Thursday, 28 June 2012

Topshop will be the death of my bank account

I spend money like I have some, which is a really terrible mind set to have, but funnily enough I have it. 
I went onto the Topshop website, to find they have further markdowns on sale items. As soon as I saw it I should have clicked the 'X' on the side of the screen to close the page, however being the curious George I am, I clicked on it anyway. Eeeek.

I came across three things:

The first are a pair of shorts I used in my photo shoot for my uni work, but in grey, I was amazed by the price; they were £22 and now only £7! So off they went into my shopping bag.

Then I thought of holiday, seeing as it's coming up in a few weeks I just had to get some things for that! I stumbled across these shorts, which were also a bargain going from £34 to £15! 

Finally I saw this skirt and fell in love a little bit. It was also £34 going down to £15 so it fell into my shopping bag as well. Woopsie. 

This is it now though, for my spending! 
(famous last words) 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Anyone for tea & cake?

This is my final Topshop sale purchase, it is a dinosaur/elephant T-shirt by Tea & Cake; a brand I love! 
I remember seeing it when it was full price but it was way too expensive; £20! But I found it in the sale for an amazing price of £12, which is pretty good, so I snapped it up. 
I don't usually go for figure hugging tee's, however since I've been going to the gym I feel better about myself so this kind of shape doesn't scare me as much. 
Have any of you found many bargains in the sales?

Monday, 25 June 2012

What I wore for my friends 'twenteenth' birthday celebrations

Saturday was my friends birthday, so she had arranged that we all went out for lunch at the local Harvester pub, which was a great shout! I had chicken with Jack Daniels sauce, yum! I also decided to wear this outfit for that, as it was easy and the shirt was new. (Topshop sale - £12)
I decided to leave it open with a black camisole underneath, I love this look it is casual and you don't have to think about it too much but still look awesome. 
I also wore a necklace that I bought from Forever 21 a while ago, because I thought it needed that little extra something! 

Then in the evening, I decided to wear another new item of clothing; which was a skirt I bought in Topshop's sale (standard) which was £18 down from £32! I couldn't resist, the best thing about it is it has pockets! A girl can't resist a skirt with pockets.It's difficult to see but I wore this with my New Look black shirt, with a studded collar which you can read here.

I wore this with this amazing bag from New Look, it grabbed my attention straight away, and I needed a new 'going out bag' so I bought it. It was £14.99 and you can get it in purse form too, so I may have to be purchasing that soon! 

I was wearing my black heels from New Look, which I bought a while ago now and they are really comfy. 
(sorry for the terrible quality of photo's I only had my little compact with me) 
I hope you've all had really great weekends, and Monday wasn't too bad! 
I really want to show you all my outfit on Sunday however the official photographs haven't come back yet, but as soon as they do I will show you! 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Parma Violet Nails

Just the name of this nail varnish makes me hungry! 

I bought my first ever Topshop nail varnish the other day, to wear with my outfit for my parents vow renewal today; which I will be posting about in the next few days. 
This is a scheduled post seeing as at this moment in time I'm probably rushing around a room talking to relatives and friends! 

I know I'm late jumping on this band wagon but better late than never. I am always weary of make up that is sold in clothes shops, because it always looks cheap and crap to put it bluntly. However I love the packaging for Topshop makeup, and how simple it is with the cute little dots all over it. 

I had to apply 2 coats of it, but that's pretty standard for nail varnish, and it was really quick drying which is great. 
I'm definitely going to keep buying the these nail varnishes and maybe I'll branch out onto their other make up. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Vichy Derma Blend Review

Another product I received in my June Glossy Box, was this Derma Blend starter kit, it claims to be a 'camouflage foundations stick for minor to severe skin flaws' so I had to try it out, seeing as I have just broken out in a few blemishes. 

When applied, it felt a lot thicker than the foundation I use at the moment; Revlon ColorStay. It was quite difficult to apply because of that fact, I think you would need to mix it around quite a bit to make the mixture warm enough to be applied easily to your face. 

However saying that, as I applied it, it did cover the blemishes I had on my forehead and below my nose which is always welcome. It is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic which is helpful, seeing as I have sensitive skin. It also claims that it is resistant to water and perspiration.

I am quite impressed that it shows it can cover up irregular pigmentation, along with intense redness and dark circles around eyes, which means you don't need to use a concealer as well as this product. It would be interesting to know if this foundation really is that good.

The downsides of this product is that it only lasts for 16 hours if you also use the Dermablend setting powder, which is £16 for 28g. Which is more money you have to spend. Seeing as the foundation itself is £19 for 12g I think it's a bit too expensive for me. 
But if someone with a skin complaint happens to want a really good foundation and money isn't an object, then this foundation is probably perfect for you, seeing as it's great at covering blemishes etc.

