Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bright colours on a cold day

I found a beautiful foral scarf in my chest of drawers this morning, after being given it as a present a few years ago, and never wore it. However I thought 'what the heck' and wore it today with my outfit. I think it went pretty well, and added a bit of excitement for my outfit. Seeing as I had the usual 'I have nothing to wear' moment whilst staring at my over flowing wardrobe. 
I finally decided I needed something warm but also with a bit of style of course I didn't have to be at uni until 4 this evening so I had a lot of time to actually work out what I wanted to wear, thankfully!
Grey Blazer - Topshop
Grey Skirt - Forever 21
Burgandy top - New Look 
Scarf - New Look

The skirt I am wearing is one of my fail safe wardrobe items, bought whilst I was on holiday from Forever 21. I can wear it with near enough anything, as it is made out of a thick cotton, it is warm and versatile. 
I love the scarf so much with this outfit, it has the most beautiful pattern on it, even though it was only from New Look! The colours are so bright against the black background, it just makes it stand out against my outfit so well. 

After today I really wanted to go shopping, seeing as I want to put a vast majority of my wardrobe on Ebay. However this month it is a bit tight on money, so it doesn't look like I'll be buying anything on the high street any time soon. Maybe I'll stick to Ebay and charity shops, if I can find a decent one. 

Monday, 30 January 2012

Monochrome with a dash of colour

That's what I thought about the dresses from the SAG awards this weekend. Looking through the photos from the red carpet, there was so many black and white dresses, with only a small few opting for a daring hue. From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who were both wearing black outfits. 

Brad opting for the classic black tux, which looked very dapper (what else can a man wear to an awards ceremony?) 

Angelina was wearing a classic black halter neck dress by designer Jenny Packham; a British designer who specialises in bridal gowns and ready to wear, has pulled this little number out of the bag. The beautiful draped neckline accentuates Angelina's bust which suits her very well. Which echos the drape at the back of the dress, showing off her beautifully toned back and tattoos of course.

Along with 'Brangelina' many celebrities from opted for monochrome, from 'Glee' star Lea Michele and Heather Morris to Kelly Osbourne and Tilda Swinton. 

Firstly, Tilda Swintons white Lanvin gown looked gorgeous on her tall frame, with the gold bangle it just set off the outfit. To me it resembles Greek goddesses from the colour to the shape, with the plunging neckline and long sleeves. Tilda is in the minority of women who can successfully pull off this shape of dress and she does it so well!

Next up was this beautiful Badgley Mischka dress which Kelly Osbourne wore for the evening. This dress, I can't explain how much I love it. It fits Kelly perfectly, with the cinched in waist and the higher neckline, shows off a bit of sophistication. The snowy white colour is quite beautiful against her already pale skin, I really think this is the perfect dress for Miss Osbourne. 

Lastly in a very light grey, is Lea Michele in a Versace dress, it is a very daring cut, with a slit that goes very high up her thigh. Which works really well with the detail at the top of the dress and the fact it is one shouldered just adds to the diagonal shape of this gown. I think the dress would have been better if there was not such a high slit, if one at all as it has caused a bit of controversy for this prestigious event. Her accessories match amazingly well with the dress, as it adds a bit of glitz to the already glamorous dress. (minus the bare leg on show)

Here are a few of the black dresses, as there were so many of them I have only picked three. 

The first one is Emma Stone in a gorgeous Alexanda McQueen dress. In any other colour this dress would be too much, and be cast aside with the other terrible dresses, however in black it makes it a lot simpler and elegant. The feather covered bust adds a bit of personality to the outfit, along with her matching bag and shoes. I love this outfit! 

Moving onto Heather Morris from Glee, with this LITTLE number. I mean tiny, with the mix of short and leather, I'm not sure if this dress was the right pick for these awards. It looks as if she has taken a black dress from her wardrobe and added a piece of black chiffon on the top.

Finally Ashley Simpson, in another Jenny Packham dress. I do prefer the dress Angelina wore however this one has it's good points, such as the perfect evening gown; long, sparkly and has some sort of arm covering. I really like the netting over the top of the dress, I think it adds a rocky edge to the outfit.

