Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rave Nation

As soon as dip dyed hair started becoming fashionable again, it was only a matter of time before the 90's popped back onto the high street. There was a time when the 90's fashion trends were the things of nightmares, no one would dare to dress in brightly coloured 3/4 lengths or dye their hair random colours. The only time you could feel comfortable doing that would be going to a fancy dress party as the spice girls. 

But now that it is 2012 the hi-top trainers and sporty neon clothing are hitting back, but it seems a bit more sophisticated this time around, ditch the dungarees bring in the over sized bleached denim jackets, with a brightly coloured body con dress.

If like me you don't like wearing bright colours as much, you could go for a more subtle look, by using pastels mixed in with the brighter colours. Either way this is a perfect trend for spring/summer, bringing a bit of brightness to your oh so dark wardrobe of the winter months. 

So if it's by dying your hair, dusting off your hi-tops or going to a huge rave in a random field, you can't help but love this trend. 

Here's a few pieces I have pulled together that I think are key to the rave/90's trend all from

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