Monday, 4 March 2013

Just another week #3 (Late I know)

Hi everyone! 
Very busy week this week, found out that my parents are looking to sell the house, so it's all a bit all over the place at the moment. Also one of my cat's died this week, which was really sad and a shock as she was fine a few days before. This is a photo of her from a few weeks ago, bless her. Hopefully she wasn't in any pain. 

So yeah, bit of a confusing week, so many things going on. 
First off I went out with my sister on Tuesday, we went to her flat in Salisbury and also went for a cup of tea and piece of cake in a cute coffee shop called 'Boston Tea Party'. 

It was really nice in there, with the exposed beams, real tea leaves, not tea bags! Also home made lemon drizzle cake, what more could you want? 
We sat there for a good few hours and chatted about loads, it was really nice to have a proper catch up with her! 

She spoilt me all day, it was really nice, she bought me some banana milk from M&S, cooked me a beautiful (but very spicy) chilli. She also gave me a bowler hat, which you may have seen in my outfit post the other day. 
Here it is again...

Uni was a blur, a lot of things to remember and a deadline on Wednesday.
I was working on Saturday, it was really busy so when I got home, I got into my pyjama's and led on the sofa eating chocolate and watching TV. Such a rocking Saturday night!

Yesterday was another exciting day, as I was cleaning my room... whilst sifting through some things I came across my Harry Potter book, Craig bought me a few years ago. 

I had a look through it again, and realised it contained the letter Harry gets from Hogwarts, and also a smaller version of the Marauder's Map! I was sat there for a good hour looking through the book. 
(Harry Potter nerd right here) 

In the evening, I went to the pub with a few of my friends, which was really nice. I love it when we hang out, it's great. We just sit and talk about everything from mature stuff like jobs/careers, to the most immature things. It's brilliant. 
My skin has been a right pain this week, as well! My face has just broken out in a few blemishes, it's horrible. I don't know why either, whether my skin has decided my diet is wrong or the products I've been using are not working as they did before. Any suggestions?

So yeah a very busy week and a late post about it, sorry!
How was your week?

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