Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Outfit - The Striped Top

I love stripes! Mainly this kind -black with white stripes, it's like stripe heaven. This top didn't even cost me much, it was £4 in Primark! You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a cool chic vibe, which is always good in my opinion. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Outfit - Transeasonal Green

A few days after writing my last blog I went into town and spent some money on clothes! Yay. I tried on quite a bit in Topshop and came out with a few bits, which was quite nice. I decided to buy clothes which I could easily wear throughout winter as well as the rest of our summer. 

This dress is just perfect for this. The colour, the shape, the fabric - perfect. Oh and the price! This basic green high neck dress was only £20, which in my mind is a bargain, seeing as I will happily wear this ALL THE TIME. It is ultimately comfortable, the colour is the best kind of green you can get - in my opinion - and the neck line is just well great. 

I don't have any flat summer shoes, which aren't converse or vans, so I decided black boots will do today. It wasn't too hot so I guessed these would pass as ok footwear for summer. In my eyes boots are always ok to wear - ok maybe not when it's so hot that you melt as soon as you leave the house...that is my exception. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Forgive Me Blog For I Have Sinned


I have been away for too long and for that I apologise. I have struggled for some time in working out where I place within the blogging world. I came into blogging three years ago now, when it was starting to gain more and more momentum into the powerhouse it is today. A lecturer at University told us all, that blogs were the future and we should all be blogging about anything and everything. I decided to start this blog, writing about what I knew...my own personal style. 

This was fine throughout university as I was always wearing whatever I wanted and I always had spare time to take outfit photos and write up pieces. Nowadays I work full time, where I wear an all black uniform and I find it difficult to find time to wear anything else. Home from work - leggings, jeans or my pyjamas are my first ports of call. 

Then on my days off I am so busy with other things that it is very hard to fit things in, especially when blogging has completely gone out of the window. I also find that I buy less clothes now as I don't have as much time to wear them! I still absolutely love clothes and personal style. It's funny as I work in the womenswear department of John Lewis, where I merchandise great brands, such as Warehouse - which I adore. I see all the newest clothes and I always have something in my hold pile! I feel like I may have lost my passion for it, and getting a work/life balance as proven very difficult, I seem to see clothes as work now rather than play! However I know in the back of my mind that I really want to get back into this world. 

I have always been passionate about fashion and style, and mine has definitely changed throughout the years (for the better) much like near enough everyone reading this! *cough* stripy arm warmers *cough* *cough* parachute pants with tassels *cough* - that one I am most ashamed of. 

On a slightly different note, I find the blogging community quite intimidating - I am not the most social person with people who I do not know, as I feel like I will be judged for not having great make up application (eyeshadow is my problem, I just can't apply it properly!) or the wrong lip stick colour on. I have gotten better through the years of being 'grown up' but I still find it hard, it really scares me - walking into a room where everyone knows everyone and no one knows you. Daunting! (this is just speculation as I have never had the courage to ever go to one!)

I also feel that blogging has changed throughout the years, it is more about advice than looking at what someone is wearing - which is great and I do enjoy reading them. However I feel that a lot of advice blogs have already been written or talked about. I think I want to go into more lifestyle posts - more restaurant reviews, travel writing, decorating ideas and tips etc. 

I really want to carry this blog on and really develop it into something I am really proud of. So please bare with me and I know that my little piece of the internet will grow and expand with me, as I get more ballsy and become more confident in my own skin. 

Thanks for sticking around! 
Speak soon