Thursday, 2 February 2012

Birthday shoes

These are the gorgeous shoes my sister bought me for my 20th birthday from Clarks. Yes I said Clarks and gorgeous in the same sentence, who'd of thought it. But they have actually got some really great shoes coming in to their stores. 

These shoes are so comfortable, and I just adore the purple hue, they may not go with many things however they go with black, grey, white and other neutrals. It could be worse. The thick heel is great on them as well, making them more comfortable as I don't get that throbbing feeling in my feet when I've worn them all day! The thicker heel also makes my legs look more in proportion, which is another plus point! 

I am really impressed with these shoes, they tick all the boxes, and as they were a birthday present I wouldn't have thought to look in Clarks so they are an amazing present. Kudos to my sister for that. 

Back to Clarks new shoes. There was a time where I hated going into that shop, their shoes were dated and the store smelt disgusting. However it looks like they have turned a corner and now a lot of their shoes have been revamped. Which means a great price, comfortable and well fitting shoes, what more would you want?

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