Saturday, 22 November 2014

Simple Kind to Skin Nourishing Body Wash - Review

A few weeks ago whilst in Boots, I decided to buy some new shower gel, I usually use Radox Moisture Boost Shower Gel. I fancied trying something new, so whilst perusing the shower gel section, I noticed the Simple shower gel section, I chose the Nourishing Body Wash.
I don't know wether I'm really late to the party or that it is a new product, but either way it's new to me. I already use some simple products and have done in the past, and seeing as my skin is quite sensitive I decided to give it a go.

I have used this for some time, so you know it's a true review. 
The initial packaging is good - simple of course, which always makes me think that they take more time on the product inside the packaging. However I also go the other way, and love unique and exciting packaging. But seeing as the brands name is Simple it makes sense that they have such minimal packaging.


The smell of this shower gel, is well...none existent, but for sensitive skin this is a god send! I found that it was great because I could then use my scented moisturiser and it wouldn't create an odd mix of smells, it just focused on the moisturiser scent. It smells exactly the same as their face moisturiser, to give it a bit of context.

Simple Kind to Skin Nourishing Shower Gel

So it came around to using the product, and I thought I knew what to expect, you know as using shower gels now for near enough my whole life...I was wrong. When you think of shower gel you probably think of a soft luxurious liquid, however the Simple Nourishing Body Wash looks lumpy, yes lumpy!
A friend of mine explained that she thought it was the same texture of PVA glue, I absolutely agree. Such a strange texture! But I decided to persevere.

Using a purple puff to apply the Simple Nourishing Body Wash

First use

After lathering up the weird lumpy liquid, it actually went rather well, the texture changed into a really bubbly luxurious one - this restored my faith in the product! As there wasn't a scent afterwards I used my moisturiser and I didn't get a weird mix of smells, which I really appreciated.

Simple body wash after after being lathered up - BUBBLES!


All in all I think this product is very nourishing, however it doesn't feel as luxurious as other brands - mainly down to the fact there isn't any scent and that's what I feel makes something feel luxurious. The product is lasting a long time, as you don't need a lot for it to lather up. I would definetely purchase this product again. 

Have you tried any of the other Simple shower gels, are they the same kind of thing? Or have you tried anything else that is good for sensitive skin?

Friday, 14 November 2014

Winter Essentials: The Coat

For the next month or two I will be posting all about essentials for winter, in my Winter Essentials Series. This week I'm talking about one of the main things you will need in winter - the coat!

Wrap up warm because it's going to get cold! Every year we look for the perfect coat that will see us through the cold and damp winter months, and obviously this year is no exception.

I always look for something that is a statement, a few years ago I bought a brown faux fur coat, which I still have and still looks gorgeous. Last year I bought a fur, tweed and leather number, which I absolutely adore, it might sound like a horrendous mix, but it is gorgeous and I always get compliments on it.

This year I was hoping to get a coloured coat, so I have something that I can wear when it's grey and gross outside. Just to brighten up my day. Here are my favourite four coats that you can find on the hughstreet. 

Where are you getting your winter coat from this year, and will you be going for a bright number or a subtle black or monochrome?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Handmade Burger Co. Review

Whilst on a shopping trip to Southampton a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to try a new place for lunch, so we went to the Handmade Burger Company which has just opened in West Quay shopping centre. The Handmade Burger Co, boasts a huge menu and has many restaurants around the United Kingdom.

We were greeted by a lovely server, who was chatty and helpful, he explained the extensive menu (over 40 different burgers to be exact!) explaining how you can have anything you want, if you don't want it ask for it not to be included and if you fancy something different on your burger just ask to add it on.

First impressions were great, the decor was very hipster, with singular lightbulbs hanging above every table, along with a metal gate surrounding the whole restaurant, as well as music playing in the background. It was really nice that it felt so different from being in West Quay - it actually felt like we weren't in the shopping centre at all!

Looking through the menu, I really couldn't chose, it was so difficult to chose from all the different burgers - going for something regular or trying something new. I decided on staying to what I knew, because I was so hungry, I had to know I would actually eat it! However I was very tempted by the Avocado and Bacon burger!

Like I said the range was massive, from beef to chicken and of course veggie, along with sliders, lamb, smaller burgers, stuffed burgers and more!

