Friday, 24 January 2014

Weekly Quick Pick - Boots

My quick pick this week is Boots, (The Chemist) 
I love Boots! I also love my Mum.

These may seem like two completely unrelated things, until you add in that little slip of receipt you sometimes get given when buying something in Boots. This is to invite you into completing a survey where you could win £200 worth of Boots points, meaning that you could potentially spend £200 in Boots...
Well low and behold my mum actually won. Like I'm not being funny but I thought it was all a con to get people to fill in surveys. But nope.

I was left amazed, when my mum told me and the next thing I know she said that she was going to treat me to some new make up. My jaw dropped.
I've never really been good with make up and I wish I was. So this has to be an amazing little present from my mum - a little starter kit. 

On a usual day at uni or work, I will just put on some mascara and eyeliner, then if I'm going out for the evening, I will put foundation and blusher on as well. But to be honest I'm not very clued up at what I'm doing. Girl Fail!

However now I've been treated to some nice make up, I'm going to give it a proper go! 
So if you have ANY tips on make up please please please leave them in the comments, I would really appreciate it! 

I was lucky enough for my mum to buy me (use the Boots points)...

- Lancome Waterproof Hypnose Drama (Black) 
- Maxfactor Max Effect Trio eye shadow in Coco Crazy
- Eyeshadow Brush, Boots own 
- Deluxe Eyelash Curler (Tweezerman) 
-L'oreal True Match Foundation in Rose Ivory
- L'oreal True Match Concealer in Beige 
- L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer
- Real Techniques Foundation Brush

(Image taken from my Instagram Little_Norris91)
I will be doing reviews on all of these products, probably leave the eyeshadow to last as I will have to get good at applying it first! 
But if you've used any of these products or have any tips on make up please let me know in the comments :) 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Weekly Quick Pick - Warehouse Smudge Print Sweat

This is from Warehouse, for £35, I love the muted colours and the daisy print. I've had my eye on a similar jumper to this, which has a faux silk print on the front, however it's £42, which is a bit too pricey for me at the moment.
I'm really into jumpers like this at the moment, I love how it's not too bulky so doesn't make you look top heavy. These jumpers are also great if you are having a lazy day at home and you still want to look nice but you also want to be in ultimate comfort! 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Outfit - Daisy Print

Earlier this week I went into the newly refurbished Primark in Southampton, usually I can not find anything in there, but since they've made it actually nice to shop in, I found quite a few things! 
In with the bits I bought, was this shirt, which I adore, the cute daisy print is perfect and black is my thing. I love the monochrome look, I think it's really chic and it's just so easy to wear. 
The shirt was a mere £12, which is amazing for how it looks and it fits really nicely. 

I picked up a few more bits and then headed for New Look, as I found they do a really good dupe disco pant. As soon as I tried them on I fell in love. They are gorgeous. They look very similar to the original disco pants, without the pockets and they are quite thin. However they aren't so thin that pants are on show (pet hate when it comes to leggings!) and they fit gorgeously. I have turned up the ankles as they are quite long, but I am only 5' 2''.
These great dupes are only £22.99, and I only paid £20.69 (student discount is going to be missed when I finish uni!)

Daisy print shirt - Primark £12
Disco Pant dupes - New Look - £22.99
Astrix Boots - Topshop - £42

New staple to my wardrobe. I also wore my trusty black Astrix boots from Topshop. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Weekly Quick Pick - Oasis Coat

Welcome to my Weekly Quick Pick, where I will pick something new every week that I've seen out and about or whilst window shopping online. This week I spotted this in Clique magazine, a gorgeous pastel blue coat from Oasis. 

Pastel Car Coat - Blue - £110
I love this coat, even though it's £110. 
I would love to try it on because I have no idea if it would suit me or not, may have to take a trip into town. However there is only mediums left on their website, so who knows if it's even in their store.
I love this colour though, it's perfect for the crisp winter mornings. 
What do you think? Have you seen any pastel coats that you just love? 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Outfit - Subtle Quilting

Urban Outfitters scarf, Topshop honeycomb sweater, Jamie Jeans Topshop, Astrix Boots Topshop and Owl necklace unknown

Currently doing uni work I thought I would upload my outfit from yesterday, when I went into town with my boyfriend to return some bits and buy some new tweezers (glamorous I know).
I decided to wear the new top I bought from Topshop, which is the Mulberry Honeycomb Sweat Tunic, it was £29 but with student discount made it down to £26, which is quite expensive but I adore it so much. I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the texture of the fabric, which is kind of a thin quilt (difficult to explain, but it's very nice!) It also has an exposed zip at the back which is about 3 inches long, which is a nice touch. So close to buying the other colours it comes in, but I might wait a little while so my bank balance doesn't suffer too much!

