Sunday, 17 March 2013

Just another week #5

Hi everyone, hope you're all ok? 
Just another weekly post, this time I'm wearing my work uniform, as I've been at work all weekend, and quickly took this post before I went to work this morning. It was pretty busy all weekend, which is always good in some ways, because the time goes so much quicker. 

But back to the beginning of the week, it was my last week of uni until after Easter, so I was making sure I'm on the right track with my work, well most of it anyway. Difficult when you have to do so much and you don't get time to see your lecturers. 

I started off my week by watching New Girl, I'm on America time at the moment, so I'm basically at the end of series two now, I love that show! Shocking and exciting, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who watches it on English time.

Then on Tuesday, a terrible thing happened! I dropped my LancĂ´me waterproof mascara, down the back of my bed! It is so annoying as I can't get to it, unless I take my whole room apart, worst thing ever. Along with that I had to wait two hours to have a bath, because the hot water wasn't working. Tuesday's aren't my day. 

This was Wednesday evening, I decided to watch P.S I love you, which is always a bad idea, because I always end up eating too much chocolate and crying into a huge box of tissues. However this time I had my cat Pickle to keep me company and when I started crying she gave me a cuddle! What a cutie. 

Thursday I wore my brand new dress and went to Chiquto's, a mexican restaurant, with some of the girls from uni in the evening, to celebrate finishing for Easter. 

Of course I had dessert! Consisting of honeycomb, vanilla and raspberry ice cream! Yum. 
Friday was quite a busy day, me and the boyfriend went to see my sister, to help her with her photography work. I had to be a stand in 'model' so she could sort her lighting out for her Final Major Project for her Photography degree. It was fun and we also went for lunch at the Slug and Lettuce. Afterwards Craig and I went home and watched some of Comic Relief and ate junk food!

Also found out Google are taking away google reader, as many of you probably already know, so if you want to carry on following me past July 1st, then follow me via Blog Lovin' by clicking the link in the side bar. Thank you :)

How was everyone else's week? 


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