Monday, 30 July 2012

3 weeks to go

So as you know after my post the other day, it's only 3 weeks to go until I go off to Reading Festival, I still have so much to buy but I'm on a tight budget.
I've been trawling through various websites all day, to find cheap and good wellies. I finally went onto the Topshop website, however are their wellies any good? Also will they fit my larger calves? 

These are pretty impressive as they are 'glow in the dark' and at £26 it seems like they are a bargain, however are they just going to fall apart as soon as I start walking across a muddy field?! 
Welly shopping is annoying and expensive. 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Festival Footwear

So I'm going to Reading festival this year, which will be my first ever festival! I have my tent sorted and I'm driving a bunch of friends up on the Wednesday night, however I haven't got any footwear sorted for the weekend! 
I was thinking along the lines of some Doc Martens or some Wellington boots, however I don't want to spend a fortune on both sets, but I do want me feet to keep dry.
Is anyone else going to a festival this year, that knows exactly what shoes you should take? 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

What I Wore on Holiday #2

This is what I wore on the last full day of our holiday, it was super hot and I know black isn't always the best colour to wear in heat, however the floatiness of it counteracted the heat. I bought it from New Look as I needed a new black maxi, as my other one is made of a thicker cotton and that would definitely be too hot to wear in 30+ degree heat! 
It was around £16, it is light and airy and also has a lot of my skirts nowadays! I put it with another New Look purchase, this time by my mother, she bought me a few tops the day before going away, they were just from the sale so nothing expensive but great for holiday! 
I haven't worn a 'boob tube' in years, but I love this one. The pattern is great and I love how it's mixed with the vibrant colours and it is so comfortable. (This meant I wore it on the plane back to England as well -because of sheer comfort) 
Again I have worn it with my Urban Outfitters round shades, an anchor necklace I bought from Forever 21 about a year ago and my black sandals from New Look, which you can't see in the photograph however you can read a post on them if you click here - Sunday Sandals post 
Enjoy the sunshine 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What I Wore on Holiday #1

I wore this outfit in the evening, as the crop top was too hot to wear in the day time. We went to restaurants most nights and I wanted to wear something different  from what I wore in the day time. I have just realised nearly my whole outfit is from Topshop (woops) 
I bought the sandals ages ago for £22, I found that walking around in them all day they became very uncomfortable! However they were great for wearing out in the evening as they were cool and they went with a lot of things. 
I wore it with a skirt I bought in the sale, for £15, which couldn't go a miss! I love the pattern and the fact it has pockets! I love pockets in skirts so much, not sure why but I love them. I can't be the only one, am I?
I then added my sky blue crop top which was £8 and it went really nicely, seeing as the skirt was high waisted, I think it looks great. Then the sunnies are from Urban Outfitters, I love the round frames. Definitely going to wear this outfit again!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Home sweet home

So after a week full of sun, food and cocktails I'm back to reality, which in fact isn't too bad seeing as it's pretty hot here anyway. 
If you didn't already know I was in Tenerife along with my boyfriend and my sister. It was a really great week from going to the zoo; where someone surfed on a dolphin, which was pretty mind blowing to eating amazing food and seeing the sunshine every morning from our balcony. So here's a few snaps from last week...

Me enjoying a tequila sunrise, on our first evening. It tasted so good! Later on in the week I came to realise that Spain don't have measures of  alcohol, so add as much as they feel like. Seeing as I ordered a southern comfort and lemonade, which was half full of southern comfort! 

Craig and I at Los Cristianos, really busy town and such a hot day!! But beautiful views of the sea and beach. 

Chicken and vegetable paella, which was amazing. We found a steak house in the area we were staying in and decided to have go for local cuisine. It was delicious, definitely worth the money and it was huge! Going to learn how to cook it because it was just so yummy. 

We climbed to the top of Los Gigantes, took about an hour and the views were beautiful! Worth walking up there to see how amazing it looked. We thought there was a restaurant at the top that my auntie had told us about, however after finding that the restaurant at the top wasn't 'The chicken shack' we asked her and she said we couldn't find it because it was in Playa De Las Americas. 
Alas we never found it/got to Playa. 

However we did find an amazing 50's american diner called 'Harley's! Who could resist cars you could sit in and have a meal in and yummy food and cocktails. (Also a rose Craig bought for €1, from a random man walking around the tables, it was definitely nearly dead but still a rose!)

One of the cars you could sit in, unfortunately is was reserved so we had to sit on the normal seats next to it. 
All in all I had a great holiday and even managed to get a little tan, which is difficult seeing as I have very fair skin and usually burn. 
I recommend going to Tenerife, as it is so sunny, has places with great views, and everywhere is a bus ride away (depends where you stay).
So glad to be home though, sleeping in my own bed was a highlight!
I now also get to blog again, and will show you a few of the outfits I wore during the holiday in the next few days.
Has anyone else been on holiday lately or are you just enjoying the sunshine (finally) in England? 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cosmic Karma - Topshop Nails

I love Topshop nail varnish, the colours are amazing and they look the same as they do when they're dry. I bought this one the other day (£6), whilst in there returning a few items. I saw it and couldn't resist the colour, and used the excuse of 'I need a new nail varnish for holiday!'
I think that's a valid excuse right? 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Holiday time!

