Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bra's bra's bra's!

I love pretty underwear so much, what's better than knowing you have a beautiful bra underneath your clothes? 
From front fastening ones, that are probably the most sexy thing to wear to lace and bralets. Which of course are both very sexy.

 The only bra's I can not handle, are if you haven't guessed...UNWIRED. 
I hate unwired bra's so much. They are unflattering and gross, I can't see how any women would like to wear them. 
Well the exception of them probably being comfortable.

But that's where the 'Wonderbra' comes into the equation. The most comfortable bra I have ever bought, I could wear it all the time, with the first 'full effect - Wonderbra' under my belt...well over my belt if you catch my drift. I decided to then buy the strapless Wonderbra, with the 'ultimate strapless bra' title there was a lot to live up to. 
I was a bit skeptical when putting it on for the first time, seeing as the bra looks huge and looks like it will fall down as soon as I walk down the stairs. 
However it really is the ultimate strapless bra, whilst wearing it I didn't have to pull it up and rearrange it at all.
Best bra's I have ever bought. 
I really do recommend these bra's to everyone, who has boobs obviously.

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