Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My quick pick

Today I was thinking of what to wear, when I realised all of my jeans were in the wash, and I had worn a skirt most of this week. So what was left? 
I don't usually enjoy wearing shorts, however I thought, 'what the heck' and grabbed some out of my wardrobe.

With these shorts from Republic, I was looking through my wardrobe again thinking what I was going to put with it, then my new shirt caught my eye...I wonder. 
Perfect match. 

Funnily enough they look really quirky together, I love this look. With the teal next to the bright patterned shorts it creates a great juxtaposition. Teamed with my new black loafers and black tights completes the ensemble.

No clue what I'm going to do today however with this look I could do anything from the cinema to a drink with friends at the pub. 
Have a good day what ever you are doing  :) x

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