Sunday, 5 February 2012

I love student discount.

After not buying anything for a few weeks, as my student budget won't allow it, my boyfriend and I decided we would both treat ourselves yesterday by going for a spot of shopping in Southampton.
After hoping on a train and wandering around town for a while, my boyfriend bought himself an Iphone, and as he was always on my one, it was a good idea. He bought it on a contract, so he only had to pay £50 for it! I thought to myself. "I'll spend the same amount" my mind this made a lot sense, wish he had spent a bit more though, as this would mean I could have spent more. 
With this in mind, I quickly steered towards Topshop, who still have a sale on and also a lot of the new stock is coming in, as I've kept up to date on their website

I picked up some of their coloured jeans, a jumper, and a few sale skirts to try on. Low and behold the full price items didn't look right, and their jeans had 6% elastine in them, which could mean they go baggy. I was not willing to spend £38 on baggy skinny jeans!
I left the fitting room with a black skirt from the sale; which i needed as I only have a grey skirt and it seemed a bit silly that I didn't own a black one! 

After picking up some new pants and heading to the till, I spotted a sleeveless floral shirt. I instantly fell in love. As I picked it off the bottom fixture, looked at it in a bit more detail and to my disbelief it was my size! What are the chances? 
So without trying it on I ran to the till with it, before anyone else could pick it up. I wasn't too sure what it would look like or even suit me but I'm so glad I picked it up! I tried it all on today and the shirt goes perfectly with the skirt I bought! 
Super excited. 

The skirt was originally £25 however I bought it for £12 well £10.80 with student discount. This is my first sale purchase of the year, it maybe late, but I'm so glad I saw it their on the sale rail. It has a pleather band across the top, which adds a bit of a rocky edge to the skirt. Which I love, and such a steal at just over a tenner!

 The shirt was £32 (£28.80 student discount) and I am so glad I saw it on the rail on it's own, screaming at me to buy it. As it's sleeveless I wasn't sure it would look right on my frame. However it must be my lucky day because I think it actually does look nice. If I say so myself. 
It will also go with a lot of my wardrobe, from my black maxi skirt to my skinny jeans. I love the bright hues on the black fabric, it brings the shirt to life, and bringing a bit of light to the colder months.



  1. I am in love with this whole outfit! AHH gorgeous!

    1. Thank you :D It's taken the title of best outfit in my wardrobe, but too cold to wear it out today :P

  2. I have shirt envy haha. The whole outfit looks lovely xx

    1. ahah, guessing you will be searching the Topshop website later :P Thank you :) xx

  3. The rosy blouse is gorgeous! So glad you got it for such a good price!
    Thank you so much for your kind follow. I am now following you as well! It's nice to meet you :)
    Have a lovely week!
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the follow back and it is nice to meet you too :) have a great week too and thank you again :D x

  4. Loveee the outfit! and the shirt really suits you, and you got it all for under £50 good on you! you should get some coloured skinny jeans and pick out a colour in the shirt for the summer!
    still loving your blog :)

    1. I know, it was such a bargain!
      I would love some coloured skinny jeans, just need to find the right colours that won't make my thighs look huge. Any ideas?
      Thanks :) xxxx