Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Denim shirts

I know I know everyone and their mum has probably got a denim shirt by now, but I couldn't resist! I had previously bought one in New Look, which had gold collar tips on it, however it was £24.99, and it felt thin and like it wasn't going to keep me very warm in the colder months. 
So after taking it back I thought it would be a good idea to find a men's denim shirt. We all know that men's clothes are thicker and so much more comfortable; shirts and jackets especially  So without further a do, we went over to HM, where we headed for the men's section straight away. 
I found this great shirt, it's the perfect tone of denim, the buttons don't look horrendously cheap, the denim is thicker and longer, also it was only £19.99! 
So I snapped it up, today I'm wearing it with a pair of thick leggings also from HM (7.99), my black authentic vans, my dip dye DIY top; which I think works really well, as the colours compliment each other nicely. I also wore a few necklaces that are really old, just to accesorise my outfit.  

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