Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Out of focus

I'm sure you can see the photo below is out of focus, I didn't realise until I had uploaded it. This is why I really need a remote for my canon!

Anyway this is what I wore today; a simple combination, nothing special. A new look top I bought last week, which was £7.99 which was a bargain; as usual. I love sleeveless vests at the moment, they are east to wear and summery; despite the weather being far from it!

I've teamed it with my pride and joy pair of jeans, that funnily enough I hardly ever wear. They are by Reiss; the Ross straight cut jean. I love the dark blue colour and straight cut; they are amazing, I just don't have many shoes that will go with them, so unfortunately I'm stuck to wearing them inside at the moment. 

Any idea which shoes I could wear with them? 

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