Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wish lists: My Money Supermarket Entry - Passion for Fashion2

Hi everyone, this is my entry into the competition, which is to create three different outfits that cost under £200 each, under the categories; Causal, party and holiday. With a chance of winning one of your outfits, then maybe even winning £1000 to buy your perfect wardrobe! You can enter to by going to their website and creating a blog post, the competition closes on the 8th April. 

My first outfit:

Topshop - Diamond cut out necklace - £10
Topshop - Strappy Soft Cami - £18 
River Island - White laser cut ballet pumps - £22
River Island - White Colour Block bag - £40
Zara - Pique Floral Blazer -£69.99

Whole outfit cost: 

I chose the high waisted jeans, because they are a good staple in anyones wardrobe, the wash is great for spring (well the cold spring we're having). The darker wash is also great because it slims my thighs down a bit! I went for the bright blazer because I love it against the dark jeans. The florals are a big trend this spring and will probably be around for quite a while. The light blue cami underneath just adds a more subtle tone to the whole ensemble. I teamed it with white pumps a gold necklace and a white colour block bag. The yellow on the sides of the bag, mix well with the yellow on the blazer and gives it a fun feel. Also 1p less than the £200 budget, that's pretty good right? 

My second outfit: 

New Look - Vera Moda Louise cut out bag - £29.99
New Look - View Buckled Low Wedge Sandals - £19.99
Mango - Slits Sheer Maxi Skirt - £34.99
Urban Outfitters - Wide Brim Floppy hat - £20
Urban Outfitters - Octagon half frame sunglasses - £16

Whole outfit cost: 

This is my holiday outfit. It comes in under budget at £152.97, so with the extra cash I would spend it on holiday essentials, such as: sun lotion, travel shampoo's, body lotions, after sun lotion etc. 
I love this outfit, I chose the one piece swimsuit, it's super stylish and very sliming, and you don't have to worry about weird tan lines. I picked out the blue in the swim suit, for the maxi skirt. I love wearing maxi skirts on holiday, they're so easy to wear and keep your legs cool, but warm enough in the evening. I love the colour of this one from Mango, it's a bit expensive at £34.99 but you could wear it with a lot of things. 
I had to chose a hat, you can't go on holiday without some sort of hat, as well as sunnies! I love the hexagon shape of these, so different from the usual round or oval shaped ones. 

My third outfit:

Topshop - Leather Look T-shirt -£45
Topshop - Block print skinny trousers - £42
Asos - Triangle Collar Necklace - £15
River Island - White Clean Gusset Clutch Bag - £25
Office - Ozone Black Leather Shoes - £68

Whole outfit cost: 

This is my party outfit, I would chose this if I was going out with the girls, maybe going for a meal then out to a few bars. I went for a monochrome theme, then adding a splash of colour from the clutch bag, I would have also used the same colour nail varnish as a base coat, under the confetti top coat, however I came up to the budget for the task. 
I love this outfit, as I think you could wear it casually as well - a pair of flats and a bigger bag would help this look be more casual. I went for the pleather T-shirt, as the trousers are patterned, this means it is easy to wear, but the pleather creates a smarter look also adding texture- which is reflected in the nail varnish. I decided on the triangle pattern necklace as it reflects the pattern on the trousers well but is not too 'clashy' the white also means it doesn't add too many colours to this simple outfit. 

What do you think? 

Just another week #7

Happy Easter everyone! 
Hope you're all having great weekends filled with chocolate and food! As you can see I've been filling my Easter with chocolate and cold and flu medicine, along with tissues. Least I've got the chocolate to make me feel better and less sorry for myself. 
I also popped round my aunties house for a few hours, with my parents, it was nice to see everyone (minus my cousin Gabbie) and we chatted and gave them their long long overdue Christmas presents. I know; can it really be classed as a Christmas present if you give them in March? It was still lovely to see them though and they gave me some great tips on where to go on my upcoming London trip with my boyfriend. 

So onto what's been going on this week, I've decided to put my photos into a different format, as it's easier that way!

1. My new top and necklace from Urban Outfitters sale; the top I adore, it was only £14! It's a tad too big but it's better than it being way too small. The necklace was £8 down from £18. I wouldn't have paid full price for this necklace, as it is very light and doesn't feel like it's worth £18 but I still really like it and it fits in well with my other jewellery. 

