Friday, 4 May 2012

More focus please

The other day I decided it was about time for me to invest in a remote for my Canon 450D. I've had my Canon for about three years now and it is such a good little camera, I love taking photographs on it. It's been very well traveled from being with me at Busch Gardens in Florida in summer 2010 to a wedding I took photos for last summer. 
I have thought about getting one for a while but I wasn't sure about how good they really were but after reading a post on Jen's blog - A little bird told me, I decided they really were worth the money. 
So I reserved one to collect from my local Comet store, after 30 mins it was ready to be collected so I rushed down and as I inquired about my order, the sales assistant hands me a TINY box. 
I didn't realise how small these devises actually were! This photo may be deceiving as it is actually only about 5cm X 2cm in diameter. It comes with this cute little case that I have attached to the strap of my camera.  
I can't wait to use it, as my outfit photos won't be as unfocused anymore, I think this is a must for any blogger as it just makes everything so much easier and quicker! Seeing as when my camera is on self timer mode it can take up to 10 photographs in very quick succession. So quick that it is difficult for me to move positions. 
So this is a great little buy and for only £19.99! 
I'd best get back to my uni work now, seeing as I have 2000 words to write. Best crack on.
Hope you've had a good day.

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