Thursday, 2 February 2012

Glittery Brogues from Topshop

Well it looks as if Topshop have bought out their own version of the Kurt Geiger, Leonardo glitter Brogues, which I blogged here

Here are the Topshop version:
They are very similar to the Kurt Geiger ones, but they are covered in fine multi coloured glitter not black glitter, which means they are less of a night time shoe. 
Of course you could wear these at night time, but if you were going to buy an evening shoe, I would go for the KG ones as they have a bigger WOW affect. 
These brogues are a lot cheaper at an amazing £60! Which is half price of the KG ones, but they are half the excitement. 
In addition to those shoes, Topshop have also got an even cheaper version, which are £32! 

But yet again, they have got even less impressive. I suppose this is because the price is lower, but I am disappointed, after seeing the KG version. The laces look thin, cheap and out of place, against the sparkle. I may sound cynical, but I can guarantee you that the glitter will probably fall off over time.

 This cheaper version will still do the job of sparkling up any outfit, however, but I still hold true to my previous comment. That they do not give the same 'WOW' affect.

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