Sunday, 14 April 2013

I should be over all the butterflies but it's...Just another week #9

Hi everyone! 
Hope your Sunday's are going well and you are all super relaxed ready for the week ahead. 
My week has been a nice one, I went back to uni and now it's a race to get work finished for 'summer'. I am hoping to get mine done before the hand in date, but let's see how that fairs. 

Here's the photo's from my week:

1. Outfit of the day, I'm wearing my new Primark midi tube skirt along with spotty tights, also from Primark. I did an outfit post on Tuesday, if you want to see the whole outfit, click here

2. On Tuesday I also got my hair cut at Rush Salon in Southampton, this is the before and after photo. I have tried to keep the curl in it, however I'm hopeless when it comes to blow drying, so I might have to invest in some curlers. (I also look super grumpy in the first photo, I was trying to be inconspicuous) 

3. My first listen of Paramore's new album, love it. I have always been a huge fan of Paramore and I'm glad their come back album is as good as their last one (2009).

4. My new boots! I LOVE THESE BABIES! Sorry for the caps, but I saw these a few months back and knew I had to have them, but they were £85! Now I love tapestry (I've always wanted one of those 'old lady' bags), but I wasn't going to pay so much for some boots. However I walked in there by chance on Wednesday, and saw these beauties, for £47! I tried them on and they fit so well, I then charmed my way to 10% off, so thanks to the man in Office, I got these for £42.30! 
(I am now on a clothes and accessories spending ban; let's see how long that lasts)

5. Which brings me nicely to this photo, I'm selling things! There is still stuff left, so let me know if you want anything :)

6. Prezzo on Wednesday night, for my boyfriend's brother's birthday. Really gorgeous food and of course I had a desert! Yum.

7. Talking of desserts, I made an apple crumble today. The first ever attempt at it and it was successful! 
I was pretty impressed at how easy it is to make and of course how yummy it is! 

8. I bought Paramore's album this morning and it's on repeat on my CD player. Hence the name of this post. 

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How has your week been? 


  1. I'm loving Paramore's new song... so catchy! is the rest of the album as good?
    Hannah :) x

    1. Yeah I really recommend listening to it, it's a bit different to their old stuff, but still really great! Definitely a grower :) x