Thursday, 26 January 2012

Is the perfect leather jacket out there?

I've been trying for a while now to find the perfect leather jacket. I'm starting to think it's impossible, but I shall not give up trying to find it! I was specifically looking for a real leather jacket, as they last a long time, get better with age, also they smell really good.

My quest began when I started uni in September, where I realised I needed an ‘in between’ jacket, which I could wear wind, rain or shine! It needed to be light enough that it wouldn’t be too hot when walking around town throughout the year, but warm enough in the colder months. This would always be a challenge, because only a magic jacket would be able to do all those things.

The great thing about leather jackets is that they go with everything, making any outfit smart but also casual. I just love how they give your outfit a bit of an edge; it’s the easiest way to rock up any outfit. You can wear it with practically anything as well.  

So I started looking around town and on websites to start my search off, however it was to no avail. All I was finding were fake leather jackets ending at the waist; these don’t flatter me at all, it’s a shame because a lot of the details on them are really pretty.

After spotting a few in the shops in the Southampton high street, I found one in Miss Selfridge, it was lush and perfect for what I wanted. It looked really cute, with a side zip, two little pockets and zips on the sleeves and even though it was fake leather I really didn’t mind. This meant it was a lot cheaper than leather jackets, but unfortunately it was out of stock within a few weeks. Which was obviously going to happen.
Miss Selfridge - £52

Then I stumbled upon one on the Topshop website, which is real leather and it looks perfect, I couldn’t ask for more, except to be able to try it before I bought it. Oh and also the price is a bit steep for my student budget; £165. This makes me think I might go for a fake leather jacket instead, as they are a lot cheaper!  
Topshop - £165

So my quest for the perfect leather jacket is still carrying on, and it will carry on until I am successful! Hopefully it won’t be too long until I can hold it in my hands. 



    This is the leather jacket I just bought of Asos, pretty similar and £100 for real leather. Not too shabby. x

  2. Oh that's a really nice one! Does it fit nicely? that's good for a leather jacket...well compared to the ones I found. xx