Monday, 9 January 2012

Collar detailing and velvet love

You may have read my post on velvet and how much I love it; well I'll get to that point in a minute.

So I was strolling down the high street today, when I happened to walk past Urban Outfitters. I couldn't help myself, I just had to go in; for the second time today, and have a ganders at all their beautiful clothes and shoes and accessories...I could go on but I don't want to bore you.

As I walked in I picked up 8 different items, and then spent the next hour in the fitting rooms, deciding what ones I wanted to buy!
I'm glad I was shopping on my own because I was able to make a good decision about what items I actually wanted and which ones didn't work. However I spent an hour in there because I couldn't make up my mind, so I could have done with someone else around, if I’m honest!

I did think I made the right choice though, I purchased (after much deliberation) a dirty blue sheer shirt, with black velvet collar detail and what look like tiny curtain tie backs, but are in fact supposed to be part of the shirt. I also bought a black velvet skirt, to go with it.

It was perfect. I loved that it was velvet; I was able to buy a whole outfit in one shop; which is a rarity for me! Normally I’m running around the high street just to find something to go with the jumper I had just bought. Most of the time I give up, take the jumper home and try and fit it in with what I have. This time I took initiative and went for it, even though the shirt was a bit pricey, I know I will wear this outfit a lot. It is perfect for day to night; I only have to change the shoes. 

What could be better?

Well, I did find the perfect boots to go with the outfit, they would make it very casual, they were black and laced up, and the best part was they were down to £20 from £75! However whilst trying to find a size 5, I stumbled across a lonely looking boot, looking at it I realised it was size 5. I thought:  “Perfect!” Rumbling through the other shoes and boots, I tried to find the pair to this lonely boot, however it came to nothing. Running up to the pay desk, asking where the other boot, the man behind just simply said: “Maybe it’s gone on its break?” This didn’t help.

Unfortunately I left the shop with no boots.

As I wandered past New Look to get to the bus stop when I realised they must have a pair of simple shoes that will go with my outfit! Alas I was correct, £15 later and a smile from the sales assistant I was on my way home, a very happy bunny with these loafers. 

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