Monday, 8 April 2013

THE perfect bag! Zara City Office Bag Review

You may have seen me talking about this bag last week, well I only went and bought it! 
So I am now a proud owner of the City Office Bag by Zara, it is a reasonable £49.99, seeing as it has about a zillion compartments! Also I've wanted this bag forever, seems a small price to pay for such an excellent bag. (facts and figures may not be exact)

I purchased this bag after running around town and trawling through the internet trying to find a bag big enough and sturdy enough to hold my laptop, as I have been using my other Zara bag which isn't exactly ideal - I have to force my mac into it! 

After finding out about this bag, I went into my local Zara store, and found the camel version of it, unfortunatly they did not have the black one in stock, but I thought, if I buy the brown one at least I have a bag I can fit my laptop into. Then if the black one comes into stock I can exchange it. Low and behold the next day on Zara's website, this one came into stock! 
I ordered it straight away as it has been rather sort after as it is very similar to the Prada bag, which has also sold out. However at a fraction of the price I personally love the Zara version more than the Prada one, for one it has more compartments than the Prada original as well as that you have less chance of getting this one stolen (yes I touched wood then). 

The City Office Bag is great it has five compartments, three zipped and two held closed my magnetic buttons. I've seen other peoples reviews on this bag and the zip seems to have been a problem, luckily for me the zips on the bag work fine and don't get caught at all when opening. Must be luck of the draw I suppose. Out of the three large (17inch) zipped compartments, the one in the middle is nicely padded, which means you can fit your laptop in there knowing it is protected from whatever else you have in your handbag as well as it being completely safe if you were to drop your bag. (I reckon, however I'm not going to test this out just incase I break my mac!)

The other two zipped compartments are simple, with just the deep red lining, which is gorgeous! The two buttoned compartments are both brilliant, one with a small zipped compartment that is also padded, this can be used to keep your Ipad/Kindle or any other device. 
The other side there is more little compartments, to fit your mobile, cards and also a tiny zipped compartment for change or other little bits you don't want to be sifting around your bag for. 
The bag also comes with an attachable shoulder strap, which comes in handy when you just want to chuck it over your shoulder when you have other things to carry - for me it's Uni books and Vanilla Latte's 

All in all I think this bag is worth the £49.99, it is gorgeous, simple, and so many compartments, so if you're like me and enjoy putting things in certain places then this is the perfect bag for you.