Friday, 22 June 2012

American Outlaw

Whilst in town yesterday getting a few bits and bobs for my friends 'twenteenth' birthday tomorrow. (Which I'm super excited for by the way) I just happened to stumble out onto the high street and into Topshop.
My boyfriend didn't know what to do, with the large array of people, so he stood by the side, with his words "I think I'm in the way" - bless him.
So I was left on my own, sifting through rail upon rail of sale stuff, which I prefer anyway; I can be quite nifty when it comes to getting to certain items I see, not in a bitchy way. 

The first item I came across was this tank top; which I remember seeing when it was full price and loving it, so I was pretty excited when I found it hanging on the sale rail. When I saw the price I became even more excited, it had gone down to £12 from £22! As you may know I love rock inspired clothes - basically things with an 'edge'. Don't worry, I'm not one of these girls who buys a t-shirt that says 'Metallica', just because I think it looks cool.

Rule of thumb: If you have never listened/heard of a band you should not wear their t-shirts, even if it is being sold in a high street shop and "looks cool".

Anyway, I digress. I bought this top as I knew it would go with a lot of my wardrobe, seeing as it's grey. I love the Americana style with the American Eagle on the front. Definitely worth the £12 I paid for it, seeing as I'm going to wear it all the time, then probably take it to Reading Festival. 

I have put this t-shirt with leggings from Next (£9), I would love some disco pants to go with this, I think it would look awesome, however I can't afford them right now. I'm wearing them with my black and white authentic vans, and a necklace by Mint Velvet (bought ages ago).

Because it's cold and horrible outside, I have put my not so leather jacket from Topshop on aswell. Which I think completes this look. 

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Surprise Glossy Box

So I was happily watching 'This Morning', when the doorbell rung. It was the lady who delivers all my parcels, which was odd because I wasn't expecting anything. Much to my surprise it was a Glossy Box - a surprise because I thought my subscription had run out. 

I opened the box to find a nice array of products including this Yves Rocher, Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume mascara. It claims to stay on for 12 hours, and give lash by lash volume, which I was quite excited about. I've applied it today and it gives great coverage and doesn't smudge, this maybe because the formula is quite thick, so it attached itself to the lashes, instead of my eyelid. 

The brush is curved and it picks up even the smallest lashes, which is great seeing as my eyelashes are very light and it helps that all my lashes are covered. I love how thick this brush is however it is not as large as the Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' mascara, which is too big to be applied properly. 

At the moment it is £8.45 as the Yves Rocher website offers 50% off new products, which is amazing (usual price £16.90). I would buy it if I didn't already have about 5 different mascaras all taking up space in my make-up bag. I think I should use those ones up first before buying this one. But I definitely would purchase this mascara in the future. 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Just another manic Monday...

So today I've been rushing around town, trying to get an outfit together for my parents vow renewal, which is happening this Sunday. I know I've left it a bit late, seeing as I've had about a year to sort it out, but you know. I think I work better under pressure anyway, seeing as I managed to get a bra that goes with the dress I bought on Topshop's website, some boring nude underwear and a pair of shoes from New Look. 
I'll dedicate a blog post to the outfit later on, keep an eye out. 

Anyway, on my way around Southampton I decided to check out John Lewis' dry shampoo's seeing as I had read that 'Klorane' is a really great, it also won the 2011 Natural Health Beauty award. It costs £7.50, which is quite steep considering Batiste dry shampoo is only about £2. However I thought I would give it a go. 

I got home and tried it out straight away, it tells you to spray on your hair (about 10 inches away) especially your roots then leave it for two minutes. It makes you look like you have grey streaks in your hair whilst you leave it. But after these minutes are up you simply brush it out and the grey has gone, 'hey presto' my hair looked and felt washed. It sounds unbelievable but it really does work! 

I am definitely taking this to Reading Festival this year, seeing as I won't be able to wash my hair for days and days, this product really is a must have for any festival goer.
Has anyone else got any festival must haves?


Thursday, 14 June 2012

From Dip Dye to Tie Dye

Yep, the boyfriend and I decided we had to try tie dying! 

We went to Southampton and got our hands on loads of Dylon dyes, including yellow, blue, purple and pink and of course some cheap T-shirts from Primark (£2.50) and H&M (£4.99). After rushing home we started the process of making up the dyes and putting them into some spray bottles we bought from Home Base, which were £1.99 each. This did take a while but we can use these dyes over and over again, which is great seeing as each dye was £2.90 each. 

When you've made all the dyes; the instructions are on the packet, you can start your T-shirt. We used a basic swirl design, which is where you pinch the middle of the T-shirt and twist it into a circle, it's super easy to do and is really effective. 
You can find images on how to do it on google as I completely forgot to photograph the whole thing, the excitement was too intense!  
After this you have to tie the t-shirt up with a few elastic bands; general rule the more elastic bands the more strips of undyed fabric you will get with the final result.
Once you are happy with the amount of elastic bands around your T-shirt you can then start the fun bit! 
With the spray bottles you just spray where ever over the top of the shirt, I would recommend doing this outside as the spray bottles can get a bit messy.  
Then you turn over the tops and do the same on the other side, make sure you cover as much as the t-shirt as possible, and try and saturate it as much as you can without it being dripping wet.

