Sunday, 31 March 2013

Just another week #7

Happy Easter everyone! 
Hope you're all having great weekends filled with chocolate and food! As you can see I've been filling my Easter with chocolate and cold and flu medicine, along with tissues. Least I've got the chocolate to make me feel better and less sorry for myself. 
I also popped round my aunties house for a few hours, with my parents, it was nice to see everyone (minus my cousin Gabbie) and we chatted and gave them their long long overdue Christmas presents. I know; can it really be classed as a Christmas present if you give them in March? It was still lovely to see them though and they gave me some great tips on where to go on my upcoming London trip with my boyfriend. 

So onto what's been going on this week, I've decided to put my photos into a different format, as it's easier that way!

1. My new top and necklace from Urban Outfitters sale; the top I adore, it was only £14! It's a tad too big but it's better than it being way too small. The necklace was £8 down from £18. I wouldn't have paid full price for this necklace, as it is very light and doesn't feel like it's worth £18 but I still really like it and it fits in well with my other jewellery. 

2. Zara bag...wonder whats in there (post coming next week)

3. My boyfriend writing one of his last essays for uni - then we went out to Nando's for lunch and then had a nice evening in watching Game of Thrones (recently got into it, only on the first series) 

4. Anti gay marriage leaflet that came through my door (was not happy about this, as I have many gay friends who I think should have the same rights as everyone else) 

5. Slug and lettuce menu - with my boyfriend and the parents in Gunwharf Quays. 

6. Gunwharf Quays dock - Had a lovely day in Gunwharf, mooching around the shops and finding the Cadbury shop and going a bit crazy.

7. Patisserie Valerie chocolate gateaux. I feel terrible saying it, but I really didn't enjoy this cake. I'm sure other cakes are lovely, but this chocolate one really didn't do it for me. I really wanted the cheesecake however they had just sold the last one - seconds before we got there! I'll have to go back and try it, hopefully it will be nicer than the gateaux. 

8. Outfit of the day, Primark skirt, New Look top, Primark necklace, River Island boots. I wore this yesterday whilst hanging out with one of my best friends. 

9. Drinks with friends in a terrible pub last night. - Terrible pub, the Guinness was served from a CAN! (Not that I drunk it, I'm not a fan of Guinness to be honest) We then ended up in a pub in Winchester; The Royal Oak, which was much nicer! I had half a pint of Aspell's cider, as I was driving. 

How have you been? 

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