Monday, 9 January 2012

Which style tribe do you fit into?

It was my first day back at uni today and I got to attend a lecture held by Alexander Shakespeare; the ex Deputy Editor of Harper's Bazaar, among other things, and it was all about 'Street Style'. She explained the origins of it, and how it originally started in the 1950's with the 'Teddy boys' which was associated with the rock and roll era in America, along with a lot of different ‘tribes’.

Street style used to be a lot about standing out from the crowd and having something to say, like the punks of the 1970’s, they were rebelling against the  parliament of the time. However nowadays it isn't rebelling as much. It seems that people just like to dress in their own unique style. This was shown by the second part of the lecture, where we all had to get ourselves into 'style tribes' which was a lot more difficult than it seemed.
The categories were:
-Geek Sheek

To add to this stress of picking which 'tribe' we were in, we had to do it as soon as possible. Most of the people around me all looked a bit confused and chat erupted amongst the group. Not many people seemed very clear on where they belonged, all looking around looking bemused, including me.
I was wearing a Navajo style long cardigan (Topshop), a burgundy long sleeved top (New Look), a grey high wasted skirt (Forever 21) and a pair of brown boots (Dune). Something I just decided to wear at 8am this morning, pulling parts out of my wardrobe not thinking I would be judged on them.

So which category would I be in?

Apparently I am an Indie; however I don't make a conscious decision to be in a certain style tribe. I don’t go into shops with a certain ‘look’ in mind, sometimes I wish I did, so it’s easier to buy clothes that all go together. But then again I don’t like being put into a ‘tribe’. I do understand where Alex was coming from, as she was showing us how many different styles and overlaps there is on the streets at the moment.
So which ‘style tribe’ do you think you would be in if you had to place yourself right now with what you are wearing? 

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