Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My hatred for cropped tops

This has got even larger whilst walking around Urban Outfitters today when I spotted an awesome t-shirt, folded up on the table. When I got closer and picked it up to have a proper look, I realised that half the top was missing from the bottom. 
Topshop - £18

Why do designers do this and then not make a full t-shirt version?! It frustrates me so much, I would have bought that top if it wasn't half finished. Like many girls I have not got a flat tummy and still would like to wear cool tops. It seems, yet again the fashion industry are promoting their clothes at thin people (old news) because girls who don't have flat tummy's can not always get away with these tops. 

Urban Outfitters - £22

Thankfully whilst browsing UO website I have come across a few of their crop tops in normal T-shirt form, thankfully! I'm hoping this will catch on with the other high street shops because I am sick of seeing half finished tops! 

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