Thursday, 10 May 2012

So good they named it twice.

I'm going to New York, New York baby! 
I'm so excited, uni have organised a trip to the wonderful city in December this year. Once I read the email they sent out, I just knew I had to go! I have always wanted to go to the Big Apple, it's in my 'to do' list and now I am! 
It was obviously a lot cheaper than you would pay if you were to buy a ticket there yourself, which is another reason why I couldn't miss this opportunity. We're going for four days, the week before Christmas, it's going to be incredible. 
I couldn't help my excitement so I've been 'googling' photos of the city itself.  
Has anyone ever been to New York? Have you got any suggestions on places to go and see, and what kind of clothes to wear? 
I hear it gets freezing cold in Winter.

Photographs not mine; found on google

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