2. Zara bag...wonder whats in there (post coming next week)

3. My boyfriend writing one of his last essays for uni - then we went out to Nando's for lunch and then had a nice evening in watching Game of Thrones (recently got into it, only on the first series) 

4. Anti gay marriage leaflet that came through my door (was not happy about this, as I have many gay friends who I think should have the same rights as everyone else) 

5. Slug and lettuce menu - with my boyfriend and the parents in Gunwharf Quays. 

6. Gunwharf Quays dock - Had a lovely day in Gunwharf, mooching around the shops and finding the Cadbury shop and going a bit crazy.

7. Patisserie Valerie chocolate gateaux. I feel terrible saying it, but I really didn't enjoy this cake. I'm sure other cakes are lovely, but this chocolate one really didn't do it for me. I really wanted the cheesecake however they had just sold the last one - seconds before we got there! I'll have to go back and try it, hopefully it will be nicer than the gateaux. 

8. Outfit of the day, Primark skirt, New Look top, Primark necklace, River Island boots. I wore this yesterday whilst hanging out with one of my best friends. 

9. Drinks with friends in a terrible pub last night. - Terrible pub, the Guinness was served from a CAN! (Not that I drunk it, I'm not a fan of Guinness to be honest) We then ended up in a pub in Winchester; The Royal Oak, which was much nicer! I had half a pint of Aspell's cider, as I was driving. 

How have you been? 

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Could it be? The perfect bag?

I recently took advantage of the 25% student discount special at ASOS and purchased this River Island bag. 

It is a really gorgeous bag, with two zipped compartments and one middle compartment which is closed via a magnetic clip, it is also black (best colour for a bag in my opinion, goes with everything) and it was £30 (£22 with student discount). 
This bag would have been perfect if I didn't want to use it as a laptop bag. My laptop has a 15 inch screen, which is a problem as it fits in but it comes over the top of the bag. This is such a shame because it really is a gorgeous bag. So whilst on the quest for a new one, I stumbled across this one on Betty Vintage and fell in love. 

I need this bag in my life! It's in Zara for £49.99, which is a bit pricy, but seeing as it has exactly what I want, I'm kind of warming to the price. It also means if I could get my hands on this bag, I can stop using my ridiculously large Paul Smith freebee bag, which has only one compartment! Which means it takes me 10 minutes to find my keys, purse etc.

Basically I need a plain bag that I can fit my laptop into, and also be able to fit other 'normal' handbag things in. There's a catch - It's sold out almost everywhere! 
I'm going to try my local Zara to see if by some miracle it's in there.
Wish me luck? 
(sorry for the amount of exclamation marks in this post, I'm getting over excited) 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Just another week #6

Hi everyone, I seriously need to get my butt into gear when it comes to blogging! 
I will do some product reviews soon, seeing as I got paid this weekend, so I'll actually have some money to spend! Yay! So any beauty suggestions that you would like me to blog about/review, please let me know!

I started off this week getting used to being off of uni, I've finished for Easter, which means I have 3 weeks to catch up with all that uni work, I haven't done. 

Monday I decided to finally read my Elle April edition! There was a really interesting article in it called 'Why life begins at 20' so I started off my week, scared sh*tless about my life! Brilliant. 
To be fair it was a really good article and made me think about what I was going to do with my life, and I know that I really have to start getting work placements sorted and get my life in order. 
That evening, I went out to the pub with two of my best friends and we chatted over fatty foods and of course we all had desserts! 

Tuesday I decided I would create a 'work schedule' for my weeks off uni. Look at me being all organised! - not that I've done a lot of it on there, I'm an amazing procrastinator, however I have transferred the images of mannequins to my mac, so it's a start on today, at 5pm...

Found this poem in my bedroom drawer the other day, I think I was in year 5, so I was 9, I think? 
I couldn't spell to save my life, I'm quite surprised my Dyslexia wasn't picked up earlier! (I was diagnosed with that and Dyspraxia this year, and yes I had to Google how to spell that) 

Wednesday I went into town with my boyfriend, to pick up some Bi-annual magazines for one of my units at Uni. I have to analysis them, and my gosh I didn't realise how many times I would see a woman's nether regions! Even 'Pop' which looks like a 'Tween' magazine has naked ladies everywhere.  But you know, it's fine. 

Then on Thursday I decided to do a bit of sketching - I haven't drawn since second year of college! 
I am planning on getting a tattoo on my inside forearm, of some roses because they are so pretty. So here is my attempt at it, I am getting the tattooist to neaten it up though. 

Friday I can't remember what I did, and Saturday and Sunday I was at work. Sunday being my Dad's birthday :) Happy Birthday Dad! 

