Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Party Dress

Sunday was a special John Lewis party, at the Grande Cafe in Southampton, it was a really great evening, with two free drink vouchers and a free 'John Lewis' cocktail on the way in. There was a sweet stand, with loads of yummy sugar filled treats waiting to be eaten and a raffle with amazing prizes including a Mulberry handbag and purse (which I sadly didn't win!)
The party was for our Southampton branch, as we had won a data capture competition, I do love working for them...seeing as the benefits are amazing. 

Anyway I had nothing to wear, so whilst at work on Sunday, I ran around the store trying to find something and I stumbled across a gorgeous lace number by Oasis. 
It was fate, a lady bought it out of the fitting room, I looked at the label and it was my size, I tried it on and it fit like a glove! 

It was £55, however with the edition of my discount and an extra 20% off brought it down to £33, on my lunch break I bought it and couldn't be happier. It was a perfect length for a 'work do' (didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the big bosses!) Also it shows off the bottom of my tattoo which is even better. 

It also had a cute cut out back to it, which made it even more adorable., just high enough to not show my bra off! I love this dress so much, Oasis you have done well. I wore this dress with my pair of New Look simple black heels.

I'll leave you with this very blurry photo of a few of the JL ladies from my department. 
(Womanswear...the best dressed department) 


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