Friday, 12 April 2013

What's in my bag - Zara Office Bag

The Zara City Office Bag

So what's in my bag?

Seeing as I reviewed this bag a few days ago, I wanted to do a 'what's in my bag' post. Also to show you how much stuff you can fit in it, I also sometimes keep my note pad in there, if I have a lecture that day at uni. 

Macbook Pro
Elle May 2013
Paperchase Diary
Paperchase Pen
Urban Outfitters Purse
Urban Outfitters Phone Case (containing my Iphone)
A really old Ipod Nano
An inhaler (I need it to breathe sometimes)
Umbrella from Primark

First things first, I keep my laptop in there, as that's why I bought the bag in the first place. It fits like a glove; but it does weigh the bag down a lot! I have a cover on it, which I bought from Amazon from a company called Gmyle, it was £13.98 for a 15inch macbook cover. It was really easy to attach, and keeps my laptop looking cool and also keeps it from getting scratched or dirty. It also comes in a range of different colours and sizes for all the different MacBooks, including MacBook Air. 

I also have this months Elle, with Kate Hudson gracing the cover, I always keep a magazine handy in my bag, just incase I'm sat somewhere on my own and want something to read or I'm at my boyfriends house and he's doing his uni work, which leads me to have nothing to do. I love the feel of a magazine too, I would never read Elle on my Iphone, or a tablet (even if I had one) because you don't get the sense of owning it, or the feeling of the pages. 

I have an umbrella in my bag at all times, you can never be too sure with the English weather, this one is from Primark, I think it was £3. It has lasted pretty well so far, it's travelled all the way to New York with me too. 
My keys are another necessity of my handbag, with my moustache key ring, which Craig's mum bought me as part of my birthday present last year along with the 'M' that my Auntie bought back from Ireland, it's a good set. 

I can't believe how old my Ipod is but it is still going - just about. It doesn't have a hold button anymore or any of the other bits at the top of it. It doesn't charge properly, so I have to hope that it wants to work when I want to listen to it. But I think it's done very well, I don't need another one yet, I'll wait till this one completely gives up before I buy a new one! Along with that I of course have my Ipod earphones. 

Another really old item is my purse, which I bought for $9 in Urban Outfitters when I was in Florida in September 2010! I love the grey rose print, however it has started to show wear and tear which is a shame, as I can't find another one anywhere that I love as much as this purse! 
Any suggestions? 

I have to take my diary wherever I go, even if I'm not using it, I take it with me because you never know when you might need to use it. I was bought this diary and pen set as part of a Christmas present from my sister, I love it. I always love having a diary but that fact it has a matching pen - a bit of OCD kicking in there. 

Another thing I have to take everywhere I go is of course my phone, I would be lost with out it! Thankfully now I have a compartment for my phone in my new bag, it makes it so much easier not to lose it! I was bought the glittery cover by Craig for one of my Christmas presents, it was from Urban Outfitters. I almost collapsed when I saw the glitter and how pretty is was, and haven't taken it off my phone since! 

Finally the not so glamorous inhaler! I always take this with me, as I have mild asthma but you never know when it might crop up.


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