Best photo I have of my Dad. :)

How have your week's been?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Just another week #5

Hi everyone, hope you're all ok? 
Just another weekly post, this time I'm wearing my work uniform, as I've been at work all weekend, and quickly took this post before I went to work this morning. It was pretty busy all weekend, which is always good in some ways, because the time goes so much quicker. 

But back to the beginning of the week, it was my last week of uni until after Easter, so I was making sure I'm on the right track with my work, well most of it anyway. Difficult when you have to do so much and you don't get time to see your lecturers. 

I started off my week by watching New Girl, I'm on America time at the moment, so I'm basically at the end of series two now, I love that show! Shocking and exciting, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who watches it on English time.

Then on Tuesday, a terrible thing happened! I dropped my Lancôme waterproof mascara, down the back of my bed! It is so annoying as I can't get to it, unless I take my whole room apart, worst thing ever. Along with that I had to wait two hours to have a bath, because the hot water wasn't working. Tuesday's aren't my day. 

This was Wednesday evening, I decided to watch P.S I love you, which is always a bad idea, because I always end up eating too much chocolate and crying into a huge box of tissues. However this time I had my cat Pickle to keep me company and when I started crying she gave me a cuddle! What a cutie. 

Thursday I wore my brand new dress and went to Chiquto's, a mexican restaurant, with some of the girls from uni in the evening, to celebrate finishing for Easter. 

Of course I had dessert! Consisting of honeycomb, vanilla and raspberry ice cream! Yum. 
Friday was quite a busy day, me and the boyfriend went to see my sister, to help her with her photography work. I had to be a stand in 'model' so she could sort her lighting out for her Final Major Project for her Photography degree. It was fun and we also went for lunch at the Slug and Lettuce. Afterwards Craig and I went home and watched some of Comic Relief and ate junk food!

Also found out Google are taking away google reader, as many of you probably already know, so if you want to carry on following me past July 1st, then follow me via Blog Lovin' by clicking the link in the side bar. Thank you :)

How was everyone else's week? 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Outfit Post #4

I'm not sure how many of you know, but I'm not the biggest fan of H & M; well I haven't been in a while. However whilst I was in town with Granny Gee yesterday, she dragged me in there, and low and behold, I found something, that I actually liked! 
Well two things, first off I found a grey maxi skirt, and then I came across this simply cute maxi dress. There was a choice of two colours, dark grey and this forest green, I went with the green because it can go with a lot of things, and green is a colour I love to wear. 
I tried it on and it fits nicely, a slight problem with the size of the arm holes (you know which part I mean, the bit under your armpit). They are a bit large, and you can see my bra, which is why I've worn this dress with a blazer. 

I couldn't believe my luck, I never find anything in H & M, and I managed to find two things on a whim!  I am really chuffed with it, I love the slit up the side, which gives it a sexy edge and also makes me look tall! 

Like I said, I wore the maxi dress with my trusty light grey blazer, from Topshop (old). I love the grey with the forest green, it blends really nicely. I decided to add some gold, just to create a bit of warmth within the cool tones. I chose some bracelets, I bought from Primark (£3 a pack) a while ago, then I added another Primark favourite, my gold chain necklace, which I have had for donkey's years! 

I think it brings the outfit together really nicely. I also wore my Topshop boots (similar here), they have lasted so long now and they are still going strong, very comfortable and versatile. They work really nicely with the dress as it gives me a bit more height. Which is very much needed! 
I am so happy with this dress, I can imagine it becoming a staple in my wardrobe, and I was close to never finding it - Lesson learnt, go in shops you don't usually go into, just to have a look around, you never know what you might come across! 
Have you found any bargains in shops you don't usually shop in lately?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Just another week #4

Hi everyone, I seem to be starting every weekly post the same at the moment; with I'm sorry. I haven't been able to do any blog posts this week, so I'm so grateful that you have all stuck with me!

I found out this week, that my house is now on the market! Which is scary, but exciting. We've had two house viewing this week, so all my family have been busy cleaning my house top to bottom. 
Here's the 'for sale' sign that is currently outside my house. 

Tuesday was a weird day, I waited for my boyfriend to finish uni, so I spent the time I had, sat in Costa. I had my Macbook on me, so I sat doing uni work with a vanilla latte and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin. I also had bought Bastille's debut album - Bad Blood. Which I highly recommend! 

