Sunday, 21 April 2013

Just another week #10

Good evening everyone, how are you? 
I'm sorry for my lack of blogging this week, I've been to London, I've had uni work to do and I've helped my parents clear out our loft, as we have now sold our house. 

My boyfriend and I went up to London on Tuesday to see the Bowie exhibition. It was a brilliant two days, and the exhibition at the V&A was amazing! If you've managed to get tickets, you're very lucky, because it has now sold out. I'm hoping they can extend it for a few more weeks, as I would definitely go again. 

But here's my Instagram updates for this week-

1. Found this in the loft, amazing, it works out that we actually have two copies, I still remember when we got them! Definitely need to watch this one more time.

2. A vintage handbag and tapestry storage thing, both my mums, which were found in the loft. I twisted my mums arm and she let me have them both. I love the tapestry storage, I will probably use it for magazines and bits and bobs. I love the bag, it's blue suede - needs a clean, but it is charming. 

3. The 'Sold' sign that turned up at my house on Tuesday morning. 

4. Our hotel room for London, we stayed in the Umi hotel in Bayswater. I really recommend this hotel, it's a three star and only a ten minute walk from the tube station. The room was gorgeous, with a really comfy bed. Unfortunately there was building work going on in the morning so we were woken quite early, but it was probably a blessing, so we actually left the room on time! 

5. My boyfriend and I <3

6. My boyfriend in TGI Friday's, drinking a bahama mumma

7. Me drinking a raspberry Daiquiri. Yum. 

8. We went to The Gourmet Burger Kitchen on Frith Street in Soho, it was so yummy. Really gutted their isn't one in Southampton! They do a 4oz size, which is the perfect size for me, as I usually struggle with a normal size burger. So bravo GBK!

9. My boyfriend and I again, top image: kisses, bottom image: afterwards, there are no words except typical! 

10. Craig on the train back home, he's reading some sort of magazine about Play Stations.  

11. Budvar - posh Budwiser

12. BROWNIES! I made these yesterday, and they have nearly all gone! 
I might do a 'how to' post on how I made these brownies later in the week. 

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Hope you've all had good weeks? 


  1. Love your pictures, keep up the good blogging, I'm your new follower ^-^