All in all I think the best dressed was of course Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Followed by a close second by Emma Stone. Well done guys...well I mean your stylists. 


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Is the perfect leather jacket out there?

I've been trying for a while now to find the perfect leather jacket. I'm starting to think it's impossible, but I shall not give up trying to find it! I was specifically looking for a real leather jacket, as they last a long time, get better with age, also they smell really good.

My quest began when I started uni in September, where I realised I needed an ‘in between’ jacket, which I could wear wind, rain or shine! It needed to be light enough that it wouldn’t be too hot when walking around town throughout the year, but warm enough in the colder months. This would always be a challenge, because only a magic jacket would be able to do all those things.

The great thing about leather jackets is that they go with everything, making any outfit smart but also casual. I just love how they give your outfit a bit of an edge; it’s the easiest way to rock up any outfit. You can wear it with practically anything as well.  

So I started looking around town and on websites to start my search off, however it was to no avail. All I was finding were fake leather jackets ending at the waist; these don’t flatter me at all, it’s a shame because a lot of the details on them are really pretty.

After spotting a few in the shops in the Southampton high street, I found one in Miss Selfridge, it was lush and perfect for what I wanted. It looked really cute, with a side zip, two little pockets and zips on the sleeves and even though it was fake leather I really didn’t mind. This meant it was a lot cheaper than leather jackets, but unfortunately it was out of stock within a few weeks. Which was obviously going to happen.
Miss Selfridge - £52

Then I stumbled upon one on the Topshop website, which is real leather and it looks perfect, I couldn’t ask for more, except to be able to try it before I bought it. Oh and also the price is a bit steep for my student budget; £165. This makes me think I might go for a fake leather jacket instead, as they are a lot cheaper!  
Topshop - £165

So my quest for the perfect leather jacket is still carrying on, and it will carry on until I am successful! Hopefully it won’t be too long until I can hold it in my hands. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My hatred for cropped tops

This has got even larger whilst walking around Urban Outfitters today when I spotted an awesome t-shirt, folded up on the table. When I got closer and picked it up to have a proper look, I realised that half the top was missing from the bottom. 
Topshop - £18

Why do designers do this and then not make a full t-shirt version?! It frustrates me so much, I would have bought that top if it wasn't half finished. Like many girls I have not got a flat tummy and still would like to wear cool tops. It seems, yet again the fashion industry are promoting their clothes at thin people (old news) because girls who don't have flat tummy's can not always get away with these tops. 

Urban Outfitters - £22

Thankfully whilst browsing UO website I have come across a few of their crop tops in normal T-shirt form, thankfully! I'm hoping this will catch on with the other high street shops because I am sick of seeing half finished tops! 

Love necklaces

Slightly off subject, but today I received a text message from my sister, explaining how great it is to buy and wear a necklace with the word 'love' on it, when you're single. But then going to wear it when you've recently got a new boyfriend, it becomes a very awkward moment. 
I can see it now, as he goes in for a kiss and then sees the word 'Love' dangling from your neck, he could start to panic and freak out. 
So however nice these necklaces are it's probably not best to wear them around a new boyfriend, it could be over before it's even really started.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Whilst looking on the John Lewis website, browsing the shoe section, when I came across these beauties. They are called Leonardo Glitter Brogue KG by Kurt Geiger. 
These shoes really will jazz up any outfit, from wearing them on a night out, instead of ending the night taking your shoes off because they hurt your feet so much. 

You could wear these, however you will need a lot of money in your shoes budget, as they are £110 which means they will not be gracing my shoe collection any time soon.

Which is a shame, as I have a reoccurring problem with one of my feet, which means I can not wear amazingly high shoes for very long. 
This all started when I wore high heels at work everyday for about a month. It resulted in a whole week off of work, whilst I wasn't allowed to put pressure on my feet. That wasn't a very good week. 
So these shoes really would be perfect for me, maybe they will still be around by the summer sales? 
I wish.

