Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Outfit - The Midi Cardigan

Ok so Autumn isn't in full swing yet, but I bought this cardigan the other day from New Look as it just looked and felt so cosy! I wore it with my cropped striped t-shirt from Monki, however I have now found a little hole in it, which makes me sad - it's such a nice top, may need to buy a new one. 

new look midi cardigan

Friday, 25 September 2015

Outfit - You ain't going to heaven, cos I'm taking you down to hell...

wolf alice t-shirt with black a line skirt and leather jacket

The last time I saw Wolf Alice was at Glastonbury in the rain whilst pretty half cut, so seeing them again inside the O2 Guildhall in Southampton completely sober was a completely different experience.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bills Restaurant - Salisbury

Last week I went to visit my sister in Salisbury and obviously our worlds revolve around food, who's doesn't? So we went for lunch, I had never been to Bill's before and I've always wanted to, seeing as there is one in Salisbury we decided to go. 

bill's Salisbury logo

Friday, 18 September 2015

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Autumn Wishlist

I love Autumn, it's my favourite season, the leaves are looking ultra pretty, the jumpers are out and the coffee is flowing. Gone are the days of an ice drink in Starbucks, onto the warm Vanilla Lattes and pastries that will warm up the chilliest of days. This season is all about getting boots and coats that will keep you cosy this winter. 
Seeing as I don't have enough money for all these things I thought I would make a wishlist instead! 

My autumn wishlist
All the things I need in my wardrobe this autumn

From left to right: 
I really need a chunky black cardigan, I don't have one and I would love something that I can just throw on, know I'll look good and be super warm! 
Oh god these boots! Boot heaven. Enough said. 
This waistcoat is to die for! I tried it on in River Island and restrained from buying it then and there! However I bought Elle magazine the other day and low and behold there is a 25% off voucher for River Island in it! Hello jacket ;) 
Fedora £28 
Such a cute fedora, I love the gold detailing. 
Striped top £22 
Can't go wrong with a striped top! 
Mmmmm burgundy, with the seasons must have - cord.
I'm actually going to go and buy these today, I really need a pair of nice flats that aren't boots. 
I love this scarf, the colours and the fact it is huge, so I could really bundle up in it on cold days. 

I have strong feelings towards winter clothes, I just love them. I love being covered in multiple layers and feeling snug, so I just need to get some money together to be able to buy 1,000 jumpers!
What's on your Autumn Wishlist?