My boyfriend ordered a Banana Milkshake, which took quite a while to arrive and when it did we were quite disappointed, well my boyfriend was. It could be that we were expecting too much, but it didn't taste as nice as we expected it to. It wasn't very thick and it tasted like banana flavouring not fresh banana.

In the end I ordered an American Cheese burger, which had onion rings, swiss cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and red onion. We also ordered a side of chips to share as our server told us they were massive portions. 

To be honest I wasn't very impressed with the burger, it was alright. I felt like they cooked it too much for my liking, so it was actually quite dry and tasteless. So I was very disappointed if I'm honest. 

They had only been open for a week when we went so I will give them another chance, and go there again another time. Maybe in a few months time to see if they have improved, I may even try a chicken burger to see if it is better than the other one. 


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My European Adventure - Ten Tips for Travelling Europe

This is the final post in my European Adventure Series, my ten tips for travelling around Europe. This doesn't mean that I know everything about travelling because I really don't, but these are just a few things that I found out through my travels.

1. Don't pack every single item in your wardrobe into your bag/suitcase - it will be heavy and you will want to throw it all away half way through!

2. Go with a friend or an organised group, you will be safer.

My friend and I

3. Do something you have never done before or you are scared of - I went on a really high cable cart ride over Barcelona and I am terrified of them, but I did it and it was amazing.

Cable Cart over Barcelona! 

4. Eat all the food you can, never go hungry. All the walking and carrying of heavy bags you will be glad you had 3 croissants covered in Nutella for breakfast!

Good food in Paris 

5. Wear comfy clothes, yes ok be as fashionable as you want, but at the end of the day you don't want to be catching that silk top covered in sequins on something and ruining it. Smock dresses were my favourite thing to wear whilst away, they were just so comfortable.

Love a smock dress

6. Put your iPhone/camera down and look at your surroundings - a study in 2013 said that people who just observe their surroundings rather than documenting it in a photograph remembered it better when asked about it later on.

7. But also take photos/videos etc - it's always nice to show your friends and family you in front of a building in the middle of a city, which generally has some sort of importance.

8. Go to the places that are tourist attractions but also find things that are unique and not the main sights. Whilst in Barcelona we went to see the works of Gaudi and we also ended up at a cute little outdoor market full of antiques and jewels it was so nice. Then whilst in Madrid we found a rooftop bar which looked over the whole of the city. It was basically empty and so nice just to chill.

View from the rooftop bar over Madrid

9. It's always nice to buy friends and/or family presents from your travels, but don't buy them anything heavy or breakable in your first part of your trip - remember you have to carry it around. Don't forget to get yourself a little memento of your time away. Unless you don't want to or your budget is small, then don't feel like you have to buy everyone presents.

This wasn't even the full map of places we ended up going to, too much to do in two weeks! 

10. The most important tip - Europe will be there forever don't feel like you have to fit everything into one trip, take your time and chill out. It also means if you enjoyed travelling you already have a list of places to go.

You can check out the rest of my European Adventure Series, from which backpack is best for you, to what to take with you in your backpack and all about my experience with an Interrail Ticket.

If you have any other questions about travelling around Europe, please feel free to ask :)

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Outfit - Velvet Dreams

It's a jean kind of day today! My trusty black Jamie jeans from Topshop were on top form today, with a little roll up on my ankle, exposing a bit of skin on a surprisingly warm Autumn day!

Velvet Dreams outfit 
I wanted to wear something a bit interesting so I went for my vintage GAP jacket, in a gorgeous bottle green velvet - perfection. I love the look of a soft velvet jacket, as it shimmers in the daylight.

Dream Catcher top from Gold Kid London
Velvet jacket vintage GAP 

I wore a top I bought from a stall in Camden Lock called Gold Kid London. I love it, and it was only a fiver! I am a huge fan of dream catchers so this was definitely the top for me! 

Necklace from 

I didn't want to wear a necklace that was too loud and flashy, so I went for this simple black rope necklace with three skull beads - perfect for the week of Halloween. 

Astrix Boots from Topshop

I really need a new pair of boots, as these seem to feature all the time on my blog! But I do love them dearly! If you have any suggestions of new winter boots, please let me know!