I think it's getting obvious that I love moustaches

I got yet another moustache related product to add to my collection. Not that I'm complaining; not at all, I love moustaches. This new bracelet is from a friend of mine who bought me it for my birthday.
I now have loads of moustache related products, since my trip to Florida in September 2010, where I picked up my first moustache product, which was a snow globe from Urban outfitters. I instantly fell in love with it and now I just can't get enough. 
For Christmas my boyfriend bought me a pillow set with one massive moustache on it. There were so many other gifts I have received with that type of facial hair on it. I guess people have cottoned onto the fact, I think they are amazing. 

Most of these are from Urban Outfitters where it seems that facial furniture has a permanent place in their hearts. I'm not sure where the love of moustaches has come from, as many people now are amazed by them. Will this carry on with everyone, or will it be shaved off and swapped for massive eyebrows or even full beards?
Who knows all I know is that these little beauts are going to be in my heart forever. 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Work all weekend!

Being at work all weekend has made me want to go shopping so badly. Whilst walking around the store, I've been checking out all of the new season stock that is finally hitting the shelves, which just makes me want to be a 'full timer' again! Just to be surrounded with gorgeous cottons and silks every day would just be amazing. However if I was I wouldn't be having an amazing time at university.

Moving on...

Whilst it was great to see all the bright hues and tones on the shop floor, it was nice to see that not all the sale racks are empty. I've had my eye on a beautiful blazer from 'Whistles', which was originally £195 and was only obtainable in my wildest dreams! However whilst wondering around today putting the clothes people had tried on back out on the floor, I saw the blazer on the sale rail. 

Could it be true? 

I love blazers so much, they are one of my favourite things in my wardrobe. So I quickly found the ticket nestled in the beautiful lining and there it was the wondrous red penned price, which read £60! I couldn't believe my eyes when I then saw that they're was a size 10 when I tried it on it fitted like a glove.
I seriously thought it was my lucky day, however me being me I decided not to buy it! I'm going to go in later in the week and probably will end up buying it then, I'll have to post a photo of it when I eventually do.

Hope you've had a great weekend x

Friday, 20 January 2012

Lusting over rucksacks

Asos - £38
Who knew anyone would ever want to wear a rucksack again? 
Well seeing as it is the year of the Olympics and everyone is getting into shape for summer where else would you put all your sporting equipment, along with a camera, a drinks bottle, your phone, purse, keys and make up? It wouldn't all fit into a handbag and even if it did it would be so heavy you wish you were carrying it all on your back. It makes more sense seeing as your hands are free and things seem lighter if they aren't on your arm.
This one from Asos.com is a perfect colour, as it also fits in with the pastel trend! What more could you want? I love the sporty lux style with the perforated leather look fabric.  
The rucksack has made a huge comeback, from the catwalks to the high street. I think it's a great thing to have in your bag collection, as you can use them for many things; from walking around town to going to the gym. Along with the rucksack the sports bag/bowling bag has also made a comeback, from Burberry to Topshop.
Topshop - £85
These are also really handy: 
-They look stylish
-All of your things will fit in it
-Multi use
-Range of styles/colours

My week...

This last week I have realised I have been incredibly lazy, and I need to kick this habit! 
I've have had quite a good week though, as I received my results from my first semester at uni, which I did well at and I am very pleased with the results.
Seeing as on the deadline day I was rushing around like a crazy person! I managed to get the work in before the deadline, however I was a little nervous about the quality of work I had produced. However according to my results I did very well, I do want to push myself a bit more this semester. 

With modules called 'the fashion muse' and 'the fashion mix' it should be a really exciting term that I can really get my teeth into. I'm not 100% sure what these modules will actually consist of but I'm sure come next week I'll know exactly what I have to do. 

Through out this week I have been nipping into town and hanging out at the boyfriends house, so nothing too taxing. Whilst being in town I have been mooching around the shops to find some sensible buys, things I can have in my wardrobe for ages...

That's where my first maxi skirt comes into the equation. It is the perfect wardrobe staple, you can wear it in the winter with a pair of boots and a long sleeved top, tucked in so it shows off your waist. 
You can also take this skirt with you into the summer months, by wearing it with flip flops and a strapy top; also tucked in. If you are feeling daring, and you have a good stomach, you could also wear the skirt with a crop top. However at this moment in time I will not be wearing it with as I have the perfect tummy. 

