Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bikini Crisis!

I've been trying to find a long line and high waisted bikini for ages, for my holiday in July, after searching everywhere on the high street I turned to ASOS. They have so many products they were bound to have at least one that I liked. 
I was right, I found this one from their mix and match range, both £16 each.

They looked amazing on the website, and sure enough when I got them through they looked just as the ones in the photographs. I tried it all on and the bottoms fitted really well, however the top did not. 

First off the top was available in bra sizes, however there was only a size that was too big, but I bought it anyway in hope it wouldn't be...well it was. It looked really nice, the shape was perfect, but it is just miles to big around the back.

I then decided to see if they had any other tops that go with the bottoms, then I came across a top that was more of a standard bikini shape, they had my size and I decided to order three sizes just to make sure the top fitted properly.

I got them in the post today, and somehow none of them fit me properly?! I am screwed, they do not have any more stock in any of the tops on their website, so I'm not sure whether to adjust the first top I bought, or to return all of it including the bottoms.

If anyone knows of any high waisted bikini's that won't break the bank I would be very grateful! 


  1. Has the matching bikini top got a clasp at the back instead of a tie together one? id be tempted to try and alter it or find someone who can just adjust where the clasp is? then at least it matches :)

    Kate xx

    1. It's a clasp, was thinking of trying to find someone to make it the right size, seeing as I've only found one other high waisted one, but it just looks terrible. I'll see if I can try and do it myself, if not I might just give up! aha. xx