Friday, 24 February 2012

My new 'not so leather' leather jacket

When I checked my bank balance late last night I came to realise, that I had been paid a little bit more than usual. This obviously meant that it was time to go shopping! So this morning I jumped out of bed at 10.30 and prepared myself for going into Southampton, by watching a bit of 'This morning' whilst eating some toast with a cup of tea on the side. 

So after getting dressed, I drove into town and started my quest for the perfect boots, I had tried on the previous day and the perfect fake leather jacket which I had also spotted on my browsing trip. 

I walked into Topshop, to see the fake leather jacket sitting on the front of a rail in my size; the one I had tried on yesterday! I grabbed it and didn't let it out of my sight until it was safely in a shopping bag!
Next stop on the agenda were the boots; the boots that had sold out everywhere online, the boots that were the perfect fit, the boots that I knew I needed to have. I was just hoping and wishing that they still had them in my size! 

As I walked over to the shoe department I noticed the display where the shoes were the previous day had been slightly adjusted, panic set in. I started to walk quickly to the display and thankfully, they had just been moved to the opposite side! The shop assistant was standing right by them so I grabbed on size 4 and asked for the other one as quickly as I could. No one else was getting these beauties! Not on my watch, as some people say! 

So here they are...

Topshop - £75
These boots maybe quite expensive, however they are real leather, which makes a huge difference on how much I spend on shoes. If they were a different material; even if they were suede, I wouldn't have paid this much, because it's simply not worth it. But no these boots are perfect, they have a zip on either side which makes them a bit more unique from the standard Chelsea style boot.

I have been wearing them since I got home 4 hours ago and they are still really comfortable and really easy to wear. They will go with everything and anything, which is another reason why I justified spending so much!

My next purchase was my 'not so leather' leather jacket. It is made from 100% Polyurethane, and fits really nicely. It is also very similar to the real leather jacket they do called the 'traditional biker jacket' this comes in at £165, which is very expensive for a leather jacket. Here's a little snap shot of my one...

Topshop - £55
I think the texture of the jacket and the look of it makes you think it is real leather, they have done really well at making this the next fake leather jacket you could buy; price and quality. Another item that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe, as it again goes with anything! It also instantly rocks up any outfit, which you should know by now, I just love rocking outfits up! 

Along with these two items, which in total came to a bit less, thanks to saving 15%, I also received this beautiful Mary Katrantzou bag! It is so cute, I love it. Super summery and it's big enough to fit uni stuff in! What more could you want?

Hopefully your days have been as lucky as mine have!

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