Here's my outfit for today incorporating my brand new maxi skirt:
Top: New Look
Necklace: Topshop 
Skirt: New Look - £19.99
Belt: comes with skirt
Shoes: River Island

The necklace I bought ages ago from Topshop in their Freedom collection and I love it. I think the chain necklaces are the most versitle and they rock up an outfit as soon as you put it on.

The shoes maybe a year old but they still do the trick and you've got to have a bit of character somewhere right?

Overall this skirt is amazing, it hides all my sins, I can go out for a meal and not have to worry about buttons on my jeans popping off or feeling uncomfortable! It also makes my legs look a lot longer than they are, as I am only a mere 5 foot 3 inches tall. 
All in all I think this skirt is going to be in my wardrobe for a very long time! 
Every girl needs a maxi skirt in their wardrobe, there are so many around at the moment, all in different colours and patterns to take you from season to season. 
Have a great day x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Seeing as it is again looking sunny and warm outside but is far from it, I went for a long sleeved t shirt today with a shirt, it's not as warm as a huge fluffy jumper, but it will do. As long as I don't forget my faux fur coat when I leave the house! 
Whole outfit: Topshop, shoes: Priceless Shoes
At the moment I am finding it really difficult to dress for the shape of my body, I'm going through a crisis! I am normally fine, but at the moment things aren't going my way. It seems like I'm looking at my body in a different way now, for some reason. 
It could be a whole host of reasons such as:
-recently turning 20
- The whole 'new year, new you' thing people experience
-Christmas weight is still there
-Change in style?
Necklace: Topshop
Who knows, but whatever it is I hope this feeling leaves soon, through the nearest window!
On another note, I do like this outfit, as all the elements engage with one another, the necklace, buttons on the shirt even to my boots, which have gold hooks on them. 
Off to Southampton town today with my boyfriend so maybe I'll come home with some new clothes :)
Have a good day x

Sorry there was no posts yesterday I was otherwise engaged, a.k.a I was at my sisters flat for the evening/night. It was awesome to see her, as I don't often get too. Went into Salisbury town and had a Costa,   of course I had the Vanilla Latte, I love those things. I really need to start taking my camera out more, bless it it doesn't get out much. 
Then we went back to her flat, and stayed up late watched TV and ate a curry we bought from Tesco. 
Love it. 

She also was able to take my outfit photo for the day, so for you who care, here's what I was wearing yesterday...

The sun was shining yesterday and it looked relatively warm outside, I decided to dust off the light coloured jeans and stripey tops and embrace the weather. It was really cold though, which meant when we sat in Weatherspoons for lunch I ran straight to the table which had a nice wooden fire next to it! Just too warm my feet up!
As I'm writing this, I have realised I don't like what I look like in these jeans, they make me look short and chubby. Maybe I should take Gok Wan's advise and go for more of a flared jean, however it's not my kind of style. Being short isn't all it's cracked up to be. 
Anyway, I still like my outfit, with the grey blazer from Topshop, and the top I bought ages ago from New Look.  
I love my jewelry, my mustache ring is my favourite; bought from Topshop, the necklace and other ring are both from accessorize. I like the fact they are red, it just gives the outfit something to make it stand out a bit more. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Are credit cards really a good idea and a quick fix to get what you want or just a bad idea, especially when they tell have a 6-12 month interest free period. But what happens when that time is up?

"I am never going to shop again!” I shouted when I bought my last item of clothing; a £4.99 pair of tights from New Look that snagged within the first day of wearing them. I was not happy, at all. This has led me to start thinking differently about spending so much money, especially on my credit card! What’s the point in spending fake money on things that are just going to break? Even more so as I now have to pay back 16.9% more because of the rate on my credit card and the interest has kicked in. Using my pay and student loan to slowly pay off all the money I’ve built up.

