Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wish lists: My Money Supermarket Entry - Passion for Fashion2

Hi everyone, this is my entry into the competition, which is to create three different outfits that cost under £200 each, under the categories; Causal, party and holiday. With a chance of winning one of your outfits, then maybe even winning £1000 to buy your perfect wardrobe! You can enter to by going to their website and creating a blog post, the competition closes on the 8th April. 

My first outfit:

Topshop - Diamond cut out necklace - £10
Topshop - Strappy Soft Cami - £18 
River Island - White laser cut ballet pumps - £22
River Island - White Colour Block bag - £40
Zara - Pique Floral Blazer -£69.99

Whole outfit cost: 

I chose the high waisted jeans, because they are a good staple in anyones wardrobe, the wash is great for spring (well the cold spring we're having). The darker wash is also great because it slims my thighs down a bit! I went for the bright blazer because I love it against the dark jeans. The florals are a big trend this spring and will probably be around for quite a while. The light blue cami underneath just adds a more subtle tone to the whole ensemble. I teamed it with white pumps a gold necklace and a white colour block bag. The yellow on the sides of the bag, mix well with the yellow on the blazer and gives it a fun feel. Also 1p less than the £200 budget, that's pretty good right? 

My second outfit: 

New Look - Vera Moda Louise cut out bag - £29.99
New Look - View Buckled Low Wedge Sandals - £19.99
Mango - Slits Sheer Maxi Skirt - £34.99
Urban Outfitters - Wide Brim Floppy hat - £20
Urban Outfitters - Octagon half frame sunglasses - £16

Whole outfit cost: 

This is my holiday outfit. It comes in under budget at £152.97, so with the extra cash I would spend it on holiday essentials, such as: sun lotion, travel shampoo's, body lotions, after sun lotion etc. 
I love this outfit, I chose the one piece swimsuit, it's super stylish and very sliming, and you don't have to worry about weird tan lines. I picked out the blue in the swim suit, for the maxi skirt. I love wearing maxi skirts on holiday, they're so easy to wear and keep your legs cool, but warm enough in the evening. I love the colour of this one from Mango, it's a bit expensive at £34.99 but you could wear it with a lot of things. 
I had to chose a hat, you can't go on holiday without some sort of hat, as well as sunnies! I love the hexagon shape of these, so different from the usual round or oval shaped ones. 

My third outfit:

Topshop - Leather Look T-shirt -£45
Topshop - Block print skinny trousers - £42
Asos - Triangle Collar Necklace - £15
River Island - White Clean Gusset Clutch Bag - £25
Office - Ozone Black Leather Shoes - £68

Whole outfit cost: 

This is my party outfit, I would chose this if I was going out with the girls, maybe going for a meal then out to a few bars. I went for a monochrome theme, then adding a splash of colour from the clutch bag, I would have also used the same colour nail varnish as a base coat, under the confetti top coat, however I came up to the budget for the task. 
I love this outfit, as I think you could wear it casually as well - a pair of flats and a bigger bag would help this look be more casual. I went for the pleather T-shirt, as the trousers are patterned, this means it is easy to wear, but the pleather creates a smarter look also adding texture- which is reflected in the nail varnish. I decided on the triangle pattern necklace as it reflects the pattern on the trousers well but is not too 'clashy' the white also means it doesn't add too many colours to this simple outfit. 

What do you think? 


  1. The Zara jacket, Mango skirt and Office shoes - uh-mazing! Best of luck.


    1. Thank you :) fingers crossed! xx

  2. ahhh I love your entries- especially the party outfit!

    Odd question, but how do you put your ideas together as in what programme did you use? I had photoshop, but cannot access it anymore. Any help would be great!

    X jessie

    1. Thank you, they took so long!
      I use Photoshop, but before I had my mac I used to use paint! Like in this post :
      I've never used it but I've heard is a good website to use, but I have no idea, it's free though so you could give it a go :) xx