Friday, 17 February 2012

Feminine vs masculine

As my sister has been at home this week writing her dissertation, I decided to use her photographic services and asked her to take a few simple shots of my outfit outside. As usually I have to use my dark living room, which isn't amazing for photograph quality. 

Anyway, this is what I was wearing on Thursday this week, that morning I had no idea what I was going to wear, it was a nightmare! I seriously need to sort my wardrobe out, it's starting to get unbearable. 

 Finally I opted for my Zara jeans in beige, which I should wear more as it took me over an hour to get the right size! Seeing as Zara's clothes may say they are size 10 but there are at least 10 variations of a size 10. However these jeans do make my bottom half look naked from far away, but as I took so long finding them I feel like I should wear them more often.  I paired it with my Urban outfitters dark teal shirt, with detailing around the collar. I have never put these items together before however I think it works pretty well. But judge for yourself.

After uni I decided to change my bag, to my 'old lady' (vintage) one my sister bought from a charity shop 5 years ago and gave to me. I adore this bag so much, it has so many little compartments inside including; pen pockets, a small zip up pocket and two main compartments. The stark white contrasts beautifully with the dark teal of my shirt, I also think it's a great juxtaposition between the male shirt aspect and the feminine bag. 

As it was cold outside I obviously had to wear my beautiful coat, it didn't fail to keep me nice and toasty! 

Even though I have never worn this outfit before I will definitely be wearing it again, maybe even to Paris when I go at the beginning of March.

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  1. lovely chic outfit, the bag is vintage fabulous as is the coat! ideal for gay paris! :D xx