Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wish list

Topshop, I seriously love you. 

All of these items I have found either in store or on their website. I love the playsuit, it looked so sweet when it was hanging on the rails of my local Topshop. It is so versatile; I could wear it on a night out, or when I'm out with my boyfriend at a restaurant, also just wear it casually. 
I also love the camisoles, they are made from polyester so they are similar to silk, but a bit thicker, and I love how they are so 'floaty' and easy to wear, in the summer of course! Seeing as it's a bit too cold at the moment. 
I think the knee length skater skirt, is really nice, I'm not sure what it will look like on my 5foot 3 body but I would like to think it would. I love the fedora, I've wanted one ever since I went to Reading Festival 2012, and saw of monsters and men, and the singer looked amazing wearing a fedora. I think it completes an outfit, and also gives it a more formal look, however it is also quite a casual style of hat. 
I think all these items, go well together (minus the bright green crop top) and would complete a spring/summer wardrobe.
If only...
What's in your summer/spring wardrobe wish lists?

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