Thursday, 17 May 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Wow it was amazing! 
Craig bought us tickets to go yesterday and it really was one of the best things ever! (minus HP world in Florida, but that's another story) We left at about 10am and with a Satnav, food and pepsi in hand and drove to London, which was the first time I'd ever driven on a motorway with 6 lanes. I admit it was a tad terrifying. 
But we got there safe and sound, and entered the wonderful building, with fellow Harry Potter nerds around us we continued our journey to knowing everything about the amazing series. 

Here's a few photo's of the best day ever:

Outside the tour

Craig and I 

Me and the ice sculpture from Goblet of Fire

Craig and a Dog aha

Me and the Knightbus! (also butterbeer)

Craig and I in the flying car

The most spectacular part of the tour...the model they used for the sweeping shots of part ever. 

Me in my home....Weasley's house :P

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you have to go to this, it's worth the money and it is a spellbinding day out! :) 

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