Saturday, 19 May 2012

New in Topshop this week...dresses.

I've just had a little browse on Topshop's 'New in this week' page, and I've already found loads of clothes that are just gorgeous! 
I found three dresses in particular that I think are absolutely stunning....
Firstly I love tassels, they are so sexy and are obviously full of movement. This one by Rare is only £39 as well, which is pretty good seeing as this could lend itself to any occasion.

Then I spotted this maxi dress, which is a work of art and is again stunning. I love how it is a little different to other maxi dress's, with the lace body. This one is by Love and is £44, which is a steal for such a gorgeous dress, again you could wear it for any occasion; casually with a denim jacket over the top or wearing it for a meal or night out. 

Finally I came across this dress by Goldie, at £56 it is the most expensive of the three, however it is a classic  shirt dress, with an amazing studded collar, in a cute pastel blue colour. Such a good juxtaposition between the rocky studs and the cute pastel blue.

I love these three dresses and they're all a little bit different, but all have the same wow factor. 

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  1. These really are great dresses, I love the maxi one the most and the price of it, it's just amazine <3