Friday, 13 January 2012

Sorry there was no posts yesterday I was otherwise engaged, a.k.a I was at my sisters flat for the evening/night. It was awesome to see her, as I don't often get too. Went into Salisbury town and had a Costa,   of course I had the Vanilla Latte, I love those things. I really need to start taking my camera out more, bless it it doesn't get out much. 
Then we went back to her flat, and stayed up late watched TV and ate a curry we bought from Tesco. 
Love it. 

She also was able to take my outfit photo for the day, so for you who care, here's what I was wearing yesterday...

The sun was shining yesterday and it looked relatively warm outside, I decided to dust off the light coloured jeans and stripey tops and embrace the weather. It was really cold though, which meant when we sat in Weatherspoons for lunch I ran straight to the table which had a nice wooden fire next to it! Just too warm my feet up!
As I'm writing this, I have realised I don't like what I look like in these jeans, they make me look short and chubby. Maybe I should take Gok Wan's advise and go for more of a flared jean, however it's not my kind of style. Being short isn't all it's cracked up to be. 
Anyway, I still like my outfit, with the grey blazer from Topshop, and the top I bought ages ago from New Look.  
I love my jewelry, my mustache ring is my favourite; bought from Topshop, the necklace and other ring are both from accessorize. I like the fact they are red, it just gives the outfit something to make it stand out a bit more. 

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