Then later in the week, I did some visual merchandising in one of my uni classes, which was fun. At one point I had to take off one of my shoes, feel the need to have a tartan scarf and fell out with a necklace (it was too big and annoying to use). I now need to do these photographs properly in a studio to put into my portfolio for my VM unit. 

Here's me with natural hair; wavy. I wish it stayed like this more, as when I woke up in the morning it had just gone poofy! 

Saturday was a nice day, we went into Southampton, to buy Mother's day gifts and then we went into Winchester. We sat by the cathedral where I took this photo, isn't it pretty! My boyfriend gets to graduate in this very building, the lucky sod! 

In the evening we went for dinner, at Chimichanga's, a new restaurant in Eastleigh. It's so good, we had a sharing starter, with breaded Jalapeño's, chicken spring rolls, chicken wings and filled potato skins. Then for my main course, I had a pulled pork burrito with rice and kidney beans, yum yum yum. 

I did have a dessert: mango and passionfruit cheesecake, because I love food! I ate it so quickly though I didn't get a photo of it. 

Which leads me to today! Which was Mother's day. I decided to treat my mum, with a three course meal, including my very first attempt at a Tiramisu! It was surprisingly easy, and very tasty if I do say so myself!

This is my sisters photo (@jordantalulah) of the menu I made up, 'Come Dine with Me' style. 

I hope my mum had a brilliant Mother's Day, here's the lovely lady on her birthday in September. Love you Mum.

Did all your mum's have a good mother's day?

How were your weeks?


Monday, 4 March 2013

Just another week #3 (Late I know)

Hi everyone! 
Very busy week this week, found out that my parents are looking to sell the house, so it's all a bit all over the place at the moment. Also one of my cat's died this week, which was really sad and a shock as she was fine a few days before. This is a photo of her from a few weeks ago, bless her. Hopefully she wasn't in any pain. 

So yeah, bit of a confusing week, so many things going on. 
First off I went out with my sister on Tuesday, we went to her flat in Salisbury and also went for a cup of tea and piece of cake in a cute coffee shop called 'Boston Tea Party'. 

It was really nice in there, with the exposed beams, real tea leaves, not tea bags! Also home made lemon drizzle cake, what more could you want? 
We sat there for a good few hours and chatted about loads, it was really nice to have a proper catch up with her! 

She spoilt me all day, it was really nice, she bought me some banana milk from M&S, cooked me a beautiful (but very spicy) chilli. She also gave me a bowler hat, which you may have seen in my outfit post the other day. 
Here it is again...

Uni was a blur, a lot of things to remember and a deadline on Wednesday.
I was working on Saturday, it was really busy so when I got home, I got into my pyjama's and led on the sofa eating chocolate and watching TV. Such a rocking Saturday night!

Yesterday was another exciting day, as I was cleaning my room... whilst sifting through some things I came across my Harry Potter book, Craig bought me a few years ago. 

I had a look through it again, and realised it contained the letter Harry gets from Hogwarts, and also a smaller version of the Marauder's Map! I was sat there for a good hour looking through the book. 
(Harry Potter nerd right here) 

In the evening, I went to the pub with a few of my friends, which was really nice. I love it when we hang out, it's great. We just sit and talk about everything from mature stuff like jobs/careers, to the most immature things. It's brilliant. 
My skin has been a right pain this week, as well! My face has just broken out in a few blemishes, it's horrible. I don't know why either, whether my skin has decided my diet is wrong or the products I've been using are not working as they did before. Any suggestions?

So yeah a very busy week and a late post about it, sorry!
How was your week?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wish list

Topshop, I seriously love you. 

All of these items I have found either in store or on their website. I love the playsuit, it looked so sweet when it was hanging on the rails of my local Topshop. It is so versatile; I could wear it on a night out, or when I'm out with my boyfriend at a restaurant, also just wear it casually. 
I also love the camisoles, they are made from polyester so they are similar to silk, but a bit thicker, and I love how they are so 'floaty' and easy to wear, in the summer of course! Seeing as it's a bit too cold at the moment. 
I think the knee length skater skirt, is really nice, I'm not sure what it will look like on my 5foot 3 body but I would like to think it would. I love the fedora, I've wanted one ever since I went to Reading Festival 2012, and saw of monsters and men, and the singer looked amazing wearing a fedora. I think it completes an outfit, and also gives it a more formal look, however it is also quite a casual style of hat. 
I think all these items, go well together (minus the bright green crop top) and would complete a spring/summer wardrobe.
If only...
What's in your summer/spring wardrobe wish lists?