I'm so close to going on holiday I can taste the sunshine, well I can't but still. 

I'm working like crazy at the moment, seeing as today (Friday) through till Sunday, I'm going to be working 32 hours! Which is not fun in the slightest, however I'm thinking about the money, which will pay off my holiday debt. As well as working so much, I needed a haircut so I've booked one for 9AM tomorrow morning! It's the only time I could fit one in, however I will probably fall asleep in the chair and end up with a wonky haircut! 
I go away on Monday, to Tenerife and I'm so excited, haven't had a holiday in two years, and I get to go away with my boyfriend! My sister will be there too, which is pretty cool, seeing as she also hasn't had a holiday in a gazillion years and it will be nice to hang out with her again. All thanks to my Auntie, for helping us out with accommodation! 

I've already packed, seeing as I'm working so much this weekend, I won't have time to do it at any other point. I feel very organised, which is unlike me, I'm not sure if I like it, it feels like something is going to go wrong....fingers crossed.
I won't be able to post all week from Monday as I won't have much internet usage over there, without a hefty bill to come back too. 
Any suggestions on great places to visit in and around Adeje, Tenerife? 
Is anyone else going on holiday soon?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

My parents vow renewal - 23rd June

It was a while ago now, when the sun was shining and it was actually warm outside. This was the day my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a renewal of their vows. 
It was a lovely day, with the sun shining and it was nice to have everyone together! 
This is a photo of my and my boyfriend, he wore a brown checked suit from Next and a blue shirt from River Island, which made him look very dapper!
I wore the dress I bought from Topshop, I love love love this dress! I found it on a whim, after running around town trying to find something I went onto the Topshop website only to find it staring at me in the face. 

It was £59 which I thought wasn't too bad for such a gorgeous dress, and I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. I had to wear really high wedges though, seeing as the dress was super long, but that was fine with me; meant I could buy new shoes! 
So I bought some from New Look, for £25 which was reasonable and I will be wearing this outfit when I go on holiday to Tenerife this Monday!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Review of Soap and Glory - Sit Tight Intense XS

So you may remember, but you may not, that I bought the new cellulite busting product from Soap and Glory which I said I was going to test out (you can read it here)
Well I have used it on and off for about a month and a half, whilst also going to the gym and not drinking as many fizzy drinks, as on the packaging it says: 'no french fry is free' and it works best when combined with a good diet and/or going to the gym. You would probably get quicker results if you use this every day for a few weeks.
It is so easy to use, and you can feel it working as soon as you apply it, which is always a good sign. It does make you feel as though your thighs are sat in a tank of warm water, and it gives a burning sensation, but doesn't hurt at all. Which is a lot nicer than liposuction I'm sure!
I have taken a before and after photographs, but I don't think everyone wants to see my wobbly bits, but I will tell you there is a massive difference, a lot of the cellulite has gone and I have lost an inch off of my thighs! 
I am so happy with this product, it is £16.50 for 125ml's and is well worth the money if you want to get rid of that horrible orange peel look. I think I will have to buy one more tube to get rid of all of the cellulite, but I will be happy to spend that money.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Not a fashion post as such...

I'm really sorry for the lack of blog posts from me the last week, but a lot of things have happened. Firstly I've had to sort out my new job at a pub, near my house, which has been a bit of a palaver but it's sorted now, thankfully! I start on Monday next week!
But more importantly, my dad had to have an operation, as the doctor had found a lump on his lung, which maybe cancerous (we found out a few months ago). He suggested it would be best if dad had it removed. 
So after a few months of waiting, he finally went into hospital on Wednesday last week. So the lack of blogging is because my mother and I have been popping in and out of the hospital for the last week.
It was really difficult and horrible to say goodbye to Dad at the operating theater early Thursday morning, but thankfully he came out a few hours later, with the lump removed; which was benign! He was drugged up on morpheme and other pain killers so we didn't get to talk much, as he was a bit 'out of it' so after an hour or so we left him to rest. 
When we went back on Friday he seemed a bit better, as he was talking to us. However he had to keep a mask on to get his oxygen levels up. 
Saturday I had to go to work, so my mum went in and made sure he was alright and I got to see him again on Sunday. He looked a lot better as you can see from my Cinemagram I made of him which is just below. 

He was given the all clear this morning, so we brought him home about an hour ago and he is just having a kip. I am so glad that he is home, it's been weird without him here.
I know this hasn't been a fashion post but I had to talk about how glad I am to have my amazing Dad home!