I'm wearing it with my Topshop Jamie Jeans in black along with Topshop Astrix boots (not pictured but can look at here
I also wore my scarf which I got from my boyfriend for Christmas, it is from Urban Outfitters, I love it so much and goes perfectly with this outfit!

The owl necklace was courtesy of my sister, she had a clear out of some of her jewellery and this is one of the pieces I got off of her. I think it completes my look nicely.

Velbon DF-51 tripod

Finally I used my tripod for the first time since getting it for Christmas, from my parents! It made taking these photos so much easier! Instead of it taking 30+ minutes it only took my about 15! I love it so much, can't wait till the summer when I can take photos outside with it.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Christmas Hamper gifts

I know this post is a bit late, however I didn't want to post it before Christmas (so they wouldn't find out what they've got) and it's been hectic for the last two weeks (uni work!) so this is why it is so late!

I really wasn't sure on what to get my mum and boyfriends mum for Christmas, so I decided to make them a little hamper each full of nice things. 
I got the cute hamper from John Lewis for £7 each, and the shredded paper was £2 for each pack (I bought one of each colour). So thats the main part, all I needed then was the bits to go inside. 

I chose to get a few gifts for each, all of which were under £5 each. You could put less items in the hampers and it would still look cute. 

In the hamper for my boyfriend's mum I included, a small bottle of pink cava, a bag of Salted Caramel puddles, a Lily Flame Candle, some Topshop socks, Darjeeling tea leaves and a Lancôme cleanser. 

My mum's hamper was a bit more expensive, as I included things she wanted for Christmas - the ear bud earphones and Michael Bublé Album for example. 
I also added in her favourite scent in the form of a shower gel, it works out cheaper than the actual fragrance however it means your scent will last longer during the day, which is helpful. Meaning my mum can use less of her perfume and still smell amazing. 

You can probably tell there is a few Lancôme items in the hampers, these were free gifts I received from them once I had purchased two things (which I gave to my sister). Beauty brands do this every so often, generally near to Christmas to get more and more people to buy into the brand. I was very thankful for this as it adds something special into the hampers. If you wanted to create a hamper like this for a birthday or anniversary present, you could still potentially get a few samples from a make up brand, just ask for a few samples - it pays to be cheeky sometimes! 

I wrapped each present individually and finished them both off with some red organza and a gold ribbon. I will be the first to admit they look very much like valentines day gifts! Not helping that the basket was in the shape of a heart, but they looked very cute. 

Taken from my Instagram page, Little_norris91 or click the link in the side bar
Did any of you receive a gift like this or even make hampers for friends or family?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Dotty - House Of Holland Nails Review

I've been wearing a lot of fake nails lately, but I thought I would try a different brand, as I have been wearing Nailene. I saw these in Boots and died, they are perfect. They were about £8.50 and they are a mix of spotty and matte nails, by House of Holland -  Elegant Touch. You get 24 individual nails in a pack with nail glue and a nail file. 

I decided to wear them for my birthday (which was on boxing day) and my birthday night out, they were easy to apply, with the nail glue included in the pack which is always helpful! I used half black matte and half dotty but you could do any combination, however I did realise there is only about 6 or 7 dotty nails compared with a lot more matte. They come in a variety of sizes, some of which were too big for my nails, but I managed to find ones that fit. They were very long when I first applied them, and they took a bit of filing down, which is quite difficult with the addition of the coloured 3D balls. 

I wore them for about 3 days any they stayed on well, this included two days of working in a clothes department. One nail came off during work but I was able to stick it back on, it is always a pain when they're only press on nails not a gel or shellack so of course they are going to come off if you're doing a lot. 
They finally came off on new years day, which in total means they lasted 6 days in total, which isn't bad and I still love them. 

Many people thought I had even done these nails myself, which is nice to hear, but thankfully I didn't have to stick on individual balls onto my fingers! 
Have you tried any other of the Henry Holland nail sets or any other brand which have great designs? 

Happy New Year! :)