Last year I decided to apply for my first credit card, for a good reason of course; I could claim staff discount online from the shop I work for. It had a 6 month interest free period, so I thought why not. With a £750 limit I went to town, literally, using it to buy everything from clothes to food. I was out of control with my spending habits, coming home most days with at least one bag of new things. At this time I was in full time work, however at the end of the month instead of having money, I was paying off the bill I had racked up that month. It’s like a vicious circle, which is very difficult to get out of.

I just couldn’t help myself, every time I walked into a shop I couldn’t resist the brand spanking new clothes, my eyes glazed over with soft cottons and beautiful silks. Usually they were from expensive shops that I couldn’t really afford on a student budget. But it was ok because, I’m spending on a credit card that I don’t have to pay back for a whole month. Or so I thought, now the honeymoon period is over, it just feels like I’m paying for things over and over.

I am a strong believer in retail therapy, the amount of times I have been moping around the house, with nothing to do, when my boyfriend decides we are going shopping, and I instantly perk up! Then later on in the trip he will ask: “Do you really need that?” or “Haven’t you already got something similar to that at home?” This makes me feel guilty for shopping for things I like, but he’s right I shouldn’t be spending my money ‘willy nilly’ on things I don’t particularly need, especially when I’m at University and don’t have money growing on trees. I wish I did!

Saying that, I recently bought a Christmas jumper from Topshop, costing £40, it was a sunny day when I bought it and I can’t bring myself to wear it. So a month on it’s still hanging in my wardrobe with the ticket on it, waiting for the day I feel it is finally Christmas time, so I can wear it and not feel or look stupid. In the same week I also bought a dress from Republic for £29, I have yet to wear it as it is more of a summer dress. I don’t know why I bought it so early, I could have waited till the winter sale and spent less money, and then I could wear it a lot sooner after purchasing it. So technically I’ve wasted that £30, which I could have spent on essentials like food and rent, however I didn’t and now I’m paying the price. Not being able to give my parents rent money and hardly being able to get to university without having to borrow money or selling my stuff on Ebay.

I only have 23p left in my overdraft; so this is where Ebay comes into the equation. I started selling my old clothes on the site, seeing as they are just hanging there, when someone else could get joy out of wearing them. Alas, if I hadn’t bought them on my credit card, money wouldn’t be an issue. I wouldn’t be in debt so I could just buy clothes if I wanted them not because I could.

Don’t even get me started on my shoe collection; from the highest heels that I can barely walk in let alone be comfortable in, to the little pumps I like to wear on those summer days walking around town trying to find new shoes, clothes and clutter to go in to my house.

I just love the rush of shopping, finding that outfit that is perfect. The perfect pair of jeans, which fit like a glove or even the softest jumper that doesn’t make your hair go static; which is a rarity with my hair! But for that moment of fulfillment doesn’t last for long, the monthly bill falls through the letter box and you are once again paying money back to the credit card company.

Maybe I should ditch the credit card; whilst I’m ahead so at least I don’t end up paying more money, for the things I bought months ago. This will then spare me the hassle of taking things back to shops or selling things on Ebay.

Spending money should always be about spending your own money and not the fake money these companies are giving you, to purposefully get you in to debt. Especially for people like me, who don’t have any concept of money or how to budget?

When it comes to never shopping again, I don’t know if I can uphold that statement, however I will stop spending money on my credit card and then I can finally cut it up and be done with it! Seeing as when I finally wear my Topshop jumper it will actually be costing me £46.76 instead of £40 because of all the bloody interest!

My quick pick

Today I was thinking of what to wear, when I realised all of my jeans were in the wash, and I had worn a skirt most of this week. So what was left? 
I don't usually enjoy wearing shorts, however I thought, 'what the heck' and grabbed some out of my wardrobe.

With these shorts from Republic, I was looking through my wardrobe again thinking what I was going to put with it, then my new shirt caught my eye...I wonder. 
Perfect match. 

Funnily enough they look really quirky together, I love this look. With the teal next to the bright patterned shorts it creates a great juxtaposition. Teamed with my new black loafers and black tights completes the ensemble.

