tell from my photo's. 

Seeing my friend Anna for her birthday was wonderful, she is currently at Marjon University in Plymouth so we don't get to see her very often, but she came home for her birthday. Where we surprised her with a ticket to the Sunday at Wireless festival 2012, where her favourite artist; Rihanna is playing, she was so excited! I love giving presents and seeing peoples reactions. 
We then went out and 'painted the town red' excuse the pun, it was such a great night to be back with all my girls, oh how I've missed them! 
Roll on summer!

I also tried the chocolate Philadelphia as it was £1 in Asda, so I thought it would be rude for me not to try it out! I tried it with a digestive biscuit and instantly was in love! 
My cat also enjoyed the tiny bit I let her have. 

Various other things have happened this week, like the boyfriend and I creating dinner together, we made BBQ chicken breast (with Jack Daniels sauce...yum!) and home made spicy wedges. It was so good, definitely going to be making that again! We also went for a walk when we were at my house, where we met some cows that graze in the marshes behind my house! We decided to call on of them 'Howy the Cowy' I'm not too sure why, but just go with it? It was a really good walk and nice to be out in the sunshine.

Then of course Easter arrived, which meant lots of chocolate and eating a lovely roast, a joint effort between my mum and dad, it tasted so good! I still have loads of Easter eggs left and a creme egg in the fridge, so I think I might make a cup of tea, settle down in front of the TV and eat some more chocolate! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter day! 
How much chocolate have you received and have you eaten it all yet? 

It's kinda different but it's basically the same...

...seeing as the top I'm wearing is also Ted Baker but in a different colour.
Ah well it's Easter so who cares! 
I'm glad I've found something to wear with these tops, I bought them ages ago when I was a full timer at work, however I didn't have much to put them with. 
So thank you River Island and your handy skirts!

I'll be posting later about my week, but thought I'd give you something to look at whilst eating all those Easter eggs! 
Ciao for now

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why am I not size 4 or size 16?

Just a quick post to say how amazing this dress is! 
It is a 'designed by' dress from Miss Selfridge, it is £90 but it is gorgeous, the leather look bodice juxtaposes the brightly coloured skirt so well. There is only one downside, only sizes 4 and 16 are available! Gutted is not the word. 
Does anyone know where I could find something similar?