Above is the photo of my boyfriends and I's tops after covering them with dye. 
After this the waiting game commences, where you have to leave it in a plastic bag over night preferably in a warm place. You have to do this as it gives the dyes time to sink in, and concentrate to make the colours vibrant.
The next day you have to run the t-shirts under cold water, then undo the elastic bands and run the shirt under warm water. This makes sure any colour that has not sunk into the fabric comes out before you wash it with your usual clothes. 
You then have to dry your top off, after it's dry iron it on a high heat to set the colour into the t-shirt even more, then your done and you'll have a fantastic original tie dye top, that doesn't cost £20! 

I'm wearing mine today with my Levi high waisted shorts, which works perfectly.
Happy tie dying

Friday, 8 June 2012

My DIY t-shirt

So as you may have read I have made my own dip dye tshirt, which you can read about here
I did use a grey dye, however I made a rookie error by then putting it straight into the washing machine. This then made the colour dilute, into this greeny-grey colour, so if you're planning on making your own - DO NOT WASH STRAIGHT AWAY. Put it in the tumble dryer, or better still leave it to dry somewhere so the dye doesn't transfer to other parts of the garment. Then when it's dry. iron it on full heat. 

I am planning on making this one again, but I'm intent on keeping it grey not green! :) 

So here it is:

I know I look super tired, may be the fact I couldn't sleep until 2.30 this morning and I had to dismantle our gazebo which decided to fly away last night, and subsequently has completely broken. So I am worn out and can't wait for my bed this evening. 

So here is the other t-shirt I made for my sister, this one I didn't put in the washing machine so the colour is very vibrant and it works so well! 

Has anyone else decided to do some DIY of there own?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dip Dye DIY

After reading on Lily's blog the other day (which you can read here - LLYMLRS), about creating your own dip dyed T-shirts. I was struck with inspiration, seeing as I've wanted a dip dyed top for a while, but whenever I see one marked up for £20+, I always think 'I could do that myself' well now I have! 

The instructions looked so simple, which you can read on Lily's blog link above. I couldn't wait to try it out. After grabbing myself a few T-shirts from the men's section of Primark (£2.50) some Dylon hand dye from John Lewis I was ready to go! 

I also chose antique grey as I am a huge lover of grey and didn't want to go too crazy for my first try at the technique. 

(sorry for the blurry image) 

Just waiting for it to dry on the side of the bath so my mother wouldn't go crazy at my for getting dye everywhere! 
I've also created a bright pink one for my sister which is so adorable. I think I may make loads of these because they are so cheap and so simple to do, may even try out tye dying next!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Noble Isle, Summer Rising, Bath and Shower Gel
Another item I received in my Glossy Box this month, was this bath and shower gel, from Noble Isle, a company who have taken 'the natural and cultural riches of the British create a new tradition in luxury bathing.'
When this company talks about luxury they must know about it, because as soon as I unscrewed the top and smelt the gel I fell in love. The scent is gorgeous! With extracts of elder flower, gooseberry and orange blossom, gives it it's unique smell. What is great about this product, is that you don't need to use much of it, which is good considering for 250ml it's £20, so it is quite a luxury product. 
This product also claims to have toning effects, from the antioxidant charged gooseberry, which is always helpful when you are trying to get rid of cellulite (which is my mission of the moment).

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Sandals

Today has been busy for a Sunday, I've been at my parents rehearsal for the renewal of their vows, which is in three weeks time! Eeek, means I have to remember my lines and not screw up! 
After we rehearsed and everyone got very stressed, we went down the pub for lunch which was really lovely, and I am now incredibly full! 

But now whilst it is dreary outside and I'm watching the Royal Pagent on the Thames (on the TV), I thought I would tell you about the sandals I bought the other day. The first pair are from Topshop and were the amazing price of £22 and really comfortable. I love the gold plait, and the criss-crossing of them. They are also made of leather, so they will hopefully last a long time! Gold is a great colour for foot wear as they will go with near enough every colour. 

I also bought these ones from New Look, which were £22.99 and are real leather as well, which I am very pleased about. These shoes were also in their 25% off summer deal, which made them so much more of a bargain! The fact they have cute little owls on them makes them so adorable, with edition to that fact I love owls, which is what drew me to them in the first place. 

New Look have some fantastic shoes and sandals in at the moment, plus the 25% off deal it makes them the place to go once the weather perks up again! Either way they are perfect, especially if you're going on holiday any time soon.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Holiday shorts

Another thing I bought the other day on my spree; which you can read about the other items here, were these acid jersey running shorts, which were a right bargain at £10!
I love the colour of these, the acid wash is great which they have rolled out to three other colours; pink, purple and charcoal - which I may have to purchase at some point. 

I bought these mainly for my holiday in July, where I will probably be wearing them with my bikini top (which I haven't found yet - read here) or simple tank tops and such. That's why I was so pleased with the price, as they are not going to be worn to anything special.  

Has anyone else started buying their holiday clothes?