Monday, 23 January 2012

I think it's getting obvious that I love moustaches

I got yet another moustache related product to add to my collection. Not that I'm complaining; not at all, I love moustaches. This new bracelet is from a friend of mine who bought me it for my birthday.
I now have loads of moustache related products, since my trip to Florida in September 2010, where I picked up my first moustache product, which was a snow globe from Urban outfitters. I instantly fell in love with it and now I just can't get enough. 
For Christmas my boyfriend bought me a pillow set with one massive moustache on it. There were so many other gifts I have received with that type of facial hair on it. I guess people have cottoned onto the fact, I think they are amazing. 

Most of these are from Urban Outfitters where it seems that facial furniture has a permanent place in their hearts. I'm not sure where the love of moustaches has come from, as many people now are amazed by them. Will this carry on with everyone, or will it be shaved off and swapped for massive eyebrows or even full beards?
Who knows all I know is that these little beauts are going to be in my heart forever. 

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