No clue what I'm going to do today however with this look I could do anything from the cinema to a drink with friends at the pub. 
Have a good day what ever you are doing  :) x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Today I am wearing..

I am aware that I am wearing the skirt I bought yesterday, but I just can't get enough, especially as my wardrobe is boring me more and more each day!

The top I have had for ages, it really has stood the test of time, as it is one of my signature tops. It goes with near enough everything including velvet! I think the top adds brightness to an otherwise dark day. 

I think I'm going to be wearing this skirt a lot as it is a key wardrobe piece, as it is black it will go with everything. Normally with new clothes I will wear them a few times and then not wear them again, then finally chuck them on Ebay, however I think this is here to stay! 

Well I hope it is!

Now I'm off out for a lazy day with the boyfriend, so have excellent days everyone!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Collar detailing and velvet love

You may have read my post on velvet and how much I love it; well I'll get to that point in a minute.

So I was strolling down the high street today, when I happened to walk past Urban Outfitters. I couldn't help myself, I just had to go in; for the second time today, and have a ganders at all their beautiful clothes and shoes and accessories...I could go on but I don't want to bore you.

As I walked in I picked up 8 different items, and then spent the next hour in the fitting rooms, deciding what ones I wanted to buy!
I'm glad I was shopping on my own because I was able to make a good decision about what items I actually wanted and which ones didn't work. However I spent an hour in there because I couldn't make up my mind, so I could have done with someone else around, if I’m honest!

I did think I made the right choice though, I purchased (after much deliberation) a dirty blue sheer shirt, with black velvet collar detail and what look like tiny curtain tie backs, but are in fact supposed to be part of the shirt. I also bought a black velvet skirt, to go with it.

It was perfect. I loved that it was velvet; I was able to buy a whole outfit in one shop; which is a rarity for me! Normally I’m running around the high street just to find something to go with the jumper I had just bought. Most of the time I give up, take the jumper home and try and fit it in with what I have. This time I took initiative and went for it, even though the shirt was a bit pricey, I know I will wear this outfit a lot. It is perfect for day to night; I only have to change the shoes. 

What could be better?

Well, I did find the perfect boots to go with the outfit, they would make it very casual, they were black and laced up, and the best part was they were down to £20 from £75! However whilst trying to find a size 5, I stumbled across a lonely looking boot, looking at it I realised it was size 5. I thought:  “Perfect!” Rumbling through the other shoes and boots, I tried to find the pair to this lonely boot, however it came to nothing. Running up to the pay desk, asking where the other boot, the man behind just simply said: “Maybe it’s gone on its break?” This didn’t help.

Unfortunately I left the shop with no boots.

As I wandered past New Look to get to the bus stop when I realised they must have a pair of simple shoes that will go with my outfit! Alas I was correct, £15 later and a smile from the sales assistant I was on my way home, a very happy bunny with these loafers. 

Which style tribe do you fit into?

It was my first day back at uni today and I got to attend a lecture held by Alexander Shakespeare; the ex Deputy Editor of Harper's Bazaar, among other things, and it was all about 'Street Style'. She explained the origins of it, and how it originally started in the 1950's with the 'Teddy boys' which was associated with the rock and roll era in America, along with a lot of different ‘tribes’.

Street style used to be a lot about standing out from the crowd and having something to say, like the punks of the 1970’s, they were rebelling against the  parliament of the time. However nowadays it isn't rebelling as much. It seems that people just like to dress in their own unique style. This was shown by the second part of the lecture, where we all had to get ourselves into 'style tribes' which was a lot more difficult than it seemed.
The categories were:
-Geek Sheek

To add to this stress of picking which 'tribe' we were in, we had to do it as soon as possible. Most of the people around me all looked a bit confused and chat erupted amongst the group. Not many people seemed very clear on where they belonged, all looking around looking bemused, including me.
I was wearing a Navajo style long cardigan (Topshop), a burgundy long sleeved top (New Look), a grey high wasted skirt (Forever 21) and a pair of brown boots (Dune). Something I just decided to wear at 8am this morning, pulling parts out of my wardrobe not thinking I would be judged on them.

So which category would I be in?

Apparently I am an Indie; however I don't make a conscious decision to be in a certain style tribe. I don’t go into shops with a certain ‘look’ in mind, sometimes I wish I did, so it’s easier to buy clothes that all go together. But then again I don’t like being put into a ‘tribe’. I do understand where Alex was coming from, as she was showing us how many different styles and overlaps there is on the streets at the moment.
So which ‘style tribe’ do you think you would be in if you had to place yourself right now with what you are wearing? 

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day vs. Night

I saw this dress on topshop.com and I need it in my life, seeing as I can dress it up or easily dress it down, why wouldn't you want it?

The day look is made up of simple accessories, I went for brown as it is easy to add colours too if you want to. I decided on bangles as this dress needs some sort of jewelry, you could wear a necklace with this dress as well. You could easily put this with cute flat brogues or day slippers for an even more casual look.

For the night outfit, I added a blue belt and blue shoes, this was teamed with a beautiful gold clutch, you could also have a gold long pendant with this dress as it has a long body.

Both outfits are easy to wear, and I love how you can wear this outfit for a whole day and just add a different belt to change the look completely!

Rave Nation

As soon as dip dyed hair started becoming fashionable again, it was only a matter of time before the 90's popped back onto the high street. There was a time when the 90's fashion trends were the things of nightmares, no one would dare to dress in brightly coloured 3/4 lengths or dye their hair random colours. The only time you could feel comfortable doing that would be going to a fancy dress party as the spice girls. 

But now that it is 2012 the hi-top trainers and sporty neon clothing are hitting back, but it seems a bit more sophisticated this time around, ditch the dungarees bring in the over sized bleached denim jackets, with a brightly coloured body con dress.

If like me you don't like wearing bright colours as much, you could go for a more subtle look, by using pastels mixed in with the brighter colours. Either way this is a perfect trend for spring/summer, bringing a bit of brightness to your oh so dark wardrobe of the winter months. 

So if it's by dying your hair, dusting off your hi-tops or going to a huge rave in a random field, you can't help but love this trend. 

Here's a few pieces I have pulled together that I think are key to the rave/90's trend all from ASOS.com

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New years resolutions

So everyone always makes new years resolutions, many of them don't get kept, most people forget (including me) however this year I have one massive resolution...

-Don't spend all of my money so recklessly!

I can't wait to get my next lot of university loan so I can actually manage my money properly. Without going crazy and spending it all at once, on clothes I wear once, and bedroom sets. Granted my new bed is lush, but still shouldn't have spent so much on it. 
So I will remember this resolution, and stick to it, because I'm sick of being skint! 

Bra's bra's bra's!

I love pretty underwear so much, what's better than knowing you have a beautiful bra underneath your clothes? 
From front fastening ones, that are probably the most sexy thing to wear to lace and bralets. Which of course are both very sexy.

 The only bra's I can not handle, are if you haven't guessed...UNWIRED. 
I hate unwired bra's so much. They are unflattering and gross, I can't see how any women would like to wear them. 
Well the exception of them probably being comfortable.

But that's where the 'Wonderbra' comes into the equation. The most comfortable bra I have ever bought, I could wear it all the time, with the first 'full effect - Wonderbra' under my belt...well over my belt if you catch my drift. I decided to then buy the strapless Wonderbra, with the 'ultimate strapless bra' title there was a lot to live up to. 
I was a bit skeptical when putting it on for the first time, seeing as the bra looks huge and looks like it will fall down as soon as I walk down the stairs. 
However it really is the ultimate strapless bra, whilst wearing it I didn't have to pull it up and rearrange it at all.
Best bra's I have ever bought. 
I really do recommend these bra's to everyone, who has boobs obviously.


I have just been scrolling through Topshop.com and the 'new in this week' section of their website, and stumbled upon this beautiful velvet kimono. 
I think I'm in love. 
I adore the velvet trend, from the velvet skater dress's, to the beautifully coloured jackets that are around the highstreet at the moment. 
With a lack of funds at the moment, I may have to stroll around some charity